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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review: Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation

Blessed Good Friday, everyone!

Don't you just love long weekends? It's not much of a big thing for me since my weekends are usually packed regardless holiday or not, but it's Easter Weekend, and just the thought of cute bunnies and easter eggs is enough to cheer anyone up ;)

There's much to be thankful for this Easter;
Firstly, my skin has been slowly but surely clearing up... Thank goodness for that! And also to all the helpful readers/followers who have offered their various remedies, tips, or recommended skin doctors to me, thank you so much! ^.^ I'm not sure what I'm doing right, but I think the worst of the breakouts are over, and I'm hoping it stays that way!

Unfortunately though, there's the aftermath to deal with and it ain't pretty :( I'm talking about the scarring and blemishes left behind, as well as bumps and redness and all kinds of marks and imperfections.. Sigh :( But there's nothing I can do but keep my fingers crossed and patiently wait for these scars and blemishes to slowly lighten up over time!

I can't help but to feel self-conscious about how terrible my skin looks.. Can't step out of the house without making sure I cover all those unsightly blemishes! But thankfully, I've found my holy grail foundation, and it's the Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H liquid foundation that promises long wear and comfort with a satin matte finish!

The Lancôme Mat Miracle is housed in a sleek frosted glass bottle with a tinted black cap. It looks similar to the Teint Miracle, which comes in a clear glass bottle and has a transparent cap.

I was matched to shade O-02, which blends into my skin perfectly!

Lancôme Mat Miracle Liquid Foundation is also designed for asian skin, and is non-comedogenic. Good news for me, because I certainly don't wish to aggravate my skin and cause any more breakouts!

The texture of the Lancôme Mat Miracle was much lighter than I expected, as seeing how it is supposed to be long-wearing with heavier coverage! Surprisingly enough, it is a light-weight liquid that is just slightly creamy and blends easily into the skin, feeling like it's barely there at all.

I love the matte satin finish, it looks naturally so without being overly matte (some high-coverage foundations tend to finish off cakey, which is a major turn-off) but gives a smooth, shine-free look to my skin!

If you're wondering how it measures up to Teint Miracle, I find the coverage better than Teint Miracle, which also has a more dewy finish in comparison. It really depends on how much coverage you need, and whether you prefer the matte satin finish of the Mat Miracle or the dewy glowy look the Teint Miracle gives.

One point to note about the Mat Miracle: It only comes with SPF15 which is pretty low, so you definitely want to have on a sunscreen underneath that's at least SPF30!

Although the Lancôme Mat Miracle does pretty well on its own, I still like to set it with some powder, especially when our climate is so hot and humid. The Lancôme Teint Miracle loose powder is the perfect companion to the Mat Miracle liquid foundation, a few pats on the skin with this finely-milled and almost translucent powder and I'm good to go!

The Teint Miracle pressed powder gives a slight shimmer because of light-reflecting particles in it, so it helps to brighten up the complexion subtly as well!


I was introduced to this amazing brush: the Sigma Flat Kabuki F80, and I am totally sold! Previously, I've always applied my liquid foundation with my fingers, but after trying the Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 brush with the Lancôme Mat Miracle, the end result is like OMYYYYGAHHHHH. I am never going back to applying foundation with my fingers again!!

What I do is to pick up a small amount of foundation from off the back of my hand with the brush, then dot it onto my skin and buff gently in small circles. With the brush application, coverage is improved and I get a marvelously flawless finish that manages to conceal most of the redness on my skin, while not looking like I've got heavy makeup on at all!

I got my Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 from Doll To Doll Cosmetics, where it only costs $29.90. The bristles feel luxuriously soft and gentle on my skin and makes me feel like I'm painting my face into a work of art lol! Very decent price for a brush of this quality. Doll To Doll Cosmetics carries quite a wide range of Sigma brushes, of which some are very very popular! Try googling for reviews!

To summarize the above,
Lancôme Mat Miracle Liquid Foundation + Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 + Teint Miracle Pressed Powder = my holy grail combination for that perfect flawless makeup base! It's like magic!

