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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 23/24: I am a cow/The green-eyed monster

Day 23 : I am a cow

Dear Dayre,

I had a damn long day today cos I was up at like.. 6am? Couldn't get back to sleep so I figured I'd just wake up and get some work done before event at 9.15am!

The event was at Keppel Bay, which is like damn far away and inaccessible, especially during peak hour in the morning wtf. Thank God I had YZ to drive me over if not I don't know what if have done!!

Had the company of two pretty girls @melissackoh and @mongabong at the event yay! Went for brunch together at Prive just downstairs before Mel gave me a lift back home so that I could grab my stuff before running outta the house again for my voice lesson.

We made use of the super nice scenery to take OOTDs and all three of us took our pictures at the same spot hahahaa. Anyways, just launched this dress on #thevelvetdolls!! Super festive, perfect for CNY

It was cold today so I pulled on a scarf and luckily I did cos it remained so chilly and windy throughout the entire day!

After voice lesson, I went back to Alexandra area around because of a briefing/training for this Saturday's ELLE Spectre Tea with HP Event! Gonna be giving tips and guiding y'all on how to use Lightroom to do color editing and batch processing etc, so it's gonna be fun I think!! @evonnz, @beatricesays and @withlovetricia are gonna be there too!

Our session ended at 6 ish and I headed to dinner with Evonne and Tricia at Holland V.
Ended my day with churros from Churrosity: they were not too bad!

I've been feeling abit under the weather lately.

I think it's partially cos of PMS (though my period is not supposed to be here for another two weeks but my boobs are HUGE and feel sore: TMI for the guys sorry!)

And also my appetite has been humongous and ever since YZ and I broke our 5-day fast I've been eating like nobody's business and feeling terribly lousy about it.

Also possibly cos of stress over work during this CNY period and various other factors.

I just don't feel good about myself. I feel disgusted with how fat I am, and how ugly I look. Put on a lot of makeup also feel like shit.

YZ keeps on assuring me that I look just fine, but I hate hate hate how I'm feeling about myself right now

Been feeling so unhappy with little things like when I went to do my eyelash extensions and nails especially for CNY I feel so sucky even though they were both well-done.

Like for instance I asked for blue and pink lash extensions at the end of my eyes like how I tried before previously and I thought they were super nice the last time I did them? But this time I just feel really meh about it.

And I spent so long deciding on my nail art during my nail session and the outcome is really very pretty but I ended up sort of regretting not doing the other design I had in mind..

Seriously don't know why I'm so affected!

Yesterday I went for fitting at G2000 for Saturday's event with Tricia, and I felt really shitty about myself too. This Tricia is so freaking tiny that G2000's smallest size was loose on her?!

I had a hard time picking my clothes too, obviously not cos I was too tiny for them (Ha ha I wish) but cos I felt that I didn't look nice in them at all. I felt so ugly and fat in all the clothes I tried on

In the end I picked three items after much deliberation, one blazer, one knit sweater and one long sleeved blouse, cos at least they can hide my fats.

I feel so stressed because I'm not skinny and pretty. And I feel like a disgusting and fat piece of lard

On a funny note, mummy made me look through some unwanted stuff for spring cleaning when I got home and I found these photos that I stashed away many years ago cos I couldn't bear to see how fat I looked back then.

Thankful that I look slightly better now, but I'm feeling the exact same way right now, full of self-loathing and disgust for myself and how I look. Tried to take so many shots for ootd today but I looked like a cow. I hate it.

Somemore I'm going to get married in less than a year's time. Was complaining to YZ that the men don't have it so bad cos all they have to show are their faces. Whilst for us girls we can't hide anything in a wedding gown except maybe chunky thighs or something.

Doesn't help that I'm always surrounded by skinny and pretty girls. My life sucks.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this feeling sucks :(

Sorry you had to read my superficial rant.

Just one of those days.

I know I need to stop whining, and just friggin do something about it! Grrrrrr.


Day 24 : The green-eyed monster

Dear Dayre,

I woke up before six am (again?!) and couldn't get to sleep, so here I am, "cheating" by turning my phone clock back to Friday so I can update on the "right" day..

