recent online buys

 online shopping is evil.

it has opened up to me a whole new world of clothes and accessories unbeknownst to me previously; dresses, tops, jewellery that i previously never felt i needed but now feel compelled to own! it is the newly-crowned bane and joy of my existence 🙁 sad, that. my mother’s inherent shopping genes have apparently caught up with me, albeit belatedly, but surely. i have fallen victim to the world’s commercialism and marketing ploys!


and to think in my youth, that i used to scoff at any mention of the words “shopping” or even “clothes”! i eat back all my negative demonstrations of superiority over the majority of poor-women-who-have-succumbed-to-and-are-slaves-to-shopping. now i am one.

i shudder to think what my 18-year-old self would say to me now. (may i remind my 18 year old self that you are too young to know anything)

oh well : P so i thought i’d list down some of my recent online buys. since Farah once asked too, something like what are my top online buys. though i should stop splurging my hard-earned and very little amount of money on all these lovely clothing that i don’t really need but feel like i must have. how paradoxical.

because the rest of the post is extreme narcissism in its newfound glory, it is under the cut.

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