Bare-faced and devoid of make-up:
I wasn't kidding about the blemishes and scars... they are this bad. Depressing, I know. Surprising though, with the brush application method that I've been using, I only use about 1-2 pumps of the Mat Miracle foundation, and it does a pretty good job of evening out my skin tone and concealing the redness!

Of course, I still use concealer over my dark eye rings and some areas that need heavier coverage. I've been mixing the ZA Perfect Fit Concealer together with Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer, because I find the latter a little too thick and pasty on its own. Mixed together with the ZA Perfect Fit Concealer, the consistency is slightly thinner, but still provides the coverage that I need.

After the full works: base make-up, concealer, blusher and some light eye makeup! Of course, good lighting as well. HEHE. Ready to take on the world!

Forget all that crap about beauty coming from within because sometimes, you need to LOOK good to FEEL good. It might sound sad to some, but I enjoy making myself look beautiful with makeup, and why not, when it makes me feel more confident about how I look?

I spent my afternoon at an event in the swelteringly humid weather, and the Lancôme Mat Miracle foundation really lived up to its long-wearing claim, I barely had to touch up/blot at all throughout the day! No doubt about it, it is officially my new favorite foundation!

The Lancôme Mat Miracle retails at SGD $66 and will be available at Lancôme counters island-wide in April.

Perhaps a more extensive review in a future post, with a before/after shot and more pictures of how it held up throughout the day ;)

The event I attended was held at a poolside lounge at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, so EvonneJayneFelicia and myself took the opportunity to take some pretty pictures, despite the crazy weather! :D

Shampoo ad worthy shot, or so I say. Heehee.

Mai lovely Jayne who has since chopped off those feminine tresses.. Still lovely to boot but with more spunk!

Poor Evonne made the mistake of wearing pants. In this insane weather. What's wrong with you woman?!

Dying from heat never mind, still can take chio pictures one!

Such demure, sweet smiles! Awww.

Here's a beautiful group shot of us! Lovely background, despite the haze that has been enveloping the entire island. What's up with the haze, man? Our neighbours burning more forests, again?

So in love with this romper and its exquisite eyelet details. Definitely gonna manufacture something similar for TheVelvetDolls! I adore rompers to bits and pieces! :D

I have also been wearing those Sam Edelman gold capped bling loafers to death, so much that I had to buy another pair of silver bling Toms for those days I don't die die have to wear my gorgeous gold bling shoes just so they last longer. Meh. I know, excuses for buying new shoes, I can think of anything.

Long day ahead tomorrow, because I will be performing at the Esplanade, as part of the SYC Ensemble Singers! We are having a concert in the Recital Studio, for which we have spent hours and hours rehearsing for. Gonna go get my sleep so that I can be all recharged and energizer bunny tomorrow.

Enjoy your Easter weekend! :)


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A little update on life + 三个神经病的 CNY Steamboat!

Hello all! (:

Before someone reports to the authorities for "Missing Girl in Action", NO, I am alive and very well, as those who are following me on Instagram/Twitter would attest to.

It's just that I've been thrown into one of those lull periods of seclusion and have decided to make myself a hermit (well, sort of) and am happily relishing my days of retiring to bed early; well before midnight, mind you, amidst spending time doing everything but blog/work.

Okay okaaay. LOL. I've just been rather extremely lazy, I admit it. But somehow, I feel like I'm taking ownership of my own life again. In the past year, there were periods when I've felt so continually harassed over work and blogging and all my thousand and one commitments, that every waking moment felt like work. I turned on my laptop when I woke up, worked, blogged, edited photos and worked my way until I had to go somewhere else, went back home, and carried on working til it was time to sleep.

It sounds silly, but everything I did had to have some kind of agenda. Going for events? Ok, I'll wear one of TVD's upcoming pieces so that I can hype up the sales a little. If I were heading out for a meal with the boyfriend, I'd think of going somewhere new so that it would mean fresh content for the blog! So on and so forth. It almost became like I was living for the sake of blogging and work, which has got to be extreme irony.

