my new camera takes awesome pictures. love it madly X 12243565433 times!!!!! 

ok that’s too fast a conclusion to make. i only took a few shots with it. and i look horrigible in half of them because 
1. the flash is damn bright can? makes me look all washed out… but without flash it is superrr clear!!!
2. it takes pictures in soooo much details that i can see every freckle on my face. lol.

shall write a real verdict after i figure out how to use the camera properly!

but anyway it was mad crazy at the shop. i arrived first then followed by 2 other customers all looking for this very elusive camera! and mine was supposed to be the last set and the other guy’s face just turned black man. apparently these 2 other customers, (1 guy and 1 lady) both been on the waiting list since July! crazy. and due to the poor stock management, seems like more customers on the waiting list were told to come to collect the camera than they had enough stock for. and i was super damn gan chiong because when i called the shop earlier in the morning, they told me they didnt have enough stock for me as there were too many on the list before me! i was super disappointed, but half an hour later the shop calls back and askes if i still want the camera because they do have stock for me but i have to collect it by today! and i immediately rushed down after work because i was afraid that the scenario which happened to the other two customers would happen to me. 


but anyway in the end the other two customers got their LX3 too la. dont know how the shop guys managed to procure another 2 sets from the main shop and quickly tried to appease the black faced customers.

see how clear the image quality looks!!!1 and this is without flash under normal room lighting. unedited. didnt even edit away my ugly dark eye circles or anything. pardon lina’s retarded expression. 

total damage: $692 (for now)

but i’m a happy camper! :))))))) goodbye my old friend canon ixy. hello to my darling panny! <3 please take more pretty pictures of me. i promise to take good care of you til death do us part!

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