Weight Loss: Slim Couture Update + Before-And-After!


My first blog post of the year.. It’s 2014 already! D: D: D: Secretly happy for 2014 because counting down today, it’s exactly 365 days to my wedding day!! 

So to start the year off well, my first blog post is gonna be about.. WEIGHT LOSS! 🙂

This is a follow-up to my previous post about TCM slimming with Slim Couture, earlier in November of last year! Since then, I’ve received quite a number of inquiries from readers asking how the treatments have been, and most importantly of all, what have the results been like.

Slim Couture TCM Slimming


TCM Slimming at Slim Couture and how it works

I have explained a little about TCM slimming in my previous post, but to recap, TCM slimming therapies target fats by stimulating the acupuncture points and unclogging the meridians – commonly known as the natural energy pathways of the body. This helps to increase the body’s metabolism of fats, which in turn transforms into energy for the body’s consumption and is dispelled.

You can actually read more about TCM slimming on Slim Couture’s website here.

Slimming with TCM methods is not just effective and safe, it is also healthy for your body! This was one of the main factors that actually motivated me to take up this slimming treatment, because I truly believe in the holistic approach that Slim Couture takes.


How are the treatments like? Are they painful? Does it leave any marks? 

Slim Couture TCM Slimming
What the treatment room looks like.. A relaxing spa room!

One of the most pressing questions most people have asked me is about the actual treatments themselves, and whether they are painful. As I’ve mentioned previously, Divine Slim (that’s the treatment name!) at Slim Couture makes use of both Gua Sha (scraping) and Ba Guan (cupping) on the entire body. Each session takes about 1 hour 15 minutes, and basically, a skilled therapist will perform Gua Sha and Ba Guan, on your thighs, calves, back, arms, hips and stomach.

Gua Sha involves repeated pressured strokes over lubricated skin with a smooth edge, while Ba Guan uses vacuum created in cups placed on the skin to apply suction/pressure on the body.

Everyone’s individual pain threshold varies, and for me, I had no issues with the Ba Guan at all, but found Gua Sha painful on certain parts of my body, such as sensitive areas of my thighs and arms. Yes, it can hurt when you’re doing it (Out of 10, I’d rate the pain factor around 7? Painful but bearable) but it only lasts for that few seconds when that particular area is being targeted, and the pain is quickly over. Gua sha can even feel very soothing on certain areas like my stiff shoulders and upper back, and I enjoy having those areas scraped with Gua Sha! 😀

So I’m not gonna lie to you. YES, it may hurt for some parts, but honestly, I think the pain is pretty worth it!

The Ba Guan and Gua Sha may also leave marks on your body (Ba Guan leaves little circular cup marks, while Gua Sha leaves bruises on my arms and thighs sometimes), which can be easily covered up with a long-sleeved cardigan and pants.


How many treatments do you have to do to achieve results?

Once again, the number of treatments recommended varies from person to person, depending on how much weight you need to lose. For me, I went for 16 sessions initially, and requested for an additional 4 sessions afterwards because I wanted to see better results.

You need to go for two sessions every week, so the standard is about a 6-week treatment programme. That’s actually only one and a half months, which is amazingly short when you see the kind of results you can get! For those who only need to lose some unwanted flabs here and there, there’s also a 4-session and 8-session programme!


You mentioned about a special diet. What’s the diet like, and is it really hard to follow? Do you need to exercise?

YES. The diet part. Of course, everyone should know that diet plays a major major role when it comes to weight loss! And for TCM slimming at Slim Couture, you’d need to follow to a special diet as closely as possible, to help your body detoxify and lose fats faster. The entire list of what’s allowed and what’s not is pretty extensive, so let me just simplify it for you and give you a rough idea of the diet.

It’s pretty much common sense: No carbs (this includes rice, noodles, bread etc) no processed food (no cakes, cookies, potato chips or other junk food) and lots and lots of healthy fruits, veggies and lean meat.

Fatty red meat like pork and beef are not advisable, so only lean white meat like chicken and fish are recommended.

Certain fruits that are very high in sugar like mango and longans etc are to be avoided, and fruits high in fibre like kiwis and dragon fruit are encouraged!

You also shouldn’t drink soup cos of the high sodium content that will lead to water retention. (I had trouble with this at first because I love drinking soup and I always thought it was healthy!! Guess I thought wrong. But I got used to not drinking so much soup after awhile, which is good for me!)

So basically, I still got to eat three meals a day, which is awesome!! It’s not like a starvation diet or anything. However, you should be eating about 70% full at every meal, so no over-eating or stuffing yourself!

While doing TCM slimming at Slim Couture, you’re also encouraged to snack on cherry tomatoes, which will help to keep you full and at the same have got tons of health benefits as well. (PS. My favourite brand of cherry tomatoes now is Genting Garden, Cherry Honey Tomatoes! Really sweet and juicy!)

