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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Event: ZA + Aqualabel at Relish (myVillage)

do you remember when ZA first came into the beauty scene years ago? D: i was still in secondary school then, and it was like the hottest selling compact foundation ever? i still remember i had the one in the blue casing which looked like this!
who remembers this blue case? *hands up* okay, that means you're as old as i am. LOL.

since then, ZA has come a long way and has consistently been the number one best selling 2-way compact foundation in Watsons! and their formula has been improved again and again over time... 

i was introduced to the latest ZA Perfect Fit Two-way Foundation at ZA's latest bloggers' event, that was held at Relish, myVillage.
my tableful of pretty bloggers! Chantana, Juli, Evonne, myself, Felicia, Tricia and Fidelis! :D
Charmian from ZA, introducing the new Perfect Fit Foundation! :) 
there are a total of 8 shades available!
Pink Ochre (Pink Undertone): PO10,P020 
Ochre (Neutral Undertone): OCOW, OCOO, OC10,OC20,OC30 
Beige Ochre (Yellow Undertone): B010

and in conjunction with the new foundation, a new Perfect Fit Concealer has also been launched! :D by the way, this is one of my favourite cream concealers ever, it is silky smooth and non-cakey but also provides very adequate coverage for those annoying blemishes and pimples!

available in three shades, 01, 02 and 03 :)

one of the ZA ladies assisting me in testing for the right shade! gosh.. i'm so dark ;__; i'm an OC20! (or was it OC30???)

other than the two new ZA products, we were also introduced to a new Aqualabel product at the event: the Collagen GL Cream! (now available at Watsons, retailing at $33.50) This is a five-in-one cream is formulated with high amounts of concentrated collagen and can be a lotion, emulsion, essence, cream and mask all at once!

i'll probably review these products in more detail once i spend some time using them and getting to know them better! :) but for your information, the ZA Perfect Fit Foundation and Perfect Fit Concealer will be available exclusively at Watsons from 11th October 2012 onwards!


ZA Perfect Fit two-way Concealer 
 Size: 9g Price: $13.90

ZA Perfect Fit two-way Foundation SPF 20 PA++ 
Size: 9g Price: $18.50 


here's some shots with some of my favourite bloggers :D it was soooo dark at the restaurant that i had to set the ISO super high, resulting in uber grainy photos... sorry! :(

Juli, Evonne, myself and Felicia, who were sitting on my side of the table ;D

with Fel, who's dressed in TVD from head to toe! well, just her top and her skirt, haha. looking so nice in the combination! Fel says she's worn the top too many times to count and so have i, i love my lilac color one to bits!

i'm wearing the upcoming Corporate Ladder blazer in coral (size M), together with a printed tee and leather panel skirt from H&M. i absolutely love the coral shade! the only coral blazer i owned prior to this is from ZARA, and it's so hard to find a pretty shade of coral.

my twinnie, Fidelis! everyone can't stop exclaiming over how much we look alike. actually, we don't really look so alike in real life, but from a 3/4 angle, the resemblance is uncanny.... O_O even our boyfriends think so!
i posted this on instagram cos i thought it was quite mind-boogling how alike Fidel and i look from this angle! D:  #twinception LOOK LIKE OR WHAT? showed a few people and they all ended up doing a double-take lol.

we had their signature Wild Rocket Beef Burger, i love the thick juicy beef patty!

truffle fries which weren't as good as i expected. the aroma of truffle oil was barely there. MEH.

lovin' the interior decor of Relish, very cosy and homely! plus points for being near my home too, it's barely 10 minutes away by car :D


Relish by Wild Rocket

1 Maju Ave, #02-07/09 myVillage at Serangoon Garden, Singapore 
Tel: +65 6634 3422

Opening Hours 
Mon–Fri: 12pm–3pm, 6.30pm–11pm 
 Sat–Sun: 10.30am–4pm, 4pm–11pm


also, happy 中秋节 everyone! how i wish i could feast upon those mooncakes, but i've been holding back ever since i googled and found out that one moon cake contains a whopping 1000 calories! O_O but still, everything in moderation, so i've allowed myself to eat just a tiny piece of mooncake here and there :P we all need a sweet treat at times!

