it was going to be a good day today, so i thought. lunch with the parents and lil sis at our favourite restaurant, Thai Village at Kallang Leisure Park. i got all dressed up and happy, in my pretty dress from


paired with simple gold flats and my new nude clutch from



i did something very silly. i left the house with a camera that didnt have a memory card ๐Ÿ™ in the end i decided to spend 15 dollars to buy a 1gig memory card from 7-11 (we walked the whole of KLP and there wasnt any IT shop there and the film shop was OOS of memory cards zomg luckily the lady told us to try 7-11) just so that i could take pictures today! tsk tsk. at least it was money well spent because we took a million and one pictures (: but my bf went like, huh 1 gig memory card only? you sure it’s enough for you? (me: …… )

shark fin (although i dont condone the inhumane killing of sharks, but thai village’s sharkfin is SUPERB), the best seafood fried rice in the world, abalone, yummy tofu and black sesame snowskin mooncake with a white chocolate centre.

random pictures around KLP after lunch and before we randomly decided to head for a pub to play some pool. dont know where this brilliant idea came up from, but we ended up there… i dont know. my parents are so weird sometimes. (not in a good way) oh and i bought an Eddings book for only $4 second-hand from some sale in the middle of KLP! so happy because it’s one of the books i’m missing in my torn and tattered Eddings collection. ย my sister bought $10 worth of $1 SVH senior year books lol we grew up on that.

and at this point of time we headed home happily and i was secretly glad at how i spent a good day non-eventfully with my parents. lo and behold, something happened at home (something always has to happen) and i seriously cannot fathom how one moment everyone is laughing and joking away, and mere hours later half the house is in tears and there are pieces of broken porcelain all over the floor.

QQ just watched on curiously, sometimes running back into her little cushioned enclosure and at other times trying to get out of her pen.


went out for dinner with YZ afterwards (we almost didnt go but i already made reservations and i really didnt want to spoil our day by cancelling our dinner plans, we so rarely have the full day to ourselves) and both of us were rather glum. but good food and each other’s company are good medicine to chase the blues away ๐Ÿ™‚

and we had a lovely time at timbre @ the arts house, followed by a stroll by the river and shared ice cream.

the food: roast duck / german sausage pizza, with buffalo wings. gosh two of us finished one huge pizza and a big platter of wings! but they were really good ๐Ÿ™‚ first time at timbre because i’d heard/read so much about the place and its awesome pizza/live band. glad to say we weren’t disappointed ๐Ÿ™‚ the food was yummy and affordable while the live band was really enjoyable ๐Ÿ™‚

thank you my love for coming out for a wonderful dinner with me! i love alone time with you (:

i pray for more love and forgiveness, more understanding and happiness, more peace and harmony.


5.03am: i just woke up and i vaguely recall having a weird dream where i was sleeping and my parents came up to me and said how come i only da bao-ed so little of the pizza from timbre home and i wanted to explain that it was only 2 of us eating and if we ordered so much we’d look like pigs/idiots and then they left the house when YZ and i were still sleeping even though in reality i’ve just sent YZ off and my parents arent even up yet and i doubt they’ll be up so early, then later on in the dream i’m walking through some mall or some building and come across this… some weird chakra or chanting workshop where everyone’s like meditating or something and i join in, and the next thing i remember i’m on the bus flipping though a catalogue of old nintendo gb games and someone walks past me to get off the bus and he points to one of the game and says he likes it then i’m playing pokemon on the gameboy and looking through the pokedex and scrolling through my collection of stupid pokemon like psyduck or bulbasaur or whichever…. random.

oh and i have driving lesson again tonight ๐Ÿ™ starting to dread them, really. and plz plz dont let me have that instructor from the last lesson because i think i might just want to crash the car on purpose because im so pissed off wtf.


forgot to mention that i watched The Time Traveler’s Wife with YZ yesterday, and it was surprisingly decent, though the book was much much more sombre and saddening and heart wrenching.and Rachel Mcadams is so perfect to play Claire! YZ enjoyed it too. though afterwards he kept on asking me questions like “so they can’t change anything from the past/future? but he made Claire win the lottery ticket!” and it was quite mind boggling to try to explain. but it makes me feel like we have no free will. and free will is like the essence of being human! wtfbbq. at least we feel like we have them. ever read this book called sophie’s world? it’s about a book within a book where the characters in the book feel manipulated by the author before they finally realise they’re nothing but electric impulses in the mind of some guy who’s writing and controlling them. and in the story they manage to escape from the book somehow. ok random. it’s a good book on the history of philosophy! read it if you’re into such stuff.

what i wore on Sunday for our movie outing. V-neck flutter sleeve dress from Saetin, with the nude clutch from Elouisse as a sling and grey peeptoe heels that gave me a frightful pain at the sides of my feet. i hate my broad feet la ๐Ÿ™ could hardly walk by the time i was reaching home. so much that i didnt dare to wear heels today. the nude clutch is like my new favourite bag for light days because it’s so easy to match and i can always sling it on when i’m lazy to carry it as a clutch ๐Ÿ˜€ and i blurred out my face because my post-facial beehive face would scare anyone including myself. im praying i dont get any scars left behind from the pimple extraction because the facialist extracted a couple of ginormous pimples from my cheeks ๐Ÿ™

ok back to sleep now.ย 

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