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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Taipei Jan'15: Jin Feng, Best Braised Pork Rice In Taiwan! 金峰, 台北最好吃的卤肉饭!

Hello hello!

I'm resuming my Taiwan travelogues, and this blog post is one that you have to read if you are visiting Taipei, because one simply does not travel to Taipei without having Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice), at least once!

We did not stumble upon Jin Feng 金峰卤肉饭 by chance: The first time we tried it was when our Taiwanese friends bought take-aways for us, and we were smitten with the deliciousness of this rich pork stew drizzled over fragrant rice. But well, I just did a quick Google for "best lu rou fan in Taipei" and Jin Feng was one of the first few hits on Google!! 

So now you know, this is legit the best stuff, acclaimed by both locals and foreigners alike! Jin Feng is easy to locate, just exit at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall MRT and take Exit 2.



Here's the order chit, you have to fill it in yourself and pass it to one of the staff. The prices are super affordable! A large bowl of 卤肉饭 is like $2.20 omg. 便宜到爆炸.

They also sell a mee sua that looked pretty good, but we didn't order it. Very focused on our 卤肉饭!

Had this plate of Kong Ba for $1.50 D:

The magical bowl of 卤肉饭.. Just look at those fatty bits of delicious stewed pork!

Don't forget to get a couple of 卤蛋 (braised eggs) to go along with your 卤肉饭!

I love the Taiwanese rice, it's a lot more "liap liap" and tastes like Japanese rice! A little more chewy and stickier than our usual sort of rice in Singapore. It's so fragrant too and tastes amazing with the braised pork gravy drizzled over it.

So yummy! I miss it already.

The other 卤肉饭 you might also want to check out is 胡须张, which has many different branches all over Taipei. 胡须张 also sells the braised pork stew in a take-home pack that you can purchase! Though I very much prefer 金峰's 卤肉饭, which I find has a better texture and flavour than 胡须张.

If you happen to visit Keelung's Miaokou market, look for 天一香肉羹順 (31攤) which has a really good 卤肉饭 too!! (It has a stronger garlicky taste, if you like garlic.) But Jin Feng is for sure a must-try!

Right across the road from Jin Feng, there is a pretty famous store selling 胡椒饼 as well!

I have no idea what a 胡椒饼 is but our local friends recommended it so we popped over to buy it. There was a queue forming while waiting for the shop to start selling so I think it must be rather popular!

Apparently these are 胡椒饼.. It's like a bun with pork filling! The 胡椒饼 is probably cos of the seasoning of the filling, it has a peppery taste! I was so intrigued by the way these are baked in a round circular oven filled with charcoal!


Here's the name card of the store!



Happy campers with happy stomachs. The food in Taipei is just fantastic!!

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