today marks the last week of September, and i had such a busy week, with photoshoots, gym sessions, rehearsals, as well as a gig and wedding dinner! it's now less than 3 months to Christmas, it's hard to believe that yet another year has gone past just like that..... slightly freaked out about that. but on a much more cheerful note, it means..... MY BRACES ARE COMING OFF SOON!!!
 i got my braces done in November 2012 2011 (wtf i can't get my years straight), and i think i need to thank my 神医 orthodontist because he says... i can remove them before this Christmas!!!! *HAPPY DANCE* barely even a year omgggg!!! this means that i can haz chio smile for Christmas and CNY!!!!!!! right now, i'm at the last station of the braces, and have these annoying rubber bands in my mouth which are supposed to shift my upper and lower jaw so that my bite is closer.

just two months more, and i can finally say YAYYY to straight teeth and a perfect smile! i cannot cannot wait to get them off!

:D :D :D :D :D

yes, i am going to have a fantastic end to 2012. NOTHING'S GONNA STOP MEEEEE. NOTHINGGGG. goodbye September, hello October! you're gonna be awesome to me, i just know already.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Reebonz: Largest Clearance Sale Ever!

if you haven't already heard of i have one thing to ask you. Just Exactly Which Rock Are You Living Under?

no, REALLY! i'm sure most of you are familiar with this website, because it is THE website for luxury goods at a discount. every day, they come up with special sale events for many luxury brands (the ongoing sale events are for brands like Prada, Miu Miu, Celine, Fendi!!!!) and the goods on sale are snapped up in SECONDS! O_O because it's really too good a deal to miss!! unfortunately for myself, i can never manage to login to the website on time to get the super hot selling items....... #sadface

but this time round, i just know i AM GONNA GET MY HANDS ON WHATEVER I WANT. cos this weekend, Reebonz is going physical with the LARGEST CLEARANCE SALE EVER!!!!

we're talking about over 5000 items, with items being replenished daily!

it is INSANE! just take a look at all the brands being featured above: from YSL to Miu Miu to Burberry to Celine! i am absolutely in lust with some of those bags in the preview and at up to 90% off, the prices are gonna be ridiculously low!!!

Storewide: 20% - 45% OFF 
 Footwear Clearance: 50% OFF 
 Apparel Clearance: 80% OFF

and i spotted some of the hottest IT bags of the season, and they are now going on SALE? 
YSL Cabas Chyc. every other celeb has been seen toting one around and it is sucha beauty! i've been dying to get my hands on one of these, or a Celine luggage tote.....
WHICH is also gonna be available at the sale (though i dont know which colors will be available)

do you even need to give it a second thought? no, i didn't think so.
i am going to camp on Reebonz SPACE's doorstep already!


the Reebonz Spring/Summer Largest Clearance Sale is happening on the 27th - 29th September at Reebonz SPACE, 24 Raffles Place, #07-07 Clifford Centre, from 12PM to 8PM!


don't miss out on this AMAZING sale!!! 
RSVP here in order to receive a S$100 voucher for a minimum purchase of $800!

i'm sure i'll be seeing you there. but please don't snatch that YSL Cabas Chyc from me thanks :P


Sunday Date! Cedele at Serangoon Gardens

it's the F1 weekend, but here i am sitting at a restaurant/pub at Serangoon Gardens while Liverpool fans all around me (including my boyfriend) are getting all testosterone-charged and going GOOOOOALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!


but well, to be honest, i've never really bought into the hype of F1. not interested in race cars. and besides they whiz by so ultra fast you can't even see them! nope, not for me.

my last couple of weekends have been pretty chill and relaxed, and i really really like it this way! been in need of some "off-days" lately, but i don't get them much on the weekends, because of choir rehearsals on Saturdays, and photoshoots on Sundays. took a Sunday off, and dated my boyfriend out :P poor YZ has been accommodating to my super busy schedule, and we haven't gone out for a date for the longest time! we do see each other, but mostly at home after work, or out for dinner nearby at our usual few haunts.

a good Sunday always starts off with a good meal, and we've recently discovered our new favorite restaurant: Cedele! there's a modest but very nice branch at Serangoon Gardens, which is only a short 5 minutes drive away from my place.