Posted this on Instagram with a nice quote and caption:

Because all my friends are very cute.

Everyone was very concerned after reading my emo Dayre post yesterday and some texted me to make me feel better, and when I stepped into my supplier's just now to pass them cakes I got for them from Audacious, my girlfriends all came to hug me and comfort me!

Like cell group like that Awww!!

But I can feel their sincerity and love one.

“People who are attracted to you because of your pretty face and nice body won't be by your side forever. But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you.”

So about the quote: you know I hardly do all these *insert quote and act wise* kind of stuff but I totally feel this quote!!

Next time I feel sucky about myself, I'll just have to remind myself again that I'm beautiful on the inside (this sounds damn corny but ok) AND also outside. Beauty is in imperfection yah! *自我安慰*

And all my friends are like "You just need to stop hanging out with bloggers all the time. Hang out with us more." LOL I'm sorry but this holds some truth to it.

My really close blogger friends aside, (I mean, not that I'm not envious of them at times, but I'm really comfortable with them and I know they don't judge me and I don't have to act perfect in front of them) sometimes when you see how perfect and amazing all these people are portraying themselves on Instagram and blogs and social media and what not, it's really difficult not to start looking at your self and your life, and making unfair comparisons against all these "perfect" beings out there.

It's also known as "Insta-envy", and this can be really, really toxic.

I love social media to pieces, and I adore sharing on social media, but it's the truth; everyone will always showcase the best part of themselves and their lives for public appreciation, cos that's how things work.

Eat pretty cake, post on Instagram. Take pretty photo, post on Instagram. Aiya you know what I mean. And I'm like that too!

Just remind yourself once awhile that no one is perfect. Everyone's life looks better on social media.

Like YZ and I are perfect couple 101 in this shot. But noooo, we also argue and quarrel sometimes, I always fart in his presence and he always needs reminders from me to trim his nostril hair.

What you see is NOT what you get.

A super chio effortless OOTD probably took 1000 shots (like what @tippytap always says haha). A tableful of beauty products sent to my doorstep looks gorgeous, but you dunno man, doing beauty reviews can be a bitch! Put on makeup just to take photo and write review, then wash off.

Face look super flawless on instagram, but you know it's all 美图秀秀 and 1000 different photo filters and apps.


Like for instance I really want to sleep now cos I need to teach at 12 and after that I have event in the afternoon and dinner party at night and I need more sleep but I'm here waxing lyrical on Dayre...

All I want to say is!

My friends are right! I need to stop comparing myself with others out there and instead GET A LIFE, spending real quality time with friends I love, being happy doing what I enjoy and focusing on what really matters!

Technology was invented to connect people. Let's stop comparing and start connecting.



Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tea Time at The Audacious Bakery

The Audacious Cakery review

Happy Sunday to all!

Got back abit of my blogging mojo teehee so I wanted to do a short entry before the feeling dies haha. It's been a pretty mundane past couple of weeks, work work, some events, meeting YZ when he's not busy at work and all that. I've been feeling a bit down in the doldrums recently (blogged on Dayre, but perhaps I'll post my entries up here later) so a nice Friday date with YZ was exactly what I needed to cheer up!

YZ's been mad busy with work, which is good, cos he's in real estate and if you're not busy, your business probably won't be in very good shape for that month.. I had to make an appointment with him and remind him to put it down in his schedule!
The Audacious Cakery
The kind folks at The Audacious Cakery invited us over for a tasting session, and I was pretty excited for some yummy cakes! Diet's on hold for now haha until CNY feasting is over :P

The Audacious Cakery review
The Audacious Bakery isn't located near my hood but the location is pretty central, it's a less than 10 minutes walk away from Outram Park MRT, in the cosy and quaint estate of Everton Park.

Don't be surprised to see such a hipster cake cafe right on the ground floor of Blk 2 Everton Park, there are even other hipster cafes too like The Provision Shop a few doors down! Common Man Coffee Roasters and Grin Affair are nearby too!

The Audacious Cakery is very small and with a clean, minimal interior decor. It only sits perhaps 8-10 seats inside the cafe, and another 4 outside, so it is not for large group gatherings! Best for intimate sessions of perhaps 2-4 people.

