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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Nail Artelier: Porcelain Turquoise X White Nails

For someone who usually doesn't give two hoots about her nails, I am SO addicted to the insanely beautiful nails I've come to know and love, with thanks to The Nail Artelier!

Since my previous set of gelish nails were growing out already, I thought it was high time for a new set of nails!

You know how much I adored the previous set of rainbow seashell nails Jenrine did for me, so I was racking my brains to think of a fresh design for the nails that I would love as much, or even more! Looking for nail designs can be such an arduous task. 

Jenrine handed me a towering stack of Japanese nail magazines for inspiration, and I was stuck for a good twenty minutes, pondering over which nail design to pick. What made it even harder was that every single design looked so lovely, and I knew that whatever design I picked would certainly be executed impeccably by skilled Jenrine with utmost precision and artistic flair!

A stack of sample nail art that I flipped through for inspiration... What should I go for, something graphic? Cute? Elegant? Classy? Mod? Endless possibilities!

After much dithering back and forth amongst some shortlisted designs, I finally settled on a white and turquoise nail design that looked clean and fresh! Had a wedding to attend that week, so I thought the white and turquoise colors would look nice and classy for the occasion. We did make some slight modifications to the final design, with both Jenrine's and my input!

It's always a pleasant experience at The Nail Artelier, because I enjoy watching Jenrine work her magic on my nails very much! Jenrine's very meticulous, and you can see that she takes huge pride in her craft. 

I had fun picking out colorful glitter pieces (Jenrine calls them disco balls lol) for my accent nails!

Decided to keep it simple with the pearl white and pale mint ones, they looked so charming together!

The end result.. I couldn't be more pleased with it!! 

We modified the design to something more porcelain and floral looking, and it looked really good in this color combination! The disco ball accent nail gave the nail art an extra dimension whilst Jenrine also added simple and delicate silver embellishments on my ring finger. I thought that the nails turned out GORGEOUS! *hearts* 

You wouldn't believe how intricate the hand-drawn porcelain details are, many of my friends mistook them for nail stickers, because they were so well-done! 

Beautiful, ain't it?

Can't rave enough about Jenrine's exquisite work on my nails! And I'm being really diligent in growing out my nails longer now so that I can make them oval shaped next visit (oval shaped nails are in now!!) :D

Also, Gelish is so awesomely convenient because it dries so quickly and is so sturdy! God-sent for clumsy and rough girls like me. My usual polish manicures usually get smudged and destroyed just minutes after exiting the nail salon! Now, my nails still look amazing after three weeks!

Thank you, Jenrine and The Nail Artelier, for the beautiful nails! xx


The Nail Artelier

48 Haji Lane 
Singapore 189241

Weekdays: Open from 12pm / last appointment at 8pm
Saturdays: Open from 11am / last appointment at 8pm
Sundays: Open from 12pm / last appointment at 6pm

To book an appointment, please call The Nail Artelier at 62988028 during operating hours.
For all other inquiries, please email The Nail Artelier at


Had fun with making an Instavideo again, I think it's really intriguing to see the way the nail art was created! Love them nails!

You know where to go, to get your nails done! :) Only the best at The Nail Artelier!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Selamat Medan! Off to Lake Toba

I previously blogged about Day 1 and Day 2 of our Medan/Siantar trip, so here's the last and final instalment.. Day 3 to Lake Toba!

Lake Toba is actually a very very famous lake/super volcano near Medan, and I had a lot of fun reading up on interesting facts on Lake Toba before we went down! For instance, did you know that Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world? D: 

Because it's a drive away from Siantar, we had to rise with the roosters at 7am! Woke up so groggy and sleepy, but didn't want to miss the opportunity to visit Lake Toba. And our poor bride Vera must have been dead tired after her big day, but she insisted on going along with us aiyo. It was so hard to drag ourselves out of bed but we managed to, eventually! :P

First order of business to be dealt with of course.. Breakfast! Authentic Siantar fare too! :D

Cruised our way along a number of tiny alley ways... To a little shop that sells Siantar's famous Mee Pangsit, their version of dumpling noodles.

Jamie chatting up the shopkeeper! Lol

Pre-breakfast shots!

Breakfast making-in-progress!

Our bowls and bowls of Mee Pangsit :D 

My favourite breakfast food, porridge!

Some tofu and cracker thing?

Our food!

I thought the noodles were springy and good, but the kway tiao version was even better, cos the kuay tiao absorbed the flavours of the dish so well!

Check out all the sleepy faces lol. But very happy to have breakfast!

Our Indon girls and boys arrived shortly, all looking just as tired as us. Hahahaha
Poor things had to wake up so early because they wanted to bring us to Lake Toba! Thank youuuuu we love you!

The drive to Lake Toba didn't take really very long, and we arrived at Lake Toba some time in the early afternoon. It was a gloomy day with some rain though, so the view of the lake and mountains was obscured and wasn't as pretty as we wished. Nonetheless, the lake was magnificent!

Dressed in Lattice Cut-Out Dress in Coral from TheVelvetDolls! Just newly launched today so go and grab it! It's a hot-seller on our KissJane racks and I love it to pieces. Super easy to wear and the material is really fabulous.

The crazy Poh sisters whom we all love. Hahaha

We drove a little further up the mountains to another spot: Niagara Hotel at Lake Toba, where we spent some time frolicking like crazy sheep on the green mountain pastures and taking ten thousand jump shots!

LOVE this shot!

After the short time spent at Lake Toba, we had to return to Siantar to get ready to leave :( Our last meal in Siantar: Babi Panggang (Roast pork)!