Serangoon Gardens 4 Maju Avenue Singapore 556682 
Tel: (65) 6281 4283 
Fax: (65) 6281 4809 

 Opening hours 
Sun–Thu/PH: 8:00am to 10:00pm 
Fri–Sat/Eve: 8:00am to 10:30pm

i'm so glad we chanced upon this little gem here at Gardens!

as i've mentioned, i've started personal training sessions at Amore Fitness (for about three weeks now) together with Evonne and one of the things we have to do is to keep a food diary. my personal trainer at Amore, Nani, checks our food intake weekly, and she always starts nagging away when she sees all the unhealthy food we've been having :P 

happy to say, i've been eating much more healthily lately, and even managed to rope YZ into keeping healthy and fit together with me! we've started to become more conscious of the food we've been eating, and doing things like replacing white bread with multi-grain bread, looking at the nutrition tables provided on the packaging when we shop at supermarkets, and cutting out junk food and deep fried food from our diet. 

other than working with Nani during personal training sessions at Amore Fitness twice a week, i try to attend at least 1-2 classes at Amore Fitness weekly too, as well as run 5km at least 2-3 times a week. it feels great after a good workout, and motivates me to eat better as well, cos i don't want all that hard work at the gym to go down the drain! YZ has also been going back to his regular runs around the reservoir, followed by his own workouts.

bearing all that in mind, we've been looking for healthier eating-out options! it's quite difficult to find really healthy restaurants though, our old favourites like Everything With Fries (the name says it all hahaha) or fast food like Arnold's Fried Chicken are definitely not viable anymore :( hawker centre foods are pretty okay, but there's only that few choices that are healthier, such as yong tau foo soup, or sliced fish soup etc.
i was taken aback with surprise when i took a glance down the menu, Cedele has got options for wholewheat pasta, as well as little symbols to indicate dishes that are vegetarian, gluten free, carb free, etc. most of the food choices available on the menu are really healthy too, like grilled lean chicken, sauteed vegetables and grilled sea bass!
by the way, we have really fallen in love with the bread at Cedele, it comes free flow with a soup purchase, and they have got freshly baked breads to choose from daily! i love the whole wheat breads, and our favourite is the walnut bread. the bread goes really well with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or dipped into soup!
ordered a roasted vegetable soup that's gluten free, cream free, and also vegetarian! definitely one of the healthier soups around. cream soups usually have starch and cream added as a soup base, but Cedele only uses natural thickeners for most of their soups, like roasted vegetables!
the branch at Gardens is self-service, but it's pretty fuss free.
YZ choosing from the selection available in the bread bin and cutting thick hearty slices for us :D
my main: sea bass, mushroom patty, sauteed mushrooms with edamame beans!
YZ chose the chicken mushroom arrabiatta, with grilled lean chicken, spicy tomato basil, mushroom and fresh coriander leaves.
the food was really delicious! i was worried that YZ wouldn't like the food because he likes very rich (and usually unhealthy) food, but he dug right into his pasta and enjoyed it so much! although the chicken was lean so you'd expect it to be dry and tough, it still tasted good and went very well with the tomato basil sauce. my sea bass was fantastic as well, i loved the mushrooms and edamame that went with the fish, and every bite was bursting with flavour.

