my heart dropped

 it’s 5.24 am and i’m mildly panicking at the prospect of work that lies ahead of me for today and the weekend, not to mention two dreary hours of driving lessons in three hours time and the little claustrophobic place i call an office, that awaits me later. i feel nauseous and sick in the stomach just thinking about it. but that’s probably due in part to the extremely heavy dinner from 8 hours ago. 

No TGIF for me today, neither are thursdays happy days because i managed to injure my camera very very badly last night 🙁 and whenever i do a mental playback of the moment my heart just drops lower and lowerrrrr :(((( the poor baby is now badly dented and scratched up on a corner and the housing is definitely warped because the battery compartment cover cannot fit properly now without forcing it in. could have kicked myself for holding the camera so casually and allowing it to be knocked out of my hand so easily. and when the camera skidded (really loudly i might add) across the hard floor (why oh why was there no carpeting) my heart literally dropped. very hard.

my last vestiges of hope are in the warranty 🙁 but as it’s only external damage and caused by user negligence, my hopes arent set too high on being able to get it fixed 🙁 

so never mind. let’s move on to happier things, because that’s what i’m good at and what the world loves to see. never underestimate my amazingly resilient positivity in the face of adversity because all the pictures you see later on are taken with my sad sad camera and inside my heart was bleeding 🙁


it was my dear daddy’s birthday yesterday, and we had a small dinner party with the relatives and some of daddy’s close friends 🙂 shitload of photos ahead! 

randomly, the dress that i wore for the dinner only just arrived in the mail today, and it’s super girly and pretty! it’s from a new blogshop, fairebelle! and i also got another bustier top from them 😀 seeing as how i normally only shop at BC and HVV and etc, this is definitely rare for me. zzzz. shucks. more and more blogshops for me to spend my money on now!

back to the birthday celebration, let the pictures do the talking 🙂

at long beach king!

whilst waiting for food…

the sisters playing some retarded music game app on the iPhone.

toilet cam-whoring! every girl’s favourite group activity.

gina’s iPhone is pink and proud. duh.

omg the food is served! (excitment because by then it is close to 9pm and i am ravished, having starved myself for the day just to have space for my amazing dinner)

first course of the day!
we had 佛跳墙, also known as Budhha Jumps Over The Wall! who knows why it’s named that. but it is gooooood. except the sea cucumbers part. i can never stand slimey sea cucumber…


and then we camwhore somemore .

the love and i, in matching colors, no less!

posed candid shots. haaha.

lina and i. plus gina’s fingers.

and here’s the chef with the birthday boy! (man? boy? whatever)

the love with mummy



next we had huuuuge chilli crab!!!!!!!1

wonder how they arranged it into such a neat rectangular block.

me with my giant crab claw. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

the steamed fish pales in comparison (boring!)

everyone’s favourite, fried youtiao with mayyonaise! but by the time we reach this course we’re so stuffed so most of the you tiao is sitting in a container in my kitchen now.


yums but fatty pork rib.

followed by some butter sauteed vegetables or something. and more pictures!


mushy coupley lovey dovey pictures

and just me
i meant just me with an extra someone trying to get into the picture


fruit is served!

and we take a family photo

and the birthday boy blows out his candle and cuts the cake 🙂

banana choco crunch cake from cedele, courtesy of Grapes and Uncle William.

yummy, but was already way way way full to eat much of it..

our present to daddy, a family photo taken on my 21st last year, all framed up big and nice! we also got daddy a timberland shirt. but he said the color was ugly. bahh. non-appreciative parents.

parting shots!
all i wanted to do was to take a proper picture, but nooo someone had to give me horns. 

borrowed daddy’s flowers from Grapes to take pictures with. looks like our Valentines Day date doesnt it. ha.

happy birthday daddy dearest!

you’re all of 48 years now and every single year is showing in your grey hair. we love you so, but you never allow us the chance to express it nor celebrate you for your greatness. or more aptly put we’ve never dared to cross the invisble barrier of disapproval and gruffness you exude. all we want to do is to strive to get love and fond words from you, but those are few and rare in my twenty two years. we just have to be resigned to the fact that whatever we do, it aint gonna earn any praise from you, but hopefully deep down inside you’re proud of us, all semi grown up and no longer dependent on you.

love you!

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