lucy in the sky with diamonds

foodie thursday!
oh and i’m wearing the adorable denim stone washed frock, it’s so cute and casual i <3 it :))) thai express with the love. we eat too much for our own good 🙁 but comfort eating keeps me sane.
i think i need some serious psychological help here. 


<3 denim stone wash frock and grey knitted throwover from


much loves to the knit throwover, it’s so comfy and easy to throw on 🙂

<3 alba diamonte dress and jenny lace dress from
the diamonte dress is super pretty, cannot wait to wear it out!
plus they’re still having the $2 for friend referral promo so you can quote my email addy to get $2 off! :)))


i want a Beetle too when i grow up 🙁 i want so many things. i’m so materialistic and superficial. 


many long nights ahead 🙁 i need more yami yogurt to keep me awake!!! they need a yami yogurt 24-hour home delivery service. i am depressed. sad music always make me cry. but i’m irresistably and incorrigibly drawn to sadness. like matter to a blackhole. pardon my incoherence. i’m drunk on melancholy and depression 🙁



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