2nd anniversary!

backdated post! we celebrated my belated birthday and our 2nd anniversary together on the same day last wednesday, 6 aug (: oh i wore my awesome new necklace from HoH 1960 which finally arrived!!! took like 2 months or something but it is like my new love. actually it’s my one and only piece of expensive jewelry so it’s worth it!!!

anyways we pigged out on NYDC food and i love the mudpie (see above picture, drools) super sinful can. but so good. OOT i also love andersons ice cream, esp rum & rasin flavour…. cravings cravings.. 🙁

YZ loved the scrapbook present, he was like how touched can? hahaha. he teared while reading what i wrote! ok i did tear too when i saw him tear because you know, it’s like awwww it’s been 2 years already.. 🙂 time passes damn fast. it seems only months ago that we got together.

i wanna upload pictures of the scrapbook but i didnt take any pictures of the finished product yet! here’s the loose pages before i completed them.

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