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Monday, November 28, 2016

NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk

NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk (Glowing Rose)
I can't help but rave about the new NIVEA's floral scented body moisturisers!

As you know, I fly frequently and I've been noticing how dry and dull my skin has been looking.. Not just on my face, but on my body as well :( Seems like I can't slack off on my body care routine any further, and so NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk couldn't have come at a handier time!

Did you know?

NIVEA is a trusted name in skincare and has over 100 years of skin and body care expertise. In Singapore, NIVEA is the #1 brand for Hand & Body Moisturisers and I'm not surprised to hear that!

*Based on Nielsen FY 2015 data for Hand & Body Moisturiser category in Singapore

NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk - Glowing Rose & Relaxing Lavender

NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk

For those who love flowers and floral scents as much as I do, I'm certain that you'll also love the new NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk cos it comes in two gorgeous delicate scents: Glowing Rose and Relaxing Lavender.

This mild yet highly effective body moisturiser contains NIVEA’s care essence and indulging floral fragrances, and gives you smoother and softer skin even after 12hours after application!

NIVEA Oil in Milk Body Lotion - Glowing Rose
Rose leaves a feminine fragrance trail and has healing and rejuvenating benefits.

I have always been addicted to rose fragrances, and NIVEA Oil in Body Milk in Glowing Rose has such a heavenly scent! This scent makes me feel pampered and revitalised immediately - It's a beautiful and subtle fragrance that's floral and fresh without being jarring.

NIVEA Oil in Milk Body Lotion - Relaxing Lavender
Lavender soothes and calms the senses.

For stressful and tiring days, NIVEA Oil in Body Milk in Relaxing Lavender is the perfect way to unwind and take care of yourself at the same time! The comforting lavender scent relaxes my senses and puts me in the right frame of mind for a restful night.

The texture of NIVEA Oil in Body Milk is creamy without being thick, I love how it absorbs into the skin with a non-sticky finish, leaving my skin silky smooth and soft! It does a great job at hydrating my dry skin and locking in moisture. It feels absolutely pampering, especially with that delightful fragrance. I love it!

My favourite is NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk in Glowing Rose - I can't get enough of that fresh and feminine floral scent!

Indulge your senses and take care of yourself with the new NIVEA Skin Delight - it's just divine!

Available at all major pharmacies and super markets in 250ml ($7.90) and 400ml ($10.90).

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Japan! Osaka: Universal Studios Japan Halloween 2016

For the fun-loving traveller looking to experience the most out of Osaka, a visit to Universal Studios Japan is a must! Despite having been to Universal Studios Japan once before (read my first blog post on Universal Studios Japan here!), my second visit was even more enjoyable and fun with all the new happenings for Universal Studio Japan's 15th Anniversary as well as special Halloween attractions and festivities!

How To Buy Tickets for Universal Studios Japan

I'm so glad to share that I found out the easiest way to purchase tickets for USJ! Instead of wasting precious time queuing outside USJ or trying to figure out how to get tickets elsewhere, you can actually purchase tickets directly via JTB Singapore, at JTB Travel Saloon – Takashimaya S.C. #03-11!

More interestingly, JTB offers an exclusive Universal Studios Japan® x ABENO HARUKAS Premium Package that you can't get anywhere else!

Universal Studios Japan® x ABENO HARUKAS Premium Package

With this package, you can skip the queue and enjoy exclusive entrance to Universal Studios Japan as well as an Admission Ticket to HARUKAS 300!
- Enter faster through an exclusive entrance when the park opens
- Enjoy the skyline of Osaka from 300m above ground level.
- VIP Shopping Card at Kintetsu Department Store to enhance your shopping experience!

Find out more about Universal Studios Japan® x ABENO HARUKAS Premium Package here!
The amazing view at the Helipad at Abeno Harukas - The tallest skyscraper in Japan. More in an upcoming post!
The best part of the Universal Studios Japan® x ABENO HARUKAS Premium Package has got to be the exclusive special entry via the Harukasu Gate: This gives you first access to the entire theme park while all the other theme park visitors have to wait in line to enter one by one!

