there she goes

actie passed away last night 🙁

gina came back home late and passed by actie in the front yard, and immediately called out to me, “yina, come and see what actie is doing!” in one of those amused actie-is-doing-strange-things-again tone. i went out outside and there she was lying on her side with her snout in the overturned plastic container where she drinks water from. we carried her over from the ground (she must have spilt the water and yet was lying right in the wet puddle) to the door mat but she didnt move nor struggle, just limply breathing.

and while the three of us looked on, she started to fight for her breath and i think she was probably in pain because she started convulsing a little and her little body was all contorted, her eyes were unfocused and she looked so so so painful and close to death. and soon her heartbeat turned erratic, and she breathed her last, surrounded by her three owners.

even my dad offered up a joss stick to her in the morning. and we buried her in a little field along the road. mummy said, “maybe she’ll go and find ahma” to which i rolled my eyes and replied “ah ma dont even like dogs lor…..”

here’s a tribute to my little darling, who’s been a part of my life for 13 years. i miss you already. the way you cock your head, all alert, whenever i call your name, your crazy lion-dance prancing, your obsession with tennis balls, the way your tongue sticks out when you sleep, your spontaneous crawl-into-my-lap action, the way you start howling like a wolf whenever i imitate a cat meowing. you funny old dog. 


R.I.P Actie, (1997-2009) 
you’ll always be my bestest dumb darling dog in the world (:

now when the world has turned its back on me, i no longer have my pet dog 🙁

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