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Thursday, July 31, 2014

ELLE Weddings: Magazine Feature!

I'm very honoured to be featured in ELLE Weddings (latest issue of ELLE July 2014) with YZ!

There's a short interview on the wedding prep so far, as well as gorgeous photos from our pre-wedding shoot with Kwedding. It's exactly five months to the big day.. Can't believe how fast time is flying by! 

And no, I am so not ready yet!

Enjoy the photos of the spread, cos I personally think the photos are real gorgeous! :D I still owe multiple blog posts on my photoshoot trip boohoo. There's just too much I want to share. How I wish I had some brain-to-computer USB device that allows my computer to download all these information and experiences in my head, into blog posts for me! (Very wishful thinking.)


It is a great blessing to be given such a beautiful feature, so thank you very very much to ELLE Magazine and of course to Nuffnang for liaising this for me!

There's lots more content in the special ELLE Weddings feature, so go grab your issue of ELLE August 2014! ;)


You know, I haven't been on Formspring for the longest time, but I just started a Ask.FM account hehe. Though I'm not too sure if I'll be receiving or replying any questions regularly on Ask.FM, but if you do have any questions for me, you can send me a question on Ask.FM! Though I predict I'm gonna get mostly questions asking about TVD apparel measurements and sizing. I hope my Ask.FM doesn't turn into TVD help desk. Haha.


You know where else to look for me: Instagram and Dayre!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Dear readers,

Yes, I am still alive and well, very much soon!
I haven't been updating frequently because my image hosting website has been so screwy and I haven't been able to upload bulk images and then put them on this website! Which totally sucks. Boohoo. I'd actually uploaded a ton of photos from my Sydney trip, but looks like that'll have to wait til I figure out a solution to my image hosting woes! :(

So life has been pretty busy for me: 2014 has been a hectic ones far, and I've practically been flying overseas every few weeks for one reason or another.. My last trip was to Phuket a week ago, and I am so glad to be back home in Singapore to work work work!

TheVelvetDolls has been back in action for a few months now, and what with my weekly collections, I have been finding it tough to write more frequently on my blog. Also, I have been very active on Dayre and Instagram because I can access those platforms on the go! I wonder if anyone still bothers to read this space :( I'm gonna try to update a bit more cos I don't wanna just see ads on this space, I dislike that as much as I'm sure readers do, despite all the effort I put into writing them.

All that being said, I feel that I couldn't have been more blessed this year, thus far. All is going well, I have had amazing opportunities and doors opened up this year, for instance, my wonderful Nx Traveller Australia photography trip with Samsung Singapore, I was very very honoured to be the only Singaporean blogger to be invited on the trip. I think I learnt so much about photography, and I am also in love with my Samsung NX3000, which I used extensively during the trip (and all the photos below are taken with the Samsung NX3000!)

YZ and I also had the opportunity to travel together again and we had a great experience together in Phuket for a short pre-honeymoon trip, which was really memorable! Our first time flying via business class and staying in such a luxurious villa. Of course, I'll be writing about that soon so stay tuned? :)

For the next couple of months, I'm staying grounded in Singapore because travelling is really taking a toll on my work, I feel like I'm playing a game of never-ending catch up! Let's not even start talking about my wedding prep cos I seriously have been too busy to do much. And flying isn't doing very much for my diet too, I can't believe that YZ lost like 8-9KG with Slim Couture while I was away in Australia last month, in the short span of a few weeks! Now, it's my turn to work doubly hard so that I can achieve as remarkable results as he did. Boohoo. Will update with more details about our progress at Slim Couture next!

At Jayne's wedding last month, I flew back to Singapore just in time to attend her lovely union with Vern! Soooo happy for the two of them.

Doesn't YZ look super dashing now after the weight loss hehehe. For some reason his neck looks longer now!

Taken in Phuket during our shoot there! Lol, you can still see my faint ba guan marks on my arm and back cos of my sessions at Slim Couture.

Some TheVelvetDolls OOTDs: I've been working really hard on new manufactured designs and I have to say that I LOVE how the new website looks so far, as well as all the designs that have been going up these few months! I feel that all the effort I've been putting in is slowly paying off :') TVD has been through quite a fair bit of turbulence especially with the previous website issues, so I couldn't be happier with how the new e-commerce website is working out, it has been quite smooth-sailing so far! *touch wood*

Mesh Panel Top in White (M)
Raphael Graphic Midi in Fuchsia (M)

Graffiti Art Romper in Black (M)

Midnight Run Jumpsuit in Black (M)
Tropic Isle Midi in Black Floral (M)

Brushed Hibiscus Tee
Adela Petal Skorts in Black (M)


I feel that bloggers have been getting a lot of flak recently from the general public. It's pretty sad cos to me, my blog has always been a personal space for me to share what I love, for myself, and for anyone who would find my sharing informative, interesting, or useful. To me, it's never a game of popularity or numbers, though that inevitably came into the picture when blogging turned commercialized. Nonetheless, I hope that at the end of the day, I'll just be able to do what makes me happy, and be happy doing what I love :) I'm not ranting or anything of the sort, because like I said, I think that life has treated me incredibly well this year, and I am so very grateful for it!

