it’s been a hundred days.


and we’re back with the customary food, incense and paper money offerings, and trying to make sure you’re able to still be comfortable where ever you are. i dont believe in all these customs, but you did and you should be well comforted to know that we’ve kept to all of them 🙂

it may seem to others that this is a sombre occasion, but we still had much chatter and laughter as usual, auntie ivy was making everyone ask you funny questions with the 2 fifty-cents coins about whether you approve or give your blessings in matters such as me getting married next year (OH PLS i have no intention of marrying so early. but you said yes!) and about Gina passing the job interview she’s going for tomorrow and finding a BF soon (hahaha you said no) and about the maid not bullying Ah Gong and all sorts of nonsensical rubbish.

i miss you sometimes, but when i think of you i’m happy that you’ve moved on, no longer in pain nor suffering, not upset at your passing.
ah gong still laments your passing everyday though. he burns you incense and calls your name and talks to you every morning and evening.

i like the cemetery, it’s really breezy and peaceful there 🙂 i think it’s a great resting place for you.

even Oreo came to pay his respects to you today! remember how you always asked Oreo to “mak mi mi” and close his eyes? 

i’m sure he doesnt know what’s going on but he was really excited and happy as usual : D

hope you’re resting in peace, ah ma, where ever you may be 🙂 you were the most boisterously naggy and sharp tongued ah ma that we ever had, but you’re our one and only ah ma and we love you 🙂



i’m really worried about my little old dog 🙁 of late, she’s been doing nothing but sleep and sleep and sleep, she seems to be getting more deaf and blind as the days go by because she doesnt respond to my calling her name anymore, when i try to carry her sometimes she struggles and i dont think she even recognises me 🙁 only once in awhile do i catch her in her crazy active prancing mood like she used to be all the time when she was younger. 

it was pouring early this morning, the weather was so chilly and bone-numbingly cold and i found the poor dear lying outside asleep in the front yard where the rain got to her, she was drenched and wet, and motionless, i nearly thought she was dead 🙁 but she was breathing, and i took a dry floor rug and carried her back to the shelter of the front porch, laying her down on the thick door mat so she wouldn’t be cold and trying to dry her off a little with the floor rug.

and she just lay there not moving, her bony frame trembling and shivering 🙁

she’s been with me for 12 or 13 years now. my darling little dog. stay with me a moment more, would you?

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