random encounters of the strange kind

incident no #1

ok so yesterday i was on the shuttle bus right, from NTU to pioneer, and btw this bus is like dimly lit and crowded most of the time, and someone gets off from the 1st seat behind the driver, so i quickly scoot in and sit down there next to this guy whom i assume is one of the students and he’s not singaporean but i dont know where he’s from either but he has dark hair and like light coffee colored skin,

the bus reaches pioneer mrt and i stand up to get off the bus and this guy next to me goes like “excuse me?” and i turn to him and he’s holding out this small scrap of paper to me and i’m going all like “huh? did i drop that?” before my retarded brain in about 3 seconds understands “OH. THAT’S FOR ME” and i quickly take it from him and hurriedly get away because i am feeling so damn paiseh,

and when i think i am far away enough from the guy (which is like i’ve speed walked upstairs to the MRT station and am standing at the very furthest end of it) i take out the note and unfold it, and guess what it says.



HAHAHA. very creative. but again let me state the fact that the bus was dimly lit and crowded so i’m pretty sure he didnt manage to get a very good look at me. LOL.

incident no #2

right after that, i met chien for dinner. we havent met up for AGESS. so the usual, good ole gossip and catching up session. we went to Sun with Moon at wheelock place for dinner, and the place isnt too packed which is good. so we get this seat that’s right across the serving counter or something, about 2m away and blocked by one of those wood fencing thingy that they have inside the restaurant.

anyways i had the sukiyaki (aweeesome i love sukiyaki) while chien had salmon teriyaki set and we shared sushi too. after we’re mostly done with our food and just sitting there sipping green tea, and talking and gossiping and laughing, one of the staff comes up to our table with a piece of paper, and starts to tell us that the piece of paper is the staff discount letter which entitles us to 50% discount at other Sun with Moon outlets and we both go like o_0… what the heck.

and later our bill comes and it’s like $44 dollars and we’re both surprised at how cheap it is so when the receipt came back with the change we took a closer look and for some reason we were given a 30% discount which is like alot considering Sun w Moon is pretty pricey. and also given a couple of cash vouchers too.


sorry if i sound super suaku or like you know, come across as showing off. i genuinely dont get alot of male attention and any bit at all is like. more than i’ve ever gotten. uh huh.

and more pictures. both of us were having a really really unphotogenic day for some reason or other…

i really really want to get a new camera! a semi pro-ish one… maybe the lumix lx-3, or even more high end, the olympus p-1!!! but they’re both bloody expensive, first one is about 600 odd and 2nd one 1.2-1.6k. but i want 🙁 so that i can take better food pictures, better portrait pictures and better pictures in general…

EDIT: i just realised the 30% discount and vouchers probably came from the 4th anniversary promotion of Sun with Moon Wheelock Place cos previously there was a similar promotion going on at the Central outlet! hmmm but that doesnt explain the staff discount voucher….


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