SO. I decided that I needed a change! Of course, I love to blog, and I love TVD, I really do. But this year, I'm gonna have a better work life balance, and not be thinking about work ALL THE DAMN TIME. Because everything I do is almost all related to work. Even the mundane things like putting on makeup, or having a meal. I want to have "off" days when I don't have to think about what to blog next or how to push sales for TVD's next collection. I want to go to bed not thinking about my to-do list, and just enjoy reading myself to sleep with one of my many dog-eared Harry Potter novels.

Thanks to my bad skin condition and other health issues lately, I think I also need to take a step back to look at my life and how I'm treating (or rather, abusing) my body, because health is something that money cannot buy. It's about time I started taking better care of my body! Thus, no more late nights if I can afford it, and I also need to do something about my horrible diet. More greens! Less meat, less junk and less sugar! Regular meals!

Still, don't worry, because I will do my best to be as regular as I can in regards to blogging! And also, TVD is not going to be affected la (as far as possible, hahaha). Right now, we're taking things a bit slow because the factories have just started churning out stocks not so long ago, plus I'm preparing for our move to a dot com very soon, thus it's still a lull season. Once we're all moved to dot com and have all the knots and ends ironed out, it will be full steam ahead! ^.^ Oh yes, there will be more sales and also even a warehouse sale upcoming, to do a stock clearance so that the move to dot com will be as fuss free as possible! Look forward to that!

That's it on my "life update".. Hahhaha.

And just so that it's not all words.. Here's belated pictures from CNY steamboat with Evonne, Jayne, and the respective other halves! Jayne even brought along Momo who is MAD ADORBS! Awww.

Speaking of these two.. I'm real glad that blogging is less lonely now because of friends like them! Attending events sound really cool and fun, but it can get pretty awkward if you're all by yourself and don't know anyone else. But now I've got these two 神经病的, the blogosphere is a less lonely place. Yay! It's not everyone that I can "click" with, but the three of us someone just seem to fall into place real nicely. Lol. Extremely blessed and thankful for having found them!


Shaggy QQ is always excited when visitors come over, and that evening was no different. Look at her cute little face and bright eyes!

Evonne terrorizing QQ. Mwahahaha.

And the fat roll ham is a fat roll of ham. No matter when, where or who.

Everyone's favourite steamboat "liao", enoki mushrooms, meatballs, crabsticks, sausages and the likes!

And I pestered Mummy to fry us some beehoon, which turned out to be the star of the night, everyone had two servings and were too full to finish the steamboat thereafter. #steamboatfail

But I have got to say my mummy makes a mean steamboat soup!!! It was delish!

Hello cutie Momo! He's just so fluffy!

The two prettyyyyyys!

Momo the carpet!

And Vernon the Dog Whisperer. Hahaha. I swear, Vernon really has got a way with dogs! Both Baby and QQ were just happily enjoying his massaging and stroking.

Shiok-tisfied expressiong on Baby's face. Hahaha damn funny.

QQ too!

We had ice cream post steamboat too: There's always room for the sweets! Heh.

And we spammed the instax at the end of the night hehe. Thanks Evonne for sponsoring the instax mwahaha! ❤

We shall do a BBQ soon-ish! :D


That's it for now! Ciao ciao (I am dying to go on a holiday! I mean a real one, overseas.)
Have a great week, everyone! :)



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shiseido White Lucent Party!

White Day falls on the 14th of March, and it's also known as 白色情人节!

Traditionally in Japan, this is the day that the guys reciprocate by returning gifts to the girls who presented them with Valentine's Day gifts on February 14th.

We don't have this kind of culture in Singapore though, haha. Usually, it's the men who buy us flowers and presents on Valentine's Day, so there isn't any need for a White Day, is there?

I spent my White Day all decked out in... white of course, what else? Evonne and I attended Shiseido's White Lucent Party, at their pop-up store that was outside Mandarin Gallery from the 8th-17th March!

