hair & udders!

as mentioned in my previous entry, i finally went to do something about my growing-out roots and ugly dry looking hair color yesterday! went to my neighbourhood salon at AMK and had a dye job and cut done 😀 got my hair dyed a dark chocolate brown and trimmed/thinned out just a lil. $70 gone just like that 🙁 am really rather broke already. i have to stop taking so much cabs and spending my money without consideration!

but i’m mad happy with how it turned out, even though it isnt very obvious at all but i feel much better about my hair now! yay 🙂


i woke up early on sunday morning in preparation of my driving lesson at 8.15am, but reached the driving centre at 8.30am only to find out that i actually booked my lesson slot for 10.30am, not 8.15am!!! 🙁

woke up earlier for nothing and wasted my time when i could have gotten some work done. so i turned round and headed for home again after getting a mega mcmuffin for breakfast as consolation 🙁 then i nua-ed around at home for too long and had to take a cab down to the driving centre again at 10.15am, i swear i’ve taken cab rides to the driving centre more than to any other place ever. i reason with myself that i rather spend an additional $10 for the cab fare than to waste the $80 paid for the lesson. which sounds logical enough but i should just get out earlier in the first place instead of being sucha lazy ass 🙁

oh and i only have 3 more lessons including the auto-conversion lesson remaining before i can book my TP! took my 1st assessment yesterday and i dont believe i actually passed the assessment with 22 demerit points only! (30 points = fail) just 4 points lesser and i can pass the actual TP already! but i think my instructor was being very lenient with me because i did pretty bad 🙁 totally forgot how to vertical park in my nervousness and had to reposition my car at least 3 times!

and because i have left/right confusion and i was already feeling so conscious about making mistakes, i made even more 🙁 the instructor asked me to make a right turn and i put on the left signal instead! also when i was supposed to reverse left i steered to the right instead. gahhhhhh. never gonna pass my TP at this rate!


and i finally brought YZ to Udders!!! all the girls have been raving and raving about Udders and Mao Shan Wang (YZ is a huge durian fan) so i’ve been absolutely dying to go with YZ and try it out for ourselves! but smart ole me just assumed that Udders was easy to find and we ended up going on a trekking expedition around novena for at least 20 mins (during which i bought another pair of shoes!!!) and i even smsed steph ugently for desperate help and frantically googled the location with my mobile GPRS before finally turning round a corner and seeing the brightly lit up Udders shop signboard not 10m away!! yay!!!

the staff in there are super friendly and introduced every single flavour for us to sample and taste!
and just look at the adorable illustrations adorning the wall! not to mention the giant chalk board with all sorts of ice cream flavours for customers to vote on and another black board to leave doodles on!


after testing various flavours,
we eventually settled on a double scoop of Mao Shan Wang and Hazel’s Nuts on a waffle! followed by a single scoop of Lychee Martini sorbet.

all ready to tuck into yummy ice cream!

trying to decide who has a bigger mouth 😛


and YZ’s favourite picture of me -_-

look like some sulky kid who didnt get enough ice cream!

more pictures!

the Mao Shan Wang was so good we bought home a tub for YZ’s family! superbly happy.

was wearing my BN monotone structured dress in navy blue from and my feathered hairband from ! and i also bought this awesomely cheap dress outside AMKhub for $10 onleee. my second $10 bargain of the weekend! it’s a design that can be found at Top20 and was on a few blogshops quite long ago.

ok it’s getting late now and i still need to complete my work 🙁 i havent even started on it yet! sleepless night ahead! 

there’s gonna be a couple more projects coming in/just started and they’re gonna be keeping me busy (and rich i hope)! am currently working on a comic title by Marvel!  :O and i dont even know what it’s called, it’s some unknown title la. but it’s still Marvel. and maybe getting work for DC!! omg the two comic giants in the industry!!!


EDIT: thieved pictures of QQ off sulin’s blog! taken last sunday when Sulin and Farah came over. unfortunately my dad was around and forbade us to bring her out of his room.

another time soon when we can sneak her out of the room and do whatever we want with her!


SO cute right. see how puny QQ  is. my dad can hold her in one hand!

not forgetting Pepper. she looks extreme happy as usual

thanks Sulin for the pictures! all photo credits to Sulin.
you can check out her photog site here!

ps. i want to lipo my arms away 🙁 damn sad they’re super flabby and fat. i got photoshop them abit in some pictures so if u dont think they look that bad it’s because i did a good job at photoshopping!!
pps. am dead broke this month 🙁 intending to sell away some clothes that i dont think i’m going to wear very often once i sieve through the clothing! 
ppps. reminder to self that i need to head down to FL office tonight to hand up work!

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