quick entry because i have a pile of work to complete and I DONT WANT TO SPEND MY LONG WEEKEND SLAVING OVER THE COMPUTER :(((((

so let me entertain you with a couple pictures. (stupid photobucket keeps on exceeding bandwidth so i’m officially divorcing PB and marrying Flickr!)


sorry for the disgusting paisley print that i was wearing. that’s my uber comfy PJs. hee hee. but AWWWW. aint she the cutest thing.

and for those that just can’t get enough of QQ, you’re in luck! check out this super funny vid of QQ. she’s like damn self entertaining man. the chihuahua basically treats her like a tiny alien invader but QQ seems happy enough prancing around in circles by herself. isnt she tiny next to the chihuahua? and my chihuahua is supposed to be miniature already!


this week’s loot from Mr Postman.

pretty pretty lace dress from size7!
omg i love it. it’s super soft and comfy, the lace isnt scratchy at all! <3 and it's so figure flattering! also got a pair of vintagey brown pointed flats from them!

they’re like a million times more comfy than my cotton on pumps can. dont know why cotton on pumps just hurt so badly for my feet! 🙁

a couple other items i bought from cotters mall came today too, 

floral dress from acrossthebloodyuniverse, am in two minds about it because the florals look eeky on me 🙁

and your eyes do not deceive you. yes those are a new pair of heels i just bought on impulse just now during my stopover at Bishan for yami yogurt. i think i’m too stressed over work. HAHAHA. excuses! whatever lah. i am crazy. i have a balance of $63 in my bank account and still can buy a pair of $42 heels just because. and it’s not like i can even wear heels for long because they normally hurt my feet. wtf the stress is getting to my braincells. i just ib-ed $18 for another dress. wtf wtf i need to get back to work like NOW.

ps. apparently just now my daddy very complacently put QQ on the sofa, announcing loudly “she wont dare to jump down one lah!” and about a few seconds later dear QQ jumped right off the sofa and knocked her head on the floor -_-|||| hahahahahahahaha. ouch for QQ and for daddy.

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