Shiseido Singapore celebrated White Lucent’s 10th anniversary as well as its very own White Day for the third year in a row on March 14. This day is commemorated by giving women the gift of luminous skin and celebrates its love for pure, bright skin in this all-white affair!

Here's my lovely Evonne looking all elegant dresses up in white, and myself as well, at the White Lucent Party last week!

Just take a look at the crowd during the event. It was jam-packed with people!

The highlight of the event was an appearance by Jacelyn Tay, who was donning a fabulous white dress and looking absolutely radiant! We got to hear from the gorgeous beauty exactly how she keeps her skin looking so flawless and fair.

Some tips from Jacelyn Tay herself:

1. Get enough sleep, and sleep in a completely dark environment with no lights!
2. Drink lots of water
3. Mask regularly, you can even do it daily!
4. Serums are your best friend
5. Protect yourself from harmful sun rays by wearing sunscreen all the time

There were also short interviews with some of Shiseido's White Lucent users, and I was really amazed because all of them had really really fantastic skin! Makes me want to buy the entire range immediately, I kid you not.

At the photobooth: We got a lovely print-out to bring home as a keepsake!

And featuring my full outfit:
Dress from ZARA (I bought it in Italy last year! Thinking of manufacturing something similar for TVD, yay?)
Prada Saffiano Lux in Lilac
Jeffrey Campbell heels, which i got from PVS at Cathay Cineleisure!

Stole a shot with a couple of lovely ladies, Ariel and Charmian! ^.^

At the pop-up store: Shiseido's Maquillage products, some of which I will be reviewing very soon!

And here's the star of the day: Shiseido's White Lucent range, which was launched in 2003 and is still wildly popular til date! After seeing the flawless skin of White Lucent users and their own staff/trainers, I think I'm gonna go and grab some of these products real soon.

Happy 10th anniversary to Shiseido's White Lucent! Thank you for having us there! ^.^


Speaking of skin,
As I've mentioned earlier, my skin has been breaking out horribly ever since about 2 months ago, and it is really extremely depressing.

I've always thought that my skin wasn't the best, but now after all the never ending pimples on my cheeks and chin that's been sprouting up non-stop the past few weeks, I can now honestly say that I REALLY MISS MY OLD SKIN :(((( Even though it was dull with clogged pores and a few pimples/blemishes here and there, it is nothing compared to the breakouts I'm having now. It's like second puberty wtf. Now I really regret not treasuring my "not that bad" skin previously.

I have to resort to hiding my acne-ridden cheeks with my hair ;__; and of course makeup and concealer...

I'm still narrowing down the possibilities: could either be a reaction to one of my products, or maybe it's my hormones going haywire. I just hope it recovers soon. Don't even dare to use any of my new skincare products because I'm worried they might cause further breakouts. It's terrible :(

Every night I pray I wake up to seeing better skin. Boohoo. Okay, I'm gonna stop whining now. Hahaha. Wish me all the best to recovering soon from bad skin, okay?


Monday, March 18, 2013

Ricciotti: Pizza Pasta Grill at The River Walk

One of my favourite restaurants for a nice chill Italian meal: Ricciotti at The River Walk ;)
Went there a couple of times lately, and I really like dining there, chill ambience by the river, great food and affordable prices!

It was a Saturday night with Fish, and we ordered some moscato because they have 1-for-1 wines on Saturdays!

Pretty good deal, if you do drink wine and the likes. Fish is a closet alcoholic so she forced me to order the wine since it was one for one anyway.

We headed there around 8PM ish on a Saturday night after choir rehearsal, and it was pretty quiet, surprisingly. Which is great because noone likes to dine in overly crowded places, right?

Bianco Cozze (500g) $25
Fresh black mussels with toasted garlic bread in white wine sauce

I've been really addicted to mussels lately! Especially mussels in white wine sauce! They are SO yummy. Ordered the large pot at Ricciotti, and it was absolutely delish! The mussels are huuuuuge and very fresh and juicy indeed. Plus it came with two slices of perfectly toasted garlic bread which was just heavenly dipped into the white wine sauce. LOVE.

