IT’S MINE! just put my name down on the waiting list for this much-sought after camera model. apparently it’s constantly OOS on our tiny island and the price hasnt dropped in like 10 months since its launch because it’s so popular.

wheee! stock is coming in on the 20th of the month, and i’m now on the waiting list at MS COLOR amkhub where the guy says there’s more availability compared to the main MS COLOR outlet. it’s gonna cost me $698 for the entire bundle, with 8g card, oem battery worth $35, lcd protector worth $13.50 plus mini tripod and cleaning kit! hehe CANNOT WAIT. and i’ll be selling off my old (not very old lah, only about 7 months) camera i bought from Japan in january this year, to YH. it’s a canon ixus 85, and still in pretty darn good condition! i just want a camera with more manual functions and sharper pictures.

my current camera

and soon-to-be-mine camera

the silver version of the LX3 is discontinued so yeaa i’m only left with the ugly black one… but no matter! for the sake of pretty pictures! 😀 plus black looks more pro, hahahhaa.

check out this review to see the quality of the pictures taken with LX3! damn bloody awesome if i say so myself. but then i am pretty much a n00b so i guess it’ll take me some time to learn how to use the camera. but i CAN’T WAIT! mwahahaha. further more, YZ is paying $400 for it as his birthday present to me, so i only need to fork out the remaining $298 😀 

then i can be like the greatest camwhore on earth! so as to utilize the camera of course… it costs so much more than my current camera, die die must use until “gou ben” right?

exactly one week to the 20th! best part is my pay comes in on the 19th. just in time. 

BTW, this is the camera that XX is currently using too. except hers is silver and all zhng-ed up and thoroughly bling-ed. damn i want the silver one too…

ps. there was supposed to be a meteor shower last night but all i caught was a few slow moving specks of light that were probably planes -_-

pps. omg i’ve been buying clothes like crazy and later i’m meeting another cotter to get one more dress from her… *guilty*

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