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My name is Yina, and I'm a former graphic artist/illustrator turned online boutique owner/blogger. Welcome to my blog! Blogging has been a huge part of my life since back in my school days! I am an avid writer/photographer, and take a keen interest in various topics ranging from beauty, food, travel to lifestyle. Some of the things I love are art/design, music, animals and writing.

I never liked to study, and thus I decided to enrol in Digital Media Design/Animation after my O'Levels instead of going down the conventional JC/University route. I graduated from school in the top 10% of my cohort with a design/animation diploma in 2007, and was ecstatic to be hired by well-known art studio Imaginary Friends Studio, where I worked as a digital artist from 2006-2008. After I left IFS, I freelanced as a comic colourist for about a year before I decided to leave the industry in 2010 to pursue my dream of owning an online boutique.

Thus, TheVelvetDolls was born.
With my prior experience in design and eye for aesthetics, I created, designed and branded TheVelvetDolls from logo to website, to ensure a visually-enjoyable experience and I bring in only the best quality apparel, which are personally curated by myself and manufactured with love and conscientiousness for ladies of all shapes and sizes. TVD is my pride and joy, and I hope to carry on growing the brand in the years to come!

At the same time, I was blogging regularly and started growing a healthy readership and got contracted as a talent with Nuffnang Singapore! Blogging has given me so much, from wonderful friendships to various opportunities to work with major brands, and has even taken me abroad to see the world!

I find it a joy to share about my experiences and feelings, from daily life and struggles as a small business owner, to featuring interesting new products and services, or perhaps beautiful photography from my travel adventures.

On a more personal note, I'm engaged to my partner of 7 years, and we're getting married in January 2015! YZ and I met at a live music cafe (民歌餐厅) and both of us love to sing ;) You can find short snippets of our singing videos on Instagram!

Sometimes I sing for gigs and weddings too, and I've gigged at places like Switch by Timbre, China One, and Acid Bar.

Other than pop, I also sing in the SYC Ensemble Singers, and travel abroad regularly to perform, sing and compete with them. Singing and music is a huge part of my life, and I'm really blessed to have so many opportunities to enjoy doing what I enjoy! I guess I'm amazingly extraordinarily exceedingly lucky.

My personal fashion style is feminine but not too girly, sometimes colourful, and sometimes edgy.

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Right now, I'm also the Editor-In-Chief for Beauty & Wellness app, GetKlarity!

GetKlarity is a beauty and wellness app that allows you to luxuriate in some much-needed ‘me-time’ anytime, anywhere. Discover available appointments at top spas and salons by location, enjoy exclusive promotions, and book seamlessly via GetKlarity app in real-time.

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