Thank YOU too, if you've been reading this space, which has connected me in so many ways to kindred spirits around me.


Til the next entry, toodles!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Review: EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55

Hello everyone!

I haven't been sharing much about beauty/skincare products for awhile, not just because I've been lazy (really!) but mostly due to how I have been keeping things VERY simple these days. Since I had that major outbreak last year, I've been very careful about what I put on my face, and also I try my best not to apply heavy makeup unless I really have to.

My daily routine now only consists of like 3/4 steps: wash face, slap on skincare, and most importantly: apply sunscreen!

I've said it once and probably said it a million times. Sunscreen is possibly the very most important step of your skincare routine that you should NEVER skip, especially in our sunny and hot climate, when the sun is relentlessly beating down on you every single second and minute that you're out in the sun! 

You also need to be protected from damaging UVB and UVA sun rays, not just because they'll burn your skin and cause aging, but sun damage can even lead to skin cancer! It is really that important to protect yourself from the sun.

I'd like to introduce the latest sunscreen that I've been using: EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55 PA++!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I attended an EVERSOFT White skincare workshop with some other lovely ladies last Sunday, which was when I got to experience and learn about the new EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55 PA++.

Boy, it was a really informative session for everyone!

We learnt a lot about the importance of sun protection, with tips shared by beauty experts on what SPF, and the difference between UVA (A stands for aging) and UVB (B stands for burning). I also learnt an interesting fact: sun damage actually accounts for 80% of your skin-aging, from wrinkles to sun spots and all other signs of skin aging! This should tell you how important sun protection is already!

Psst, it's not enough to just have a sunscreen with SPF protection! It doesn't mean much if there is no broad spectrum protection with UVA/UVB protection!

Here's the fun part: Juli, Silver, Jessica and myself got to share tips and tricks at the workshop too.. on how to take good selfies! :D I was demonstrating on how hiding part of your face strategically with your hair can help to give the appearance of a smaller face.. :X

Us girls with the team at EVERSOFT!

Of course, selfie-taking tips aside, we all know that having healthy and fair skin is most important when it comes to looking good, be it in person, or taking selfies and photos of yourself. There's only so much that good angles or filters can help to improve your looks, if you don't take care of your skin properly, and here is where sun protection comes in!

To check out more photos from the event checkout the #EVERSOFTWHITESG tag on Instagram!

Introducing the new EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55, which not only provides high and long-lasting protection against UVA and UVB, it also aids in skin lightening at the same time! :)

EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55 is also enriched with EVERSOFT White’s breakthrough formulation – Radiant-Gene Activator - a potent complex of Sakura Leaf Extract and Lipo Vitamin C that activates lightening at the heart of your skin cells - giving you fairer, suppler and radiant skin.

 The new product comes in a handy and sleek white bottle that can be easily brought out in your handbag for reapplication throughout the day.

My favourite part about the EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55 is the lightweight and shine-free formulation! It blends easily on the skin, without leaving any white cast.

When it's blended out on the skin, you can barely see anything left! I also like how it dries to an almost silky consistency that is non-sticky or greasy. That's one of the most important attributes that I look for in a sunscreen, apart from having at least SPF50 protection. I just dislike that eery, sticky feeling on my face, it makes me feel paranoid and uncomfortable about my skin getting clogged by too many products.

Apart from protecting me from the sun, I love that EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55 also has additional ingredients to help lighten my skin at the same time too! Yay to protection and lightening at the same time! :D

EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55 (35ml) is retailing at $19.90 at leading supermarkets, hypermarket and selected personal care stores! :)

By the way, there is also an entire range of EVERSOFT White products that will complement EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55 in giving you fair and radiant skin! I also got to try some of these products during the workshop and my top picks are the BB Cream and Day Cream.


Especially for my readers, I'm sure you'd be interested to redeem free samples of EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55 for yourself!

Here's how: 
Just follow these instructions!

The 1st 100 readers to email the below details to will receive a sample size of EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF 55!

i. Name
ii. Address 
iii. Contact no.
iv. D.O.B. v. 
Answer to “What attributes do you look for when you purchase a sunscreen lotion?” 


Remember to keep yourself protected from the sun everyday!


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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Philosophy: New Flagship Store & Peel Cabin Experience!

I'm glad that philosophy has become so accessible in Singapore, with a brand new flagship store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre!

If you are new to the brand, philosophy is the trusted beauty confidante that offers efficacious skin care products, bath, body and fragrances to help women look, live and feel their best. 

Because philosophy believes that beauty lives inside of every woman, we want to inspire beautiful skin as well as beautiful days. Founded in 1996, philosophy is part of the coty inc. prestige portfolio with headquarters in phoenix and new york.

I was invited down to philosophy at Takashimaya Shopping Centre for a very special experience: the flagship store features its very first exclusive peel cabin in Singapore, where you can get up-close and personal with philosophy, and experience their famous breakthrough range of peels and get personalised treatments!

The sleek looking store is based on a library theme to entice customers to enter the wonderful world of philosophy!