My daily diet plan went something like this:

Fruits for breakfast (usually I have dragon fruit, strawberries, kiwis or blackberries!)

A box of cherry tomatoes as a snack half an hour to one hour later

Lean meat and veggies (could be chicken rice chicken without the rice, and extra veggies, or sliced fish soup with extra fish slices, or even a quarter roast chicken with salad on the side)

Another box of cherry tomatoes as a snack half an hour to one hour later

Something light like stir-fried veggies or even more fruits!

On days that I have dinner appointments and stuff, I usually swap my lunch and dinner around, but it’s better to keep your meats/protein to lunch so that you can digest it better.

Of course, I didn’t follow to this diet 100%.. I had too many other commitments like events and etc 🙁 Plus don’t forget that I even travelled overseas to Hong Kong too when I was on the programme! Not advisable by the way. Yikes. Before my period came, I also had severe PMS symptoms (super hungry all the time) so I ate more then!

Being on a “diet” doesn’t sound as bad as it is, really. You can still eat lots of yummy food!! Dining out isn’t a problem because most places serve fish and chicken, no issues at all. Plus, you’re gonna be eating really healthy foods so you’ll feel really good! No constipation, indigestion, belatedness or any issues like that. Really!

Oh oh oh, my favourite part of Divine Slim is… YOU DON’T NEED TO EXERCISE! Lol. Been really lazy recently, plus I don’t want to get tanned (means no jogging in the day time) so no exercising is great!! The theory is that you don’t want to build bulky muscles while trying to slim down, which is why hardcore exercising is not advisable. Exercises like yoga and pilates are fine!



The most pressing question that was asked, naturally.

I was quite amazed myself with the results, really! Every single session, your measurements, weight, fat percentage and all that are ALL taken down and recorded without fail, so you can see your progress along the way! I think this is really good because you get guidance every single step of the way from your therapists.. It helps to keep my diet and eating habits in check so that I don’t fall out of line!

For instance, if my fat percentage went up, my therapist would ask me what I ate, and then advise me on what I should do to get better results. For example, drink more water, eat my dinner earlier, stuff like that!

I think this is pretty brave of me, but I really want this to be as comprehensive a review as possible, so I’m gonna share some before-and-after photos, as well as the measurements/weight loss.

The before set of pictures was taken when I started my first session on the 17th October, and the second set was taken on the 23th December, when I went back for a review. Totally unedited. Please don’t be shocked, I have a small face and skinny wrists and calves, but I am really not slim even though I look like I am 🙁

Before And After Pictures

Slim Couture TCM Slimming

I’m intentionally keeping this photo low-res, as I’m sure you understand that the pictures are quite revealing and I don’t want high-res pictures of these being circulated around.

Some close-ups as well..

Slim Couture TCM Slimming

Flatter tummy!

Slim Couture TCM Slimming

My waist is more defined, you can see how it cuts in under my ribs instead of just sloping outwards, and the bulging muffin top is definitely less visible.

Slim Couture TCM Slimming

Back fats are SO much less obvious!!

Slim Couture TCM Slimming

My butt and thighs are smaller too!

In two months, I lost FOUR kilograms, as well as total inch loss of 33cm4cm each off my arms, 9cm off my waist, 5.5cm off my hips, and 5.5cm each off my thighs!

Most apparent of all from the photos, is the significant reduction of my back fats.. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW MY BACK FATS WERE SO BAD IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

I was honestly quite shocked myself to see the pictorial evidence. I intentionally wore the same bra so that the pictures are more consistent, and you can see that the bra fats are almost gone!

Although I only managed to lose 4kg, I am really pleased with the loss in measurements!! I can feel that my shorts that were showing off a muffin top on me previously are much more comfortable now! And my thighs are really smaller D:

My waist is also more defined now, with the biggest loss of 9cm, that’s like 3 inches! Also, my cellulite has also reduced, and it’s pretty obvious especially on my thighs/butt. Thigh gap is a lil more obvious now too! Yay!

So did it work? I’d definitely say YES!!!

Like I mentioned, I wasn’t as disciplined with the diet as I should have been, and probably the results could have been even better, had I done so! But even with all the diet “side-tracking” I did whilst on the Divine Slim programme at Slim Couture, I think the results have still been very impressive. After all, it’s not just about the weight loss, but about achieving a better silhouette and better proportions, which I really did!

I still remember the first time I stepped into Slim Couture and Joanne, one of the two pretty bosses, had a look at me. She went so far as to say “Wah… Your body really doesn’t do your face justice!” Geez, damn depressing to hear that can. But I’m glad that after my sessions at Slim Couture, I feel that my silhouette and proportions have seen marked improvement already!

If you’re still not convinced, just go and take a look at Slim Couture’s Facebook page, there are so many testimonials and before/after photos on their page!

Here’s a couple to show you: I personally think the before/after photos are incredible!

