food food & more food!

HELLO! haven’t been doing much over the weekend except eat eat and eat somemore, so here’s pictures of fooood fooooood and more foooooood for your eyes to feast on!

Sulin and Farah came over yesterday to visit QQ! and our resident photographer Su took some adoooorable pictures of QQ. but, she hasnt sent them to me yet so stay tuned for them! before coming over though we had our lunch at New York New York, it’s my first time eating there and the food’s better than i thought!

Su’s hawaiian chicken chop (?i think it was chicken!), my rossetiere half spring chicken, Farah’s veggie lasagna! all 3 main courses were nicely done and tasty. and the fries with cheese and sour cream is super sinful but so extremely generous with the cheese/sour cream, i could practically feel my arteries slowly getting clogged up by all the fat….


and was treated to a fantastic supper the same night, at 2am dessert bar! also my first time there and was pretty wow-ed by how the dishes were so meticulously presented and served. the staff are also extremely homely and friendly, and with every dish served they take a couple of minutes to introduce each one thoroughly! plus, kudos for the great recommendations they suggested!

the lighting in there was very dim and cosy, hard to take good pictures! 🙁

i’ve yet to see such creative desserts else where!

absolutely amazing!

say hi to marcus, lina and myself

thanks marcus for the meal (: it was good!


coincidentally (or not) both lina and i were wearing dresses from ! it’s great being my sister i think. the two buggers just need to sift through all my new clothes to find what they want to wear… -_-

the dress that lina was wearing. and OMG i bought the pair of cream heels in the picture for TEN DOLLARS ONLY!!! such a steal!!!!

okay!!! am going off now! and i just cut/dyed my hair just now and i’m feeling happy about it!! which is quite lame actually because there isnt a very big difference, i just trimmed my hair abit and dyed it a darker color!!! :)))

hope you all had a super duper wonderful weekend!!!!

ps. have you all tried KOI cafe’s grass jelly milk tea?? omg i tell you you have to try it it is like FANTABULOUS and i dont even like milk tea!!!!
pps. am eating mango grown from the mango tree on my rooftop! HMM. it tastes abit dryer but still sweet! not enough nutrients maybe??

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