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another self portrait taken with the lx3.

hmmmm i noticed that i can’t take very good self portraits with it (as in i dont look good) because the camera captures such sharp details that i can see my vampiric dark eye circles, my every mole and freckle and blemish and etc. -_- especially under bright lighting! i look absolutely horrid. this pictures was taken in dim, low light, and less details are captured by the camera so i still look somewhat presentable.

wondering if i should search around for another camera that’ll take better self-portraits. since that’s about what my camera will be doing most of the time…

after all this camera is barely 2 days new, and in high demand, i’m pretty sure i can easily sell it off for close to cost price! but should i? seems rather fickle minded of me after all the raving i’ve been doing about the LX3.


ps. but Xiaxue takes excellent self portraits with the lx3 -.- in which case maybe it’s not the camera. it’s the subject…


randomly, YH and i were walking about the NTU CCA bazaar and fair just now after lunch and we came upon this booth by a health product MLM company which was offering free body analysis with their weighing scale! so now i know just how fat i am.

weight: 53.5kg (after lunch okay. pfftt. ok i’ll stop lying to myself. i am heavy)
body fat: 26.9% (this is apparently over the healthy range for < age 30 -_- so i have the body fat of a > 30 year old. should i be surprised?)
total body water: 53.5% (ehh look this coincides with my weight! amazing. and it’s supposedly in the normal range)
visceral fat: 3 (healthy is 1-5. yay i have very healthy visceral fat percentages. probably cos most of my fats are visible and not visceral..)
muscle mass: 36.8% (which is very normal according to wiki. yay i have normal muscle mass. not wilted muscles)
bone mass: 2.3kg (normal again, though if my bones only weigh 2.3kg all my weight must be coming from my fats)
kcal: 1203 (wtf i dont believe this all i ate today was watermelon, pineapple, fish soup, some yakiniku beef and a few hello panda biscuits!!)
BMR: 20 yrs old (o rly? i wish i had the BMR of a 20yo. mine is probably the BMR of a 40yo)

and all my diet plans to hit 50kg within this year havent gone anywhere, and it’s already approaching September!! 🙁

i’m just gonna stay fat my entire life. how sad.

check out my huge ass container of hello panda strawberry. aweeesome. now y’all know why the fats aint going away. but in my defence it was on sale for $5.80 for such a very huge tub so i couldnt resist (:

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