The Audacious Cakery review
The huge display was very enticing once we stepped into the place, with rows and rows of pretty cakes!

The Audacious Cakery review
I love this quote on the wall :)

The Audacious Cakery review

The Audacious Cakery review

The Audacious Cakery review
There are cakes, tarts, and also cupcakes available at The Audacious Cakery.

The Audacious Cakery review

The Audacious Cakery review

The Audacious Cakery review

The Audacious Cakery review
Couldn't resist snapping away haha you know pretty desserts always look so mouth-wateringly good!

Psst. Spot my blue and pink lash extensions? Got them done at Graceous, especially for CNY!

With my dear! So hard to date him out. He's always rushing off to make long phone calls or head for work appointments in the middle of our dates! Good thing I'm a very understanding partner :P

I also asked Jess along for the tasting session, and together with Nic (who was handling the PR and marketing for Audacious Cakery) we practically ordered every single item on the menu to try!

The Audacious Cakery review
Like I mentioned on Dayre, make sure your food presentation is Instagram-worthy, and that's half the battle won! Lol. The power of social media nowadays. Everyone loves a pretty photo of food! The Audacious Cakery certainly scores full points on presentation.

The Audacious Cakery review

The Audacious Cakery review

The Audacious Cakery review
A couple of shots before we tucked into all those yummy and pretty cakes!

The Audacious Cakery review
We tried SOOO many cakes that I can tell you exactly which are my recommended favourites out of everything!!! I'm sorry I don't have "solo" shots of these champions, but they definitely won't be easy to miss when you are at the shop!

Lemon Meringue Tart $5.80
Luscious tangy lemon tart made with French churned butter on a biscuit base

This was pure addictive stuff! A very tart and sour lemon filling (it was a little sweet for me but was thankfully balanced out by the sourness) with a buttery and crunchy biscuit base! The biscuit base is quite hard, not the soft crumbly type, and complemented the lemon filling perfectly. My favourite out of everything!

Strawberry Shortcake $6.80
Made with fluffy white sponge, layered with succulent strawberries and luscious vanilla cream

You can't go wrong with strawberries really! It's light, easy on the palate, and deliciously fluffy! I wouldn't mind having a little more sponge cake in this one but it was very yummy.

Monsieur $8.80
Valrhona chocolate mousse infused with Gentleman Earl Grey leaves with feulletine base

For the chocolate lovers! The first taste of this cake is intense, rich, and chocolatey, and I'm certain that the chocolate lovers would be delighted with this. Personally, I found it very rich and a couple forkfuls of this was sufficient to give me my dose of chocolateyness. Recommended for sharing!

Faith $6.80
Japanese green tea and fragrant black sesame mousse on a green tea sponge

There was mixed opinions on this, but most of us really liked the combination of matcha together with sesame, the texture and flavour wasn't too heavy but just right! I liked it that it wasn't too sweet either.

Matcha Cupcake $3.50
Green tea cupcake with matcha butter cream dusted with green tea powder and white chocolate curls

The Matcha cupcake seemed rather unassuming at first but its taste really grows on you! It had a smooth matcha flavour with no bitter aftertaste, and the texture of the cupcake was crumbly and soft at the same time. Good stuff!

Aside from cakes, The Audacious Bakery also serves a pretty decent coffee, and offers tea from TWG to complement their cakes! A cup of nice hot tea really washed the cakes down nicely.

The Audacious Cakery review
I enjoyed the cakes so much, I had to take-away some for my girls at work and in the office! :)

The Audacious Cakery review
A very content Friday afternoon! :D It's been some time since we properly went out on a "date"!


The Audacious Cakery

Blk 2 Everton Park
Singapore, Singapore 081002 
(5- 8 mins walk from Outram Park MRT Station) 

Operating Hours 8:00PM to 7:00PM


Mesh Panel Top upcoming on TheVelvetDolls
Tweed Flare Skirt in Wine from TheVelvetDolls
Sam Edelman gold-capped loafers from OnPedder


I had to take this outfit shot right on the doorstep of my dear friend, who grew up a hipster in the shophouses of Everton Park! Really very cool. I wish my front door looked as nice as this!

