maji in singapore!

and i was wearing my new top from


and it’s really nice and comfy! love it! but sad my mom said that i grew fatter. bah. SIGH.

1. the top from <3
2. pleated front black bustier dress from and i like it alot too! makes me look slimmer. HAHA. damn sad i need to do something about my fats.


found a picture of some of us in japan together with Maji-san!!! 

i’m so happy cos my hair has indeen grown longer since then. hahahaa. but i think i want to change my hair color again!!!! i dont like how brown it is now 🙁 like grass liddat. in fact i feel like going to do my hair now! zzzz. 

i think i should put up the photos of the Japan trip! anyone interested?

ps. sorry for the bimbotic picture with crap words entry! i have no braincells to write an intelligent one.

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