peace, love & free ice cream

spent the morning at Farah’s on Sunday, to visit her newly-acquired additions to the animal menagerie, two very adorable and sweet scottish fold cats 🙂

meet angelo and gabriel, they’re 8 months old and very nearly full-grown already. angelo is super playful and endearing, his favourite hobby seems to pouncing on human feet and nibbling on them.. while gabriel is alot more reserved and stately, he didn’t want to come near me much..

had a hard time taking pictures of them in the dim lighting and they just couldnt keep still! especially cheeky angelo 🙂

love animals! when i was a kid i wanted to grow up and be a vet. then once i got old enough to realise the massive amounts of studying needed, i gave up on that ambition forever. (which explains my current industry. dont need to study! god i sucked at math and science no idea why i even though of being a vet..)

and after which we went to great world city and ended up with a different kind of animal…. paddington bear 🙂

and NOVO was having shoe sales! omg the words “shoe” and “sale” just perk me up like nobody’s business. unfortunately (fortunately for my wallet) i didnt get anything in the end! bahhh. couldnt find the pretty pair that Fish bought, must have been OOS already! 🙁 so in the end, i settled for free ice cream samples. (freeee!)

peace, love and free sampling! chocolate brownie chunk. super yums.
i feel like ice cream now 🙁 carb cravings in the middle of the night! sucks. i know ice cream isnt carbs. i just crave ice cream, and carbs. never mind, i have yami yogurt in the freezer! it shall be my breakfast.

back to work back to work! have a ton of work to finish for this week. work = money. work = good. *chants*
i need to brainwash myself.


lina found some old school film camera photos of Actie from when she was younger (:
and also pictures of Actie’s puppies! (she gave birth once to two adorable mini-Acties)

1. Actie with her “boyfriend” our ex-neighbour’s dog Jackie 😛 no the puppies are not his. and yes that’s me there with the bad hair and nice slim legs (my thighs definitely grew fatter)
2. Lina with Actie’s tiny little puppy. awwwww

Actie looking for all the world like a shagged-out momma. and Lina used to be cute too.

anyways, i got a request to do a post on girly make-up routines/products that i use. show of hands for those interested? 🙂 it’ll just be a pretty basic post on my favourite make-up products and stuff i use on a daily basis. those who’re keen to see such a post, leave a comment and let me see if there are enough interested peeps ok?

ps. i miss the furry carpet that normally hangs out under the dining table where i am now 🙁 YZ said “no more checking for poop to avoid stepping on in the mornings anymore…”

pps. i’m on girl-envy mode or something. passed by about a gazillion gorgeous babes on my way back home earlier and feeling semi-depressed about my lack of zeal about jian fei-ing and dieting and all.

ppps. fcukshit i have driving lesson at 8.15am! baahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. this sucks. (i have consecutively used the word “sucks” for the third time. i suck. being up at 4am doing work sucks.)


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