we were super full after our meal, because we each ordered a set that came with a soup, a drink and the free flow bread! oops. kind of too much food even though it's healthier. but it was extremely satisfying, and felt doubly good because we were eating food that was delicious and healthy at the same time! prices are also reasonable, it costs about $20++ per pax for a full and satisfying meal which isn't too expensive.
me! :D i need to visit Salon Vim soon, my black roots are all showing :(
brought my new arm candy out too :D my Prada Saffiano Lux Tote in lilac! loooove the color hehe. it's surprisingly roomy, i can fit in my camera, wallet, and still have space to spare! 
love spending time together with the boy :) 
we've gone back to Cedele a few times now, and we're still loving it so far! awesome place for healthy dining out. don't forget to try their freshly baked bread that's so good! if you're having soup, the chunky beef stew is super tasty too! can't wait to go back again!
went back to Cedele again last Saturday for brunch, and we shared a Chunky Beef Stew with soup and bread, and a Portobello Mushroom Salad! yum yum.
my outfit for the day: upcoming floral bustier and the Isabella maxi skirt in Coral from TheVelvetDolls! still my favourite maxi skirt of all time :D i love how the Prada in lilac sets off the coral skirt and purple accents of the top so perfectly!

went shopping in town afterwards, and i stopped by Lush at Wisma Atria to get this dry shampoo that Evonne recommended, and it's really a godsend!
No Drought, costs $27 for a bottle if i remember right, but it lasts forever!

it's awesome if your hair gets oily easily during the day, just a little of the powder applied onto your scalp and hair helps to absorb the oil and makes your hair look fresh and nice again! i like the citrusy scent too! it's really great when i have no time to wash my hair and have to rush out in the morning :P or after a workout at the gym and my hair is all sweaty and gross!

went KTV-ing after that, at our usual KTV place at Balestier :P hehe. love Sundays like this! i think i need to re-prioritise a little, and keep every other Sunday an "off-day" for some couple time with the boyfriend. i kinda of need a break from work too. my perfect Sunday! just food, shopping, and KTV hehe! so easily contented :D

gigged at Switch with GroundZero last Wednesday and it was tons of fun!!! i love GroundZero cos they're a really awesome band. heh. Allie (the other singer) is amazing, and so are all the musicians. i feel really fortunate to be up on stage singing with 'em!

and guess what, i wore my new Guess jeans too hehehe. they fit so well that i didn't feel self-conscious even wearing them on stage! yayness!
grabbed all these photos off the instagram accounts of my super supportive friends who came down!
just one group of many friends who came down! thank you everyone!

ok i'm gonna try to list out everyone: my dear Cherri and her friends Aretha and Chaijun, my primary 6 classmates (!!!) Jerry, Jieying, Hock Chuan, Garry and Yi Heng, Huiwen, her boyfriend David and the Nuffies, Fish and her friends, the SYC peeps Woon, Song Ern, Delin and Wailun, Nubbie Jiamei and Shaun, Gina my sissy and her bunch of BBRs, William our XYY keyboardist, the entire bunch of LL crew: Reenie, Min, Collin, Eils, Matt, Serene, Tricia, John, Simin and bf, Shaye and Munheng! also my cuzzie Nelly and cuz-in-law Paul! :D my poly BFF Yinghol and his friends, and Evonne, Eve, Yang and Meizhen! 

i hope i didnt miss anyone out cos there were too many D: you guys (and girls) are really the best! i feel so absolutely lucky.
and of course the most important person who came down: my boyfriend YZ hehehe i sabo-ed him to go on stage to sing together with me! :X
hehe :P

i'll post more photos of everyone soon once i've uploaded them.

