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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bali Mar'15: 6 Things I've Learnt About Bali in 2 Days

Heya everyone! It's been some time since my last post, and while I'm still working on my Taiwan travelogues, I thought I'd share another Bali post that was first posted on GetKlarity's E-Magazine last week, when I was still having a ball of a time experiencing Bali! Back in Singapore now of course, and I'm ready to carry on energised and revitalised from my short get-away.

Bali is a really fantastic spot for a short and relaxing holiday, and the below six points are just kinda why I'm falling in love with Bali in less than 48 hours. Hope you'll enjoy reading!

1. Beer is cheaper than water in Bali

A bottle of Bintang (pictured above) costs less than $2. That is cheaper than bottled water in Singapore, people! This is just insane. And for the record, this Bintang Radler Beer and Lemon tastes just like lemonade! I much prefer it over regular beer. In fact, our co-founder Anirbalinese (that's his new name) has not even had a single sip of water for more than two days straight since we touched down in Bali two days ago!   

2. It's way awesome-er to work out of a pool than say, on a regular work desk.


I really don't know why I've never tried this earlier. OH RIGHT. I don't have a private pool of my own... :( Basically, sitting in a pool while working on the laptop feels like a really relaxing hydro-therapy sort of spa where you get to soak up some Vitamin D but also at the same time you're feeling really good and getting lots of work done because it is just too awesome. Productivity level 200%!  


Calm blue waters, white sandy beaches with sand so fine it's almost like powder! The sound of the waves lazily crashing against the shores is just hypnotically calming, and the constant sea breeze is amazing. It's not as clean as I'd have liked it to be but you still need to head over to Jimbaran Bay Beach, for the next three points that I really can't rave enough about...

4. Food with a view is ridiculously affordable in BaliSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

An entire tableful of grilled seafood and local Balinese cuisine for four pax cost a total of SGD50. Free view of the beautiful blue ocean and complimentary windy sea breeze, thank you very much. The seafood was fresh and well-grilled, and it was a perfect meal to have by the sea-side! Though I recommend that you come to Jimbaran Beach in the evening instead so that you get to admire the beautiful sunset as you dine. What could be better than this?   

5. The coconuts in Bali grow on steriodsSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I HAVE NEVER TASTED A COCONUT THIS ENORMOUS, EVER! I swear, the coconut was practically the size of my head. I kid you not!! It was utterly refreshing on a hot sunny afternoon, and the coconut water was just like a never-ending fountain. I also scraped up every single bit of that tender, juicy, white flesh and it was sooooo good! How do the coconuts here actually grow this huge??   


I'm sorry: I couldn't resist spamming pictures of the beautiful, beautiful, golden yellow grilled corn. We bought these piping hot cobs of grilled corn from an old Balinese uncle hawking his corn by the sea-side, and it was the best thing we've had! I really don't know what magic sauce they've added to this thing, but it was MIND-BLOWING! This cob of corn, freshly grilled, was sweet, buttery, salty, fragrant and juicy, all at the same time. There was this additional dimension of flavour that I couldn't fathom, but sources have suggested to me that the secret ingredient could be.. Peanut Butter?! 

 No matter what it is, you have to try this! Your life will never be the same again.
Please excuse my sentimentality: Just me having an intense moment with my grilled corn, and the sea. So that's just six things that I've learnt in the last 48 hours.. There's more, which I'll share in time to come! It has been an adventure here thus far and Team GetKlarity is enjoying every bit of it!! Now, it's back to work.. In my pool.

Bye for now! For more awesome articles beauty and wellness bites, pop over to GetKlarity's e-magazine!


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Monday, March 16, 2015

Keeping my skin moisturized and happy with Jergens!

For someone who claims to love beauty and wellness, I have to confess my dirty little secret. My skin used to be scaly and dry as a crusty old crocodile because.. I've never really given much thought to body moisturising, yikes! It's not until in recent years that I've started paying more attention to my skin: not just on my face, but on the rest of me as well, especially my legs and arms. There's nothing less attractive than legs that feel like sandpaper and look all scaly and flaky!

And as a girl who loves to dress up and doll up, I have finally realised that having nice, healthy-looking and smooooooth skin is something that is truly indispensable to looking good, because you don't wanna have the face of a 25 year old and skin that looks 50 years old, yes?

Especially not when I very much prefer wearing skin-baring/leg-revealing clothes thanks to our smotheringly hot weather. It's not possible for me to be in jeans/long pants daily for sure, and that means I absolutely cannot skimp on keeping my skin moisturised, and that scaly reptilian skin away! 

I'd like to share the latest body moisturizer that I've been using, and it's the No.1 Body Lotion brand in USA, Jergens!

Jergens has recently launched its new and improved range of body moisturizers that goes beyond moisturizing, giving your skin a beautiful, envious glow. Together with the refreshed new look, the range has been reformulated with a breakthrough: Hydralucence blend that promises hydrated, luminous skin that lasts all day. 