The mussels come in two different serving sizes, either 300g or 500g. We got the 500g and it wasn't really that much because the mussels are so big! We finished them easily. Am pretty sure 300g wouldn't be enough for me!

I think the mussels at Ricciotti are the best that I've tasted so far. Really big and fresh with no fishy taste or anything of the sort. Anyone has got good recommendations for white wine mussels? :D I would love to try more!

Pizzotto (9") $16
Bacon, mushroom, egg, pomodoro and mozzarella pizza

There were so many pizzas to choose from, we were pretty spoilt for choice! But we finally went for the Pizzotto, which is Ricciotti's specialty, and it was a fantastic decision! Just look at the crowning glory: oozing eggy goodness that's sitting atop a bed of mushrooms and bacon in tomato sauce and cheese.. I loved the thin crispy crust and the burst of flavours in my mouth! Daaaaaaamn delicious.

Of course, we had to end off our meal with a sweet treat: so we got the dark chocolate lava cake with ice cream. 

Soffiato $8.90 (?)

Didn't ooze quite as much as we liked, so we actually feedbacked to the staff, who replaced it for us, which I thought was very nice of them! I liked it that it wasn't too jarringly sweet like some desserts can get. Can't really go wrong with flowing dark chocolate and ice cream either way, right? A sinfully decadent end to our satisfying dinner!

I was having cravings for the mussels on another day, and I brought YZ to Ricciotti for lunch! Initially, I planned to go on a Tuesday because Ricciotti used to have 1-for-1 pizzas on Tuesdays, but now, the promotion has been changed to 50% off the second pizza, which isn't such a good deal, so we decided not to get two pizzas in the end!

And also my mussels were not available that day (I forgot why) :(((( Sad!

In any case, if you do plan on checking Ricciotti out, here's the various promotions they have every single day of the week! Some of the promos are actually quite value for money!

We settled on getting a starter, a pizza and a pasta ^.^

Fritto Misto (Small) S$15.50
Combination of suppli, calamari, pollo fritto 

Got the combination fried platter, but didn't realise it was so big, kind of too much for two people! Would probably be a better serving portion for 3-4 persons! I really like the calamari though, and the mozzarella cheese balls!

Crispy on the outside and cheesy on the inside! Mmmmm.

Got the Pizzotto again, shiok!

Linguine Al Granchio $22.50
 Linguine with crabmeat in creamy tomato sauce 

This was really tasty, crabmeat linguine! It's really rich and very creamy though, not recommended if you're not a fan of creamy pastas. I thought it was good for sharing, but if I had it all by myself, I would have gotten tired of the strong creamy taste halfway through. YZ slurped up every last strand of the pasta, he really loved the rich creamy taste! I thought it could do with more crabmeat :P

I wanted to try a different dessert, but it turned out that sometimes the tried and tested are the best. Got the chocolate brownie which was quite substandard. Too hard and dry, not moist or fudgy enough, meh. Go for the chocolate lava cake any time over this!

Nonetheless tucking in!


Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Grill

20 Upper Circular Road 
The Riverwalk 

Tel: 66816403


Two random pictures from the day I bought my camera! ^.^ (Which is the day I went to Ricciotti for dinner.) Loving the new 17mm 1.8 lens that I got mwahaha. It renders very beautifully shallow depth-of-field: yes I am a sucker for bokeh, so sue me.

My new camera!

Right now, I really want to go travelling and bring this baby along to get trigger happy with! My other camera, the Ricoh GXR, is in hospital cos I brought it to the service centre to get it repaired. Missing my camera and hope I get it back soon!

Orite, I'm going back to beddy bed now so that I can get my beauty sleep! What's up with my terribly breakouts of late man. Even though I've been practically sleeping 8 hours a day, they are just not getting any much better. I do suspect that I am having a reaction to one of my products and I think I've figured out which it is. Have already eliminated said product from my skincare routine, and am keeping my fingers crossed.

Cheers to a new week ahead, and less pimply skin, please!

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