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helloooooo!!! i turned on my computer today, put together some collages then though “hmmm i should post them on a blog! let’s create a new one on LJ so that i can like try to blog!” so i went to LJ to create a new account and typed in “yinagoh” into the acct name box. then the “this user name is already in use” thingy popped up. and i was like WTF i am yinagoh who else will use that?! and i went to yinagoh.LJ and ha ha so smart can it’s an account i created myself 2 years ago intending to use as portfolio website and i totally forgot i ever created this account. har har har. very smart, yina.

here are the afore-mentioned collages. yay pictures!

went to the launch of uncle william/grapes’ floral shop @ the Sail. that place is bloody ATAS. i was wearing the grecian frock from BC while lina wore my nude halter top. me likes the grecian frock but damn sad my arms are like huge to the max. so i chose the pictures that dont look so fat. kthxbai

more and more:

my awesome lunch today. i love eating out with daddy because he pays for my satisfaction. mmmmmmm. long beach king is aweeeesome.

we wanted to get a golden retriever puppy so we drove to the dog farm after lunch! alas, someone else bought the golden before we did…. now daddy wants a yorkshire! very cute. like XX’s pumpkin. but it’s so puny and fragile…

since my birthday last Mon, i’ve been constantly pigging out on massive amounts of food 🙁 me needs to go on exercise/diet plan real soon. i keep on SAYING. but when it comes to DOING… i normally zzzz…

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