can't take my eyes off you


when i should be doing work. funny how i never feel like drawing anything except when i shouldnt be.
thanks for the song. it put me in a let’s-draw-something-emo mood. i’m only ever inspired by sadness and sadness is monochromatic in my eyes.


a short reprieve from work!
met up with June for Sunday afternoon lunch right after my driving lesson (: fish&co at AMK Hub!

food was good as usual, but the prawns really shrank for some reason, maybe it’s just the AMK Hub outlet? loves to the fries and rice 😀 and yummy chewy calamari in lemon butter sauce rocks (: we only shared a mushroom salad, a platter for one and later on a portion of fries and i was pretty damn full already!

i look seriously bad in photos today for some reason. the lighting, and added to that my very dull complexion and tired droopy eye-baggy eyes 🙁 i tried to salvage some with color balance and levelling… 

but it was a great lunch 😀 the lucky girl is flying all over the world this year and everytime we meet up i get regaled with great stories and cool stuff 😀 ehh remember to ask me for my laneige shopping list okay June! dont go without asking me!

check out what the girl got me from the US of A 🙂

mini OPI nail polishes (awesomexxx i will test out the shades soon i lovess the fuschia), F21 accessories, CC Skye-esque necklace/bracelet and chocolate in pretty packaging <3 thanks babe!  —–   

1.the boy and i have been on a yogurt craze recently. i totally abhor the taste of  “normal” yogurt though. ewwwww. give me frozen yogurt anytime. (though it isnt REAL yogurt… but it’s what i’ll only eat) but the boy, he can finish one huge tub like that in a day if you dont feed him anything else….
2. what i’m wearing today. knitted throwover from 


. love how it slims my silhouette instantly 🙂

i cannot believe it’s going to be 8PM already and i have accomplished a whole lot of nothing today. how fast Sunday goes by. bahhh. to work! naaoooo!

ps. my dad went to the dog farm today. i think he might be bringing a puppy home!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 i wont find out til tomorrow though hmmmmmm cannot wait. the chihuahua will have a new competitor for the humans’ attention. cannot wait to see how she’ll react. hurrrrhur. speaking of the chihuahua her new hobby has been curling up next to me right under my blanket when i sleep. she’s so spoilt. 

pps. my boyfriend just spoke to his imaginary friends in his sleep. in hokkien. or at least it sounded like that to me. cracks me up to no end. sometimes i wonder how i ended up with a hokkien-fluent boyfriend….


UPDATE: omg my new dog is called QQ. STUPID NAMEZ. and shit i feel like such a XX copycat, first i get a LX3, now i have a cute yorkie, and i’m intending to get a BB….. -_-


say hi to QQ. i bet my mom thought it was “cute” to call it QQ. pictures are from Gina’s facebook. poor chihuahua, she’s gonna be ignored by the family now… new cute member in the house!

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