pictures from last night’s performance: A Choral Odyssey — in tribute to Leong Yoon Pin (a local composer)

the high of a concert, feeling of post-performance euphoria is unbeatable 🙂 we only performed 3 pieces last night as the last of a series of choirs to showcase LYP’s composed works, but it was great fun and we didn’t do too badly i think. and the title of the post actually refers to one of the pieces we did, entitled “nightmare” 🙂 it was a real privilege to be able to perform all these amazing works, with Mr Leong the composer himself sitting right in the audience 🙂 and to think these works were commissioned for the SYC and debuted 20 years ago. truly, music has no boundaries, be it time, space or distance. these 20-year-old choral pieces (that’s almost as old as i am) still manage to sound so fresh, challenging the singer at every turn of the page, with every chord and melody!

various shots of the other members and myself, backstage, doing our makeup, warming up, and getting prepared and ready for our performance 🙂 and if you dont see me in the group shot on stage, it’s because i’m in the second row and too short to be seen from the angle the picture was taken at 🙁

and yes i have a huge shiny, bulbous forehead. try to ignore that please. i seriously think my forehead takes up about 2/5 of my entire face 🙁


also, my friend and ex-colleague, Zid is having a solo exhibition and his artwork is being showcased at the Esplanade Tunnel from the 21 Aug to the 4 Oct, he is one crazy ass talented dude! Zid not just paints and draws, but also plays the guitar, composes and sings! damn accomplished and i am so proud to know him. though it is slightly depressing too. every time i see his artwork i feel like throwing myself off a cliff, and screaming “whatsss the bloooodyyy pointttt!!!!!!!”

Of Music and Mayhem. i worship your artwork, zid. risked myself looking like a retard just to take this shot.

if you happen to pass by the Esplanade, do go check it out!!  🙂


my driving lessons thus far have been seriously demoralising. yesterday morning, i had a record number of getting honked at four times by drivers on the road, in just one lesson! seriously.. can’t they see that i have an L-plate there? zzz. and one very very loud skidding sound as i slammed on the brakes in front of the traffic light pedestrian crossing due to the semi-wet road conditions. now that was fun. heh. considering as it wasn’t my car… i think i will be a very very bad and reckless driver in future 🙁

and 8.15am lessons always make me late, plus i am so not a morning person and the car gets very badly mishandled by me. why oh why am i taking manual lessons, all the gear shifting and clutch out accelerator in is driving me nuts! (no pun intended) and i still have another two lessons this week, both in the mornings, on thursday and friday 🙁

my instructor mentioned something that  cheered me up though, apparently it is not a myth that the girls have a higher passing rate during the practical test as compared to guys, i suppose the world is innately sexist and this fact will never change. but good for me 😀

and to end off the post with a picture of my utterly spoilt rotten and pampered obese chihuahua who enjoys sleeping either
1. right smack on my pillow
2. cuddled up in my silk blanket

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