i think i need to buy 4D today.

1. i dreamt that my grandma passed away. she already passed away earlier this year, so it’s kind of strange to dream that. plus in my dream it was totally different from how she passed away in reality. in my dream i was living in some strange villa (obviously i’ve been dreaming of riches) and she was still coherent and responding to me right til her passing.

2. the house got flooded because the fish tank is leaking or something but it just so happened that today was the day i wasnt sleeping on a mattress on the living room floor and didn’t get wet.

3. i stepped on my stupid chihuahua’s stinky dog shit.

and speaking of shit i just remembered i need to color a sample panel for someone by Friday and woops it’s Saturday morning already! FML. how far back is the clock in USA? it’s probably friday night still so i have some leeway….. 

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