TGIF, enjoy your weekend, folks! :D thank you so much for reading and sharing my moments with me here. you don't know how much i appreciate it :)



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review/Giveaway: Garnier Pure 3 in 1!

sponsored advertorial
don't you feel so tired sometimes? i know i do!

everyday, i have to do soooooo many things, and problem is, all these things need to be done all the time.. it's not like i do it once and it's done for good!!!

things like cleaning my room... no matter how hard i try, it is always always a mess :( even if i sit down for hours to clean up and pack up, it lasts for one week, maximum, and then it's back to its mess again! same story with the email inbox at work, it's worse than unclogging a sink! every day, i work to clear all the emails, but the email count never seems to go down :(

the worst part is, there are already so many things to do every day, and i still have to make time for my daily skincare routine, because i have to look pretty every day! and there are just too many products that my skin needs to absorb daily.. from serums to moisturizers to masks! what with events to attend and places to be, i can't even just let myself go like that and be a "yellow-faced hag", AKA 黄脸婆!

and i know that every girl is facing the same problem as me: we all have just TOO MANY skin care products we need to use daily! gosh, it takes me at least 30 minutes to complete my entire beauty regime every night, from cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturising, applying all kinds of serums and eye creams to masking! so many products, just to clean, unclog and absorb!
my vanity stand is SO chock full of products. and i can't even finish using one product before i somehow get my hands on the next product.. and i ask myself, why does skin care have to be so complicated and expensive? can someone please give me a break??
 and look who's here to save the day, but none other than Garnier Pure 3 in 1! this product is so genius, i can't believe i didn't try it earlier! with just ONE product, i can now use it for THREE different uses!!! how about that for fuss-free and easy?
Garnier Pure 3 in 1: it's a CLEANSER, SCRUB, and MASK, all in ONE product! what's more, it contains THREE powerful minerals that will combat issues that most of us girls face: imperfections, clogged pores and oily skin!

and here's the best part of all:
Garnier Pure 3 in 1 is super easy to use and i'm gonna teach you how! :D
Cleanser: Recommended for Oily Skin. Use it like a normal cleanser, daily.

Scrub: Suitable for Oily to Combination Skin. Use it with less water, scrub in circular motion, once-twice a week.

Mask: Suitable for Oily to Normal Skin. Use it without any water, once a week.


i am truly impressed by how well Garnier Pure 3 in 1 works! as a cleanser, it helps to removes any remaining traces of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling very clean and fresh! as a scrub, the exfoliating beads help to gently massage my skin, and washes off leaving my face feeling smoother and softer! and when i use it as a mask, my skin feels totally matte and stays oil-free for longer, especially my oily T-zone!

i love the minty fresh and tingly sensation of the product, regardless of whether i use it as a cleanser, scrub or mask! it leaves my skin feeling totally refreshed and clean and soft! LOVE IT! after a good scrub/mask, my skincare products absorb better too, and when i wake up the next morning, i'm always greeted by soft and plump skin (can't think of any other way to describe it!) that feels so good :D

it's really the perfect product for us busy (and sometimes lazy) girls, so now there is no excuse to be lazy with skin care anymore! all it takes is SEVEN DAYS with Garnier Pure 3 in 1, for us frazzled girls and ladies to achieve crystal clear skin! ♥

by the way, i'm not just raving over this product cos it's an advertorial, but Garnier Pure 3 in 1 has got so many good reviews on MakeUpAlley (best beauty review site around!), as well as won various magazine beauty awards from Cosmo, Cleo and Her World! it is really that good!

further more, Garnier Pure 3 in 1 is so affordable: with a retail selling price of $14.90, available from Watsons, Guardians, and all major supermarkets/hypermarkets! that's like paying less than $5 each for a cleanser, a scrub and a mask! super wu hua (value for money) or what? rejoice together with me! :D no more wasting money on so many different products that take forever to be used up, when you've got Garnier Pure 3 in 1!

all pretty and fresh faced, thanks to Garnier Pure 3 in 1!

now, it's time for a short little quiz to find out how attentive you've been! here's your chance to win $80 worth of Garnier products, and all you need to do is to leave a comment (remember to fill in your email address!) and tell me what the 3 main usages of Garnier Pure 3 in 1 are and why you love it, and you stand a chance to win amazing Garnier products! :D IT'S SO EASYYY!

contest ends on 31 October 2012!

to find out more about Garnier Pure 3 in 1 and be privy to the latest news and promotions, go to facebook/GarnierSingapore!

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