Slim Couture TCM Slimming

Weight loss of 9.1kg and an overall inch loss of 33.4cm

Slim Couture TCM Slimming

Weight loss of 7.2kg and an overall inch loss of 41.2cm

Weight loss of 10.6kg and inches loss of 46.5cm

Slim Couture prides itself in providing 100% results guaranteed weight loss solutions.. There is a money-back return policy, but NO ONE has ever asked for their money back/not seen results with Slim Couture! I’m not surprised, because they are really a dedicated team, and each and every specialist are all very devoted to helping us, their clients, reach our desired target!

What I really appreciate about Slim Couture is that they don’t give false promises and have already-slim celebrities endorsing their services, or airbrushed and photoshopped advertisements, or other marketing gimmicks like that. They only get customers via recommendations/word-of-mouth, and and every testimonial you see on their Facebook page is a real-life customer who has seen results!

Yes, their bodies are not perfect (and mine isn’t either, by any means) but we are all real people with real bodies, just like you are!


Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve been posting more OOTDs on Instagram lately.. Because I feel a lil more confident about how I look in clothes now! It may not seem like much, but the difference is really visible to me. I no longer have to be so conscious about picking clothes that hide my unproportionate and fat areas, like my flabby tummy and waist, my love handles etc.

Upcoming embossed garden embroidery dress from TheVelvetDolls, love it!!

Embossed Tee Top with Cally Trumpet Skirt 😀

Upcoming flutter-sleeved tunic!

Daisies Cropped Top and Quilted Leather Skirt

It feels really good to be a little lighter, a little less flabby, and to feel more confident about how I look! I haven’t felt so comfortable with my body for a long while now.


Back to Slim Couture.. Here’s a few last questions that have been asked by readers!

How much do the treatments at Slim Couture cost? Are there any instalment plans?

Each session costs $200, so for a typical 12-session programme, it will be $2.4K, with NO hidden costs. There are no instalment plans available, so it has to be paid upfront.

It sounds like it’s very pricey, but for something that’s results guaranteed, I think it’s a worth-while investment. Any kind of slimming programmes at big slimming companies can cost between 5K to 10K, and they are all so gimmicky! I’ve known friends who’ve paid thousands to such slimming companies but didn’t see any results. 


What’s the waiting time like to start treatment at Slim Couture?

I’ve heard that slots are pretty full right now, but the current waiting time to start treatment after consultation is 1-2 weeks! Once you get your slots fixed, you usually stick to the same timings every week, which will always be available for you. 

For instance, I went for my sessions at 5PM every Monday and Thursday. If I wasn’t able to make it for a session, I’d let my therapist know beforehand, so that we could re-schedule for a different timing/day. They are really flexible! 🙂


Will my weight bounce back after ending the programme at Slim Couture? What happens after that?

Well.. It’s only been a couple weeks since I ended my programme, so I can’t really answer that yet! From what my therapists as well as previous customers have told me though, your weight will NOT bounce back when you finish the programme and end the diet, but of course, don’t binge and eat all the bad food lah! Remember to eat in moderation, and even if you’re taking in carbs and indulging in some treats now and then, you shouldn’t be piling back on the weight.

Also, you can sign up for a monthly maintenance programme that will continue to keep your body and system in good shape! The monthly sessions will ensure that your metabolism and circulation is still working well and remains healthy.


I think that about sums up my experience with Slim Couture.. It has been a really great experience at Slim Couture, and I have been recommending Slim Couture to my friends already! 

Trust me, the therapists are all very nice ladies who are so encouraging and friendly, and they will not hard-sell you any packages or push you into paying more to extend your package or anything. They are sincerely there to help us girls achieve what we wish for most: a svelte and slim figure!

Slim Couture is located at:

China Square Central

18 Cross Street, #02-06

China Square Central 

Singapore 048423

Hotline: (+65) 6536 8586

Email: askexperts@slim-couture.com

Slim Couture’s website

Slim Couture’s Facebook page


For those of you who are struggling with weight loss like I am and think you might want to give Slim Couture a try, I do encourage you to go down for a consultation, the folks there are really not pushy at all, don’t worry! You can then decide if this is the treatment for you. 

Especially for readers, Slim Couture is also offering something special: just quote my name Yina Goh and they’ll be throwing in complimentary body wraps worth $59.90 each to complement the TCM slimming! 😀 This promotion is only valid til 31 January 2014.

If you have any more inquiries that I can be of help in replying, just leave me a comment below and I’ll do my best! 🙂

This year is gonna be a pretty important year for me.. I officially have one year’s time to look good for my wedding day! Haha. In fact, I may be going back again to Slim Couture this year: to work on targeted area slimming that Slim Couture also offers! I still need a lot of help in the figure department before my big day in exactly one year’s time.. 😛

So I guess my New Year’s resolution this year is to slim down (REALLY, no more say say only).. Who’s with me on this 2014 resolution? Let’s work hard together to lose weight, healthily and happily!




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