some pictures that didnt make it to the last entry:

psychedelic lights!! me likeys. i think YZ’s photography skills are indeed improving!


and latest shopping haul D: corset top from


, so intricate and pretty but it’s super fitting on me! (can tell from the pics right) time to go on a diet 🙁 actually i’m forever on a diet but it never works because i dont stick to it.
2.laced up doll in champagne pink from indeed true to the blogshop name, the dress is pink and sweet! 😛 1st time i’ve gotten anything from MPE and their CS is really efficient and good. thumbs up!

3. floral bustier top from . pretty pretty!
4. geometric-print bodycon from , SO awesome but it really shows off all my ugly bulges man 🙁 sad sad. should i keep it?   🙁

5.feathered hair band from ! another site with good CS. came with a tiny little handwritten thank you note! and the hair band is really pretty too! now i just have to find something to wear it with…

6.the new shoes i’ve been wearing in the pictures, from Charles & Keith. havent dared to wear it out yet because i’m afraid it’ll kill me! C&K isnt known for it’s comfort, but i still get attracted to some of their designs regardless 🙁 so silly.

still quite a few parcels on their way to me this week! omg it’s the stress i tell you.


randomly, i just bought a cute little organiser/planner for 2010 and i looooove it like mad!

every page has a different totoro artwork on it 😀 😀 😀 SO CUTE!
can’t wait for december to come (the planner is from dec09 to dec10) so that i can start using it! :))))

anyway someone should shoot me dead because  i should be working. like naaooooo…

ps. my favourite lala from xing guang is coming to NTU for a concert omggg can redeem tickets tomorrow!!  so excitedxxx i love her singing and her voice and her compositions!!!! hope i manage to get the tickets *fingers crossed*

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