it's a friday and thursdays are good

went out for an impromptu dinner with the love yesterday after work, the initial plan was for him to meet me at Bishan while i came straight from work and we’d go get yami yogurt, (my other love) but we ended up having a cosy and satisfying meal at Cafe Cartel instead 🙂 followed by yami yogurt, of course.

at this rate i’m eating, i might as well have been born a pig. zzzzz.

the pan-fried linguine and the pork ribs are pretty good 🙂 and this is actually our first time dining together at Cafe Cartel ever, which means i haven’t been to Cafe Cartel for two years! wow. time has this habit of sneaking past your back when you’re not looking. ooh and it was a good hair day. i love good hair days.

i was wearing one of my latest favourite item received in the mail, the chic jumper from BC and YZ likes it alot. hehehe, i think he has a fetish for “manly” girls….




online shopping makes me happy!


might not be able to update with random entries regularly anymore, because a ton of projects just came in for me and i’m gonna be working my ass off if i’m to complete all of them by the deadlines… bahh. but i’m actually really quite happy about it because i havent been doing any comic work and etc for ages and i’m starting to miss it 🙂 plus it helps me feel a tiny bit better about being sucha crappy artist and all. work that i am actually good at gives me a purpose.

and of course more work means more money for me,

more money = more shopping = more happiness!!!

shallow equation, but so there. *smirks* back to work! 

lost but finding my way.


seaweed shaker fries FTW!!!

TGIF, have a great weekend everyone!

ps. a huge thank you to those who’ve been following this humble blog so far. am really encouraged that i actually have readers!!!!! omgomgomg. thank you people :))
pps. lady gaga is actually really rather catchy. po-po-po-po-ker-face-po-po-po-ker-face

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