When I arrived early in the morning, there were long snaking queues forming outside the entrances already.

Harukasu Gate

Those with the Universal Studios Japan® x ABENO HARUKAS exclusive entry ticket were able to dash right in once the park opened - via the Special Entry Harukasu Gate! This allows you first access into the themed park, and you can make a mad dash to the most popular area: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (for which a timed ticket is required if it gets too crowded during peak season!)

September/October has got to be the best time to visit Universal Studios Japan, thanks to all the Halloween festivities going on during October!

I love seeing all the theme park visitors dressed up in intricate Halloween costumers - It's amazing how much effort is put into having coordinated outfits like this group of girls above.

Isn't the effort to detail just astonishing?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

My favourite place of all in the whole of Universal Studios Japan and the first place to rush to: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I'm a true blue Potter Head!

Every corner of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter fills me with delight, such as seeing a real-life Zonko's (the joke shop from the series)!

The attention to detail within The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is just incredible! Spot those owls perched in the wooden beams above!

Wand Magic

One really cool thing I got to experience at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was Wand Magic!

With one of the Magical Wands purchased from Ollivander's, you can perform magic and cast spells around Hogsmeade!

These designated spots are where you can perform different magical spells and incantations!

A friendly witch guided us through the spell incantation, right down to the arm movement required to cast a successful spell!

My attempt at casting a spell.. INCENDIO!!

Imagine my delight when flames burst out from the chimney top on my third attempt!

The best view of Hogwarts is definitely from The Hog's Head, where you can see the stunning reflection in the Great Lake (Only at Universal Studios Japan)!

Enjoying my Butterbeer at The Hog's Head!

Oh yes, you MUST try the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ in 4K3D! It's one of the best rides ever and I loved how immersive and realistic it was.

We headed over to Jurassic Park next!

New Attraction: The Flying Dinosaur

For the thrill-seekers, The Flying Dinosaur is yet another new ride at Universal Studios Japan that wasn't there the last time I visited!

The Flying Dinosaur is the world's longest flying rollercoaster and it was absolutely exhilarating! The high-speed twists and drops were super thrilling and fun, it wasn't as scary as I expected too! A must-try for the rollercoaster lovers! :D

"Dinosaur Panic!"

One of the street shows to look out for at Jurassic Park is "Dinosaur Panic!", during which you'll get to see the most incredibly realistic dinosaurs up-close!

Lunch at Discovery Restaurant

We had our lunch at Discovery Restaurant within Jurassic Park!

We were so hungry that we gobbled up these jungle-themed food like carnivorous dinosaurs!

Re-boooooooorn! Party

It being the 15th year anniversary of Universal Studios Japan, there were so many celebrations under way, and main theme is "Re-born!"!

Being "Re-born!" is the act of breaking out of one's shell. Not only reclaiming a pure heart, but also grasping that simple sense of excitement we had as children. Through this state of mind, people can be emotionally refreshed and rejuvenated.

At the "Re-born!" party, where everyone was dancing, singing and jumping along enthusiastically to the performances and music! Love love love the high atmosphere!

Some of the jaw-dropping dress-ups I spotted!

Love this family of four that dressed up their kids in Halloween costumes too, how adorable!

The energy and excitement was so palpable that I couldn't help joining in the dancing and fun!

Of course, the ever popular Minions were around to incite laughter and gaiety during the party!

More cute kids all dressed up!

Halloween Re-boooooooorn! Market

Of course, Halloween is nothing without Trick or Treating! At the festive "Re-born!" Halloween Market, there was lots of snacks and food to buy, including the ever popular turkey leg, but with a special Halloween twist!

Spin the wheel of fortune and win a giant up-sized turkey leg if you get lucky!