And now, it's just five days to go to CNY! I'm looking forward to and dreading CNY at the same time. Looking forward to feasting away and steamboating everyday, not looking forward to meeting unfamiliar relatives, gaining weight, and having a dilemma over dressing up for the season. SIGH!

Well once CNY is over, I can maybe concentrate properly on the losing weight bit :X I'm quite stressed about losing weight in time for the wedding seriously! :( Not gonna think so much about it for now, meh.

Also, one last TheVelvetDolls collection to chiong for this week, with self-collection on Wednesday! Jiayou jiayou!!!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hong Kong January'14: Day 1

Photolog time!

I haven't been too inspired to blog lately because it's been a busy period, I feel like I'm running around trying to get things done everyday!!! Ah well, hope things calm down a little once CNY is over, but there's so much I want to accomplish this year. Nonetheless, I ain't gonna stress myself out cos that won't make anything better haha. I'm best known for staying chill! 

Just thought I'd share some pictures from my Hong Kong trip with the fam from a couple weeks ago, this entry isn't going to be so much informational as much as pictorial, but still!! :) I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Early morning flight at 7am, and we arrived in Hong Kong before noon time.

What a nice sight to see again. Hello Hong Kong!

Lunch at a tiny wanton noodle shop that was sooooo crowded?

The wanton were good but the noodles normal-ish..

No time to waste when it comes to street food! First things first: curry yu dan!

My absolute favourite to have: 恒香老婆饼! Best eaten freshly bought from stores.

Back at Ladies Market, and this time round, we actually did spend quite some time there shopping for random stuff! We got cute luggage tags and my dad bought a cheap jacket. I got a knit snood too for about $12SGD? Because I didn't bring a scarf along and I thought I might need something to keep me snug for when it got chillier!

I remember walking past this a couple of times previously, but decided to join the queue this time! It's like coconut milk plus condensed milk, not really my cup of tea actually.

Because we had a mini bus hired to bring us around, we managed to make a trip down to Stanley Harbour, which is tough to get to via public transport. It had a lovely idyllic and scenic view!

And so so so so so many adorable dogs!!

Especially poodles! Lol.

Found my favourite soft-serve ice cream!

Flower stall at the market, gorgeous blooms!

Stanley Market is really very similar to Ladies Market, but slightly pricier (more expats in this area) so I didn't do any shopping here at all.

This Pekingese was super cute!

There are many pet-related shops, and at Stanley Mall, you can "park" your dogs outside by the corridor when you go inside to shop! Lol. So cute! And the dogs are generally all very well-behaved!

From Stanley Harbour, we stopped over at The Peak next! Timing wasn't ideal because the entire island was very foggy, and the lights weren't up yet so all we saw were buildings obscured by fog...

But still, a family portrait with my loved family! Hehehehe.

We were brought to some Teochew restaurant for dinner, and I wasn't too impressed..

Silly dad and me! Trust me he's normally ten times fiercer than he looks in this picture.

At Victoria Harbour, Avenue of Stars!

We waited and waited for the light show.. But was sorely disappointed because it was very meh! Wasn't impressive at all. The only thing I liked about Victoria Harbour was the chewy smoked squid you can buy from a stall along the harbour!

It just so happened that Gina had a couple of friends staying in the exact same hotel as us, so we made plans to venture out for supper together!

It took us almost an hour (I believe) to locate the very famous Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodles, but they are really a must-try!

Took the MTR to Sheung Wan..

Before trekking uphill to Gough Street!

It was past 10 when we arrived, which was good because the shop wasn't so crowded by then!
However, some of the items on the menu were already sold out :(

Six bowls of piping hot beef brisket soup noodles and beef brisket curry noodles!

In my opinion, the flat yellow egg noodles went very well in the soup, and the beehoon went well with the curry, which was so damn spicy!


Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodles
21 Gough Street
(Nearest MTR: Sheung Wan)

The only recommendation of the entry. Please try those beef brisket noodles if you have time to spare! You know it's good when you get to celebrity-spot: we caught a glimpse of Hong Kong actor 黃秋生 in a car outside!

Okayyyyy end of my short non-wordy entry. I have an event at 9.15am tmr FML.
Good night!


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