The first time I've ever tried Teh Botol! Only in Indonesia~~~ Our Indon hosts laughed at us when we asked what Teh Botol was, lol. It's tea in a bottle and is really tasty!

Yummy Tehbotol!

It's been a long time since I've seen glass bottles of soda water! I'm guessing the younger ones have never even seen soda in glass bottles before!

Our feast for lunch!

The babi panggang was SOOOOOO good! So good that we dabao-ed a packet of it home each, thanks to Papa Ng! ^.^

The end of a good meal, and it was time to return home! :(

And just like that, three days in Medan/Siantar went by in the blink of an eye. Sighhh.. All too soon! The end of our short sojourn and the start of a fresh new chapter in our dear Vera's life.

Abrupt end to the post here, because it's nearly 3AM! It's been almost six weeks since the trip, which is really hard to believe, it feels like it was just a couple weeks ago! :( Time really passes too fast! Happily, I'm leaving on another short little trip next week teehee. This time round for a holiday to Hongkong with YZ and I'm sooooooo excited! :DDDD Can't wait can't wait! But first, I need to get my beauty sleep.

Good night and sleep tight, folks!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lash Extensions Touch-Up at GRACEOUS + TANGS Beauty Treasures Around The World!

It's been quite some time since I first did Japanese eyelash extensions at Graceous! I am now a true convert of their services, and I think you'd understand why too when you read on! :)

During my last visit, I did something slightly different from the regular lash extensions.. I had colored lash extensions done instead of just regular black extensions!

I wasn't too sure about doing colored extensions at first because I felt they might look garish or cheap. But Nao-san showed me some photos as examples and I thought they looked so pretty and delicate! So I decided on doing pink and purple lashes to go with my colorful hair. I mean, since my hair already has got like five colors in it or something. Why not? :D

As with my first visit, Nao-san was so exceedingly gentle that I felt asleep during the session! It was really that comfortable, and a far cry from how I used to have to endure the stench of strong stinging glue during my previous experiences with eyelash extensions. 

In what felt like no time at all, with me pleasantly drifting in and out of slumber, Nao-san had completed her painstaking work on my lashes!

I went slightly longer with the length of the extensions this time, with 10-12mm instead of the 9-11mm I did previously. This added on to the dolly and fluttery effect!

Taken right after the session! If you can tell, the purple and pink lashes are actually at the outer corner of my eyes, and I loved how Nao-san blended the colored extensions in with the black ones! It looked so natural while still adding a pop of pretty colors to my eyes at the same time. I love the way the colored lashes help to accent and frame my peepers!

I took the below photos about 1-2 weeks after the session, and the lashes extensions still look very lush and full! Taken with just base makeup and a very tiny bit of eyeliner on!

Don't the lashes look absolutely natural and gorgeous? I have had tons of people asking if these lashes were real, and some even insisted that they were my real lashes!

I'm really thankful to have found Graceous! The comfort level of every session as well as the prodigious skill of Nao-San are really unparalleled. Not to mention the stunning end results! It's really hard for me to imagine getting eyelash extensions done anywhere else but Graceous now. That is how life-changing my experience at Graceous has been!

It's been more than a month since my last eyelash extensions touch-up at Graceous Salon, and happily enough, my eyelash extensions still look so good and are getting compliments all the time!

In fact, I've been going out bare-faced ever so often ever since my first session at Graceous, all thanks to the magic of the lash extensions which somehow makes even my bare face look somewhat presentable. This has given me so much newfound confidence! Falsies and mascara are now a thing of the past for me, and I can't emphasize on how much convenience and time that has saved me. I can't even be bothered with eyeliner nowadays, teehee.

Strangely enough, even though I do notice strands of lash extensions (and of course my own lashes) falling out from time to time, my lashes still look long and fluttery now, despite being not as lush as full as they were when freshly done. Rather amazing, don't you think? 

Thank you so much, Tomoki-san and Nao-san at Graceous, for this wonderful service!



9 Mohamed Sultan Road 
#03-02 (Attic level) 
Singapore 238959 

Book your appointment with them at +65 6235 6935 or SMS them at +65 8699 6045

GRACEOUS is offering a 20% off your first session with them, you just need to quote my name "Yina" in order to enjoy this 20% off!


Some pictures that I took after a make-over at Shu Uemura's counter at TANGS Beauty! Makeup artist Zita did a "Harajuku" eye makeover for me, and I was utterly blown away with the artistry and proficiency with the bold colors and blending!

PS. See how gorgeous and alluring my eyelashes look, even after one month!

I'm so inspired to experiment with bold colors myself at home! I would never have thought to use yellow, green and blue all together at the same time, but the effect is so stunning! Thank you, Shu Uemura, and Zita!

Interested to get a 15 minute eye makeover at Shu Uemuera too? :)

Here's something exciting to share! If you're a beauty junkie like I am, head down to TANGS Beauty at Tangs Orchard Level 1 for some fun from the 14-31 October, to visit some of my very most favourite brands: Lancome, Biotherm, YSL Beaute, Clarisonic, Shu Uemura, Kiehl's and Armani Prive!

Get a personalised consultation complete with samples at Kiehl's, or the iconic Lancome Aura Service (with their highly famed skincare products and Teint Visionnaire), or even a soothing hand massage at Biotherm!

You'd be set on a marvelous beauty journey of exploration with these brands, with free makeovers, special deals and treats, all at TANGS Beauty!

Visit TANGS Beauty Treasures Around The World website for more information, but I promise you'll have a ball of a time! Do visit all the different brands for a unique experience to get your Beauty Passport stamped for even more fabulous goodies! :D

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