Just look at that mammoth leg of turkey (on the left) as compared to the regular-sized turkey leg on the right!! Even the two of us had difficulty finishing one giant turkey leg on our own!

Universal RE-BOOOOOOOORN Parade

Yet another highlight of the day has got to be the Universal RE-BOOOOOOOORN Parade!

The atmosphere was so so lively and vivacious as everyone clapped, danced and sang along unrestrainedly along with the performers and characters!

Minions "BEE-DO!" Rescue

Don't miss out on Minions "BEE-DO!" Rescue, another funny and entertaining street show that had us tickled silly with the Minions' funny antics!

I'm so looking forward to the new Minions area that will be opening in 2017, along with a Minions theme ride!! Big fan here, as you can tell. Hehe!

More Halloween fun in the form of these Halloween Churritos with spooky decorations!

It was delicious too, or maybe I was just plain hungry!

Tatari Haunted House at J-Horror

For the first time this year, Universal Studios Japan debuted a new "J-Horror" area with a Japanese-style haunted house!

Although we had experienced The Exorcist haunted house earlier in the day and had already gotten scared out of our wits, Tatari – Curse of the Living Doll was yet another heart-pounding experience! Suffice to say that half our group (especially the Japanese ladies) ran out shrieking at the frights and scares we experienced inside Tatari!

Death Eaters Appearance In Hogsmeade

Before dinner time, we headed back to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for one more exciting event!

Just for Halloween, we were treated to a magnificent duel between Death Eaters and Hogsmeade that started off spectacularly with a flash of green explosion (to mimic the Dark Mark!) before a chase ensured through Hogsmeade as we watched the two sides fight in earnest!

It was another unforgettable moment for a Potter head like myself, and I was so thrilled and overwhelmed to feel like I was living in my favourite storybook of all time!

Dining at Park Side Grille

We had a really good dinner at Parkside Grille - The food was sumptuous!! Here's my grilled live lobster that was so sweet and fresh!

YZ's huge slab of steak that was juicy and tender as well. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the food quality, I wasn't expecting very much from theme park food but everything we had was above and beyond my expectations!

Street Zombies

Of course, one of the most iconic sights during Halloween at Universal Studios Japan is the appearance of zombies and undead once night falls.. These zombies are extremely life-like and they roam the streets terrorising unsuspecting passersby by suddenly lunging in their direction or chasing after them!

More undead scenes on the streets of Universal Studios Japan, this female zombie was feeding off a human and the scene was indeed grotesque!

It was seriously a fun, fun day at Universal Studios Japan and I enjoyed every single second of my day in the theme park!

Staying at Hotel Universal Port

For the most convenient and fun theme park experience at Universal Studios Japan, we stayed at Hotel Universal Port, located right next to the theme park!

It's literally just across the road, and took us barely a few minutes to get to the theme park from the hotel!

The hotel lobby is adorned with minions galore, all dressed up for Halloween too in their vampire capes! Too cute!

Do you spy those minions amongst the fishes within the full-length aquarium at the reception area?

Our comfortable hotel room!

So glad that the bathroom came with a bathtub for me to soak in after a long day of walking non-stop around Universal Studios Japan!

And possibly the best amenities I've ever seen in a hotel: They were packaged so nicely too!! Everything from hair ties to disposable shavers were provided for us!

Yet another thoughtful Japanese gesture: herbal relaxing sheets for relaxing sore muscles!! These were a godsend and I happily stuck these on my sore legs after a nice hot bath. What bliss!

Don't miss out on the tantalising spread for breakfast at Port Dining ricorico, we enjoyed our breakfast so very much there!

Especially loved the Japanese selection of food, from Japanese rice and condiments to takoyaki that came in its own little paper boat!

With my happy travel companion who enjoyed Universal Studios Japan with me very much!!

It was the best time of my life at Universal Studios Japan! :D

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