the doorbell rang just now and i scurried across the living room to the gate, where the postman was waiting expectantly for me with a bundle of mail and parcels. nowadays, seeing the postman makes me happy, because he’s normally the harbinger of Good Things That Come In Brown Paper Envelopes, which translates to all the clothes and various items i’ve been procuring from the WWW. 

today however, he hands me a dark coloured little box and makes me sign the acknowledgement slip for it, then zooms off to the next house on his singpost mail scooter, leaving me with the box and other more mundane envelopes containing bills and the like.

i take my little box, albeit rather bamboozled, because i certainly didn’t buy anything recently that should have come in a box, and sit down on my hard rosewood furniture, ripping the packaging apart and lifting the cover in curiosity and anticipation.

and there in the box, staring right back at me, is a heart. 

not a cute little valentine day’s heart, but a 3D, pulsating, bloody and grosteque human heart. 

my heartbeat immediately speeds up. and this heart, it starts pulsating faster as well. i feel so acutely aware of my own heartbeat beating inside my chest all of a sudden. keeping time for me.

tick tock.

tick tock.  

every beat it goes is one more second of my life gone.

i grasp the slippery heart with care, it feels like a piece of slimy liver, except infinitely grosser because i can actually feel it moving. palpitating in synchronisation with the heart that’s caged up in my chest. i cup it in my hands. it quivers, starts fluttering like a little bird trying to escape, rather as if it were afraid. the chihuahua gets curious and comes over to sniff at the heart. it flinches when the nose of the chihuahua touches it. she wags her tail. maybe she likes it.

i don’t.

i feed it to the chihuahua and she happily devours it. 

end of story.

what i really wanted to say is that my fat chihuahua is now 4kg. for a tiny chihuahua to be 4kg, i’m pretty sure she’s obese. daddy’s putting her on a diet now!

my other new top from 


, it’s super pretty and classy looking! paired with shorts from cotton on and gold flats to wear out just now, to accompany my parents for one of those 7th month auction dinners. it was super boring but the food was surprisingly good for such dinners. anyways mummy forbade me from taking pictures during the dinner because we were sharing a table with strangers and she thought it inappropriate. bahh. so i took pictures while mummy was Q-ing for the toilet. hurhurhur.

my pile of work is still yet unfinished. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh somebody killll meeeeeee.

and i bought one more top from 


just now too.

must. focus. and. work. more. so. i. have. money. to. fund. all. these. craziness.

ps. will do the make up post soon, once i get rid of all the work!!
pps. the top part is fiction. obviously. pardon me because staring at photoshop sometimes kills my braincells and i come up with random things.
ppps. OH GREAT my P just came. no wonder i feel so vile and have so many pimples all over my face. and i thought it was the late nights. bahhhh.
pppps. omgish (haha steph) i just remembered i have driving lessons at 8.15am again… wtf did i book driving lessons at 8.15am on a sunday morning?!


edited: 726am

since i happened to upload some old work i did, here they are:

basically my job is to make pretty colors on the linework of others and people pay me for that. that’s what feeds my spending compulsion. but it can get rather tedious and slow-going at times especially when dealing with boring subjects (like armour… zzz… fight scenes…. mecha…the men love those but i dont quite)

need to go prepare to get outta the house for driving lesson now! and thunder is happily booming across the skies. FML. plzplzplz dont let it rain while im driving. i can’t guarantee the safety of the other drivers on the road.

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