Liverpool VS Singapore 260709

backdated post! sent YZ off to work at 5.30am and now i cant get back to sleep 🙁 so i’m on the computer and looking through all my unposted pictures and stuff! i’m always too lazy to edit and post up pictures on FB and etc but i should lah 🙁 my pictures always get posted up like, 6 months after the date they were taken -_-

anyways, for YZ’s birthday this year i bought him a pair of tickets to watch liverpool vs SG at the national stadium because he’s a huuuuge liverpool fan. to cut a long story short, it was supposed to be a surprise for him and i wanted to present him w the tickets on his birthday itself, but i’d already bought the tickets way in advance on the day they started selling fearing that they’d be sold out, and he found out about it like in May or something when his birthday is on July 9th and the match on the 26th of the same month…..

nonetheless, he was still pretty hyped up about the match, so much that he surprised me with my very own Reds jersey on the day of the match! and it cost 99 dollars for just one jersey lor 🙁 so ex! i can like buy 3-4 dresses/tops online with that amount.. but he was really really excited about it so i didnt want to be a wet blanket about it either. so we both donned Liverpool jerseys, him in the black one and me in the red one, and proceeded down to the national stadium for the match!

the traffic jam towards the stadium was crazy. and what’s more, everyone (on the streets, in the cars) around the vicinity of the stadium were wearing Liverpool jerseys! like damn hardcore man. felt like the whole of singapore was going down to support the Reds! granted there were a few odd buggers who decided to show their support for other FCs by wearing Chelsea/ManU jerseys. haha. they got boo-ed by the crowd i think.

the atmosphere at the stadium was like damn high and best part is, the whole stadium practically knew how to sing the Liverpool FC theme song “you’ll never walk alone” by heart man. gosh crazy people. needless to say everyone was there to watch Liverpool FC and Singapore only got very half-hearted cheers compared to Liverpool, esp when Alonso (traitor is leaving the club already) and Torrez came on field.

end result: expected trashing by Liverpool FC. 5 – 0

pictures: me in my new reds jersey, crazy crowd all waving the Liverpool FC scarf, happy YZ with the 5-0 score.

oh and i was wearing glasses so i could see the field better. hahaha. not that it made much of a difference because they were so damn far away. and there was no commentating like they do on TV so i basically only knew what’s going on when a goal was scored. all in all not super enjoyable for me but it was an interesting experience because of the whole atmosphere.

okay am going to try to go back to sleep now. my eyes are damn heavy but i just cant get to sleeeeeeep! and my fat chihuahua is always stealing my bed space. 

see how fat she is. and that’s my silk blanket she’s guiltily resting on. and her adidas hoodie is a fake one from korea. hahahaha.



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