Psst.. This is philosophy's latest product: time in a bottle, and it is super amazing!

philosophy has a huge range of skin care products, bath, body and fragrance to help women look, live and feel their best :) I love the way philosophy takes such an approachable attitude towards beauty by wrapping scientifically-proven ingredients with insight and inspiration, with their inspirational names and motivational quotes!

Thanks to the lovely team at philosophy for treating us to sweet bites!

My best buddy Evonne and I with our favourite products: hers is time in a bottle and mine is hope in a jar!

We took a Fuji instax with our favourite products and this instax is gracing the wall at Takashimaya's philosophy store.. Go check it out! :P

On to my experience at philosophy's exclusive peel cabin, located right inside the Takashimaya Shopping Centre flagship store!

My 20 minute peel experience started with cleansing and skin diagnosis..

You'll get to know more about your skin during the skin diagnosis session! My skin didn't really have much issues, but was slightly dehydrated and dull.

And after which we moved on to cleansing, with philosophy's very popular purity cleanser!

Depending on your skin concerns, there will be a different peel administered for you. For example, micro delivery peel for anti-aging concerns, micro delivery triple-acid brightening peel for pigmentation concerns, etc. 

I was given the microdelivery peel! This is another of philosophy's star products, and I highly recommend that you try it!

The microdelivery peel is a two-step, in-home peel that resurfaces and rejuvenates sun-damaged, hyperpigmented and ageing skin. the kit includes vitamin c/peptide crystals and lactic/salicylic acid activating gel.

Step 1: Apply a teaspoon amount of Vitamin C peptide crystals to clean, dry skin. gently massage for 60 seconds, avoiding the eye area. Do not scrub. (Use less pressure for sensitive skin.)

Step 2: Place a generous teaspoon amount of lactic/salicylic acid activating gel in the palm of your hand. Apply on top of crystals, avoiding the eye area. a warming sensation will occur. white foam will appear. leave foam on 2-3 minutes. (you can massage foam for extra exfoliating benefits or let it sit for sensitive skin.) Rinse thoroughly.

Meanwhile, I had a relaxing face and hand massage done for me!

I really enjoy all kinds of massages, so this was a treat!

After the peel has been administered and cleaned off, a facial massage was done too, with when hope is not enough replenishing oil! ( Don't you just love the product name?)

This is a lightweight oil that hydrates dry skin, while helping to protect it against environmental attack. The nurturing formula helps maintain skin's elasticity.

I really liked how the product absorbed into my skin so well! It was a very soothing and comfortable facial massage. I also find that facial massages help a lot with puffy faces due to water retention, which I get frequently ;(

After the facial/hand massage, I then had a treatment serum put on my skin!
Once again, depending on your concerns, different serums will be used. For instance, whine antioxidant for stressed skin, fatigue skin, urban life style, brighten my day essence for dark spots, uneven complexion, miracle worker concentrate to fight lines & wrinkles, full of promise serum for instantlifting & firming and more!

Since I was focusing on anti-aging, I asked for time in a bottle, philosophy's new age-defying serum.

time in a bottle is a daily age-defying serum that helps defy the appearance of all major signs of aging with a breakthrough dna renewal complex and high-potency vitamin c8 activator! 

If you purchase this, you'd see that it comes with a vial of high-potency vitamin c8 activator that has to be mixed into the serum. I like the idea of it being "freshly" activated because that means it is also more effective!

After application of serum, a moisturiser is then applied: I had my favourite hope in a jar oil-free gel! Some other options are miracle worker cream/lotion to fight lines & wrinkles, and full of promise cream for firmness, lifting & face recontours.

The last and final step to protect your skin from the elements: Sun protection! This is an optional step but I chose to have it done because protecting your skin from harmful sunrays is an absolute must!

take shelter has a uva/uvb spf 50pa+++ and is very lightweight too! I've used this sunblock before and I find that it's one of the most comfortable sunblocks that I've tried. It has a non-sticky or greasy texture and feels like nothing at all on the skin!

And that concluded the end of my 20 minutes experience at philosophy's peel cabin!

Right after the peel experience with no make-up on at all: My skin was rejuvenated and hydrated all thanks to philosophy's products!

These are all the products used on me. All of these products are really fantastic!
For more information on the products used, you can visit!

Close-up of my skin. It was practically glowing, teehee. Please ignore the dark eye rings which nothing can cure :(

Thank you philosophy, for the wonderful experience!

Quote “Yina” to receive an exclusive 5% off your purchases and flash this post to redeem a 3pc skincare sample! :)

philosophy is also available at Bugis Junction #01-16, Tangs Orchard L1 and all Sephora outlets.

Do check out philosophy's brand new flagship store, and even experience the peel cabin for yourself when you purchase a minimum $180 worth of philosophy products*!! Do also visit philosophy's Facebook page to keep yourself updated on their activities and promotions!

Remember, beauty lives inside of every woman! With philosophy, you'll have both better skin and better days ahead ;)


*valid only at Takashimaya S.C. #B2-03A
© Yina Goes

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