Hydralucence blend provides longer- lasting hydration for visibly enhanced skin tone, texture, and luminosity. It also helps eliminate dullness and dryness by creating a continuous layer of moisture on your skin to prevent hydration loss.Its long-lasting luminosity effect stem from the microscopic serum droplets in the product that forms a shield on the skin, giving it a healthy glow.

I like it that Jergens has got three different variants for me to choose from, there is:

Soothing Aloe - infused with pure, natural extracts, contains Cucumber extract and pure Aloe Vera that revives dry skin, allowing it to appear visibly refreshed.
Daily Moisture - contains silk proteins and citrus extracts to smoothen and repair dry, rough skin.
Ultra Healing - contains Vitamin C, E & B5 that repairs and nourish extra dry skin for a visibly healthier appearance.

Of course, I tried all three different variants, and I found Daily Moisture to be the one I liked the most. For my dry skin, Jergens Daily Moisture variant feels absolutely perfect. It is very moisturising and makes my skin feel luxuriously pampered and hydrated, while leaving a fresh and comfortable feeling on the skin.

Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturiser

Pump dispensary bottles are the best because they are so ultra convenient!

And if you're wondering how much I use, it's a pump each on my arms, and about 2 pumps each for each leg! (My legs need a lot of moisturizing)

The texture of Jergens Daily Moisture is just right for me! It's rich enough to make me feel like I'm providing my skin with much needed moisture and hydration, but doesn't feel heavy or hard-to-absorb. I also like the light and refreshing fragrance that lingers on my skin after application. My skin looks visibly smoother and more luminous after using Jergens!

Now, you can go beyond simply moisturizing, to achieve your most beautiful skin yet!

The new Jergens body moisturizer range comes in 400ml bottle packs, retailing at S$ 8.90 each at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies, and personal care stores.

If you'd like to give Jergens a try, I've got a special link for you readers where you can redeem for samples:


Confidence from head-to-toe, because beauty is about looking and feeling good ;) And when you take care of yourself and your entire body, you'll definitely be glowing inside-out!


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Bali Mar'15: Yina goes to Bali with Team GetKlarity

Heya everyone!!! Here I am.. Reporting live from Bali, Indonesia! Glad to have the opportunity to do one of my favourite things again: travel, always! All thanks to GetKlarity for sending me over together with them! :)

So some time last week, our co-founder, Joelle, texted me totally out of the blue and the text went like,

"Babe, You wanna go Bali with us? We're gonna go there, book a villa, then work and relax together at the same time! This Sunday we're flying!!!"

WHAT?! Yeap, it was as crazy as that! And of course I said yes! (After consulting the husband.. "Dear can I go to Bali this Sunday with the GK guys? It's for work!!" *bats eyelashes*) I love being part of a start-up. Everyone's just ultra-cool and super spontaneous like that! And that's how I ended up on an airplane to Bali with the rest of Team GetKlarity!
Here's the amazing view from the plane! For my five days in Bali (the rest of the GetKlarity team will be here for ten days, but I gotta get back to real life after five days), I brought along my trusty little Samsung Nx3000 camera to document my adventures, the way I always do.
This is Justin and Joelle being very amazed by the remote function that allows my phone to work as a remote shutter..
..And our self-captured group photo! (Achieved by resting the camera on a random stand and then triggered shutter with my phone.) SUCCESS!
Joelle and I on the car ride to our home for the next 5-10 days...
And the incredible villa that we're calling home!
That's my bedroom right there.
Did I mention that our villa comes with our very own private pool? Ahhhhh such luxury!
Of course I had to take my first OOTD by the pool-side. How picturesque is it? Toooo pretty!!
You might not believe that I captured this on remote shutter mode *points to phone in hand* Hehehe. 
Anirban and Joelle doing a bit of lounging on the comfortable pool-side deck beds! After some housekeeping and stuff, it was time to feed the hungry stomachs!

A recommendation from our villa host got us to Kat's Kitchen, which served up pretty good Thai food!
Back to our villa for some pool and fun times. Sweet, sweet, life. That feeling of just soaking in the cool water with an ice-cold drink in hand under the blazing sun is indescribable!
Pizza for dinner in Bali sounds a little strange, but for less than $20 for two pizzas that fed four of us, I say it's a job well done!
Just in case you think it's all fun and play, it's not! 

 The peeps here at Team GetKlarity are working real hard to bring you GetKlarity, The App as soon as humanly possible, and everyone's really excited to push out the product ASAP! Amidst all the fun times, what's going here are actually intense meetings, discussions and work marathons, because we are truly dedicated to building the best platform that you'll love! The team worked late into the night yesterday, and had a long but fulfilling day! 

Apart from a major bug scare in which a massive beetle landed on my thigh (EEKS!) and didn't want to move away. Fearless bug-slayer Anirban saved the day :D What an eventful time it's been! 

For more updates on GetKlarity in Bali as well as beauty and wellness bites, pop over to GetKlarity's e-magazine right here, guys! Oh, before I forget, don't forget to follow GetKlarity on Instagram at @getklarity for more live updates!! :) 

Gonna go enjoy the rest of my trip now!


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