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Sunday, April 29, 2012

so much for a Friday Date

the perils of being together for five years: you end up like what the Chinese say: 老夫老妻 and along with that comes a reluctance to dress up, go out, and just in general to "paktor" cos we're already tooooo lazy to do so! :X and i have to admit, we've both been so busy with our own work that we only meet up for meals, or to just rest/laze around at home after work, and we don't really prioritize our dating time anymore :(

so i thought it'd be nice for the two of us to set some time out to spend time on an honest-to-goodness date together! (:

here i am, all dressed up! anyway we also had a wedding dinner to attend that night, (it was Clara (dblchin)'s big night!!!) so dress up already not wasted wahaha! anyway, i wore the Springfling Denim Bralet in Cherries and the Isabella Maxi Skirt in Vermillion, which is a new color! whoooo i ultra love the combi, paired with the nude jelly wedges which are oh so comfortable, and a roomy clutch that's big enough to fit my camera! ^_^

i love YZ's Aztec print shirt :D bought it from Topshop for him for Valentine's Day! and it just so happened to go really well with my outfit hehe match colors!!

as we were at 313, decided to head over to Marche for lunch because we wanted variety! sad to say, it wasn't a very good lunch :(

the food wasn't VERY bad... it's just that we ordered the wrong stuff :( the pizza was too huge for two of us to finish, and YZ hates to waste food, so it felt like we were stuffed with dough by the end of lunch, and it wasn't the satisfyingly shiok kind of aftermath, but ended up feeling too full and bloated :(

so much for having a good meal together :( i think we haven't been out to dine for the longest time, only eating at hawker centres mostly so we don't even have any idea of where to eat and what to order anymore. sigh! bad way to start our supposedly happy date! :(

but still got mood to camwhore ahahaha good lighting that helped to reduce appearance of heavy eye bags, Vgood :P

kinda unsatisfied with our meal so we weren't in a very good mood already :( went on to shop for YZ's workwear, we went to AX (Armani Exchange) first but one pair of pants cost $200 over so settled for something abit cheaper haha and went to G2000! :X save money!

found a couple that fitted quite well so YZ got 2 pairs! :) still cheaper than one pair of pants at AX *heartpain*

taking advantage of changing room mirror to snap another shot of my outfit! :D major love.

anyway, we were both really snappy and grouchy on our "date" due to various issues, and we were bickering with each other the entire day. i suspect we might have had a better time just going to one of our favorite hawker centers for a meal then spending time together at home or something =_= so much for going out on a date?! nonetheless, we've already promised each other to plan another one soon, and this time round we'll really go and research on where to go and what to eat... so that we don't end up like that again.

what i really like in YZ is that he is really sweet, and despite having a foul temper at times, he knows when he's in the wrong and he's always keen to apologize and make up for any wrong doing. which i really appreciate, because not many guys i know would do the same thing! anyway, i think he is damn funny too. HAHA 

LOL where got guy blame his bad behavior on PMS one! oei! stealing our excuses!

hopefully our next "date" will be better! :P


and some photos from yesterday, went for a L'Occitane event in the afternoon and met my boy at night!

i love my eyebrows and best part of all they are all groomed by myself so i don't need to waste $$$! i'm thinking of doing a simple tutorial on how to trim/shape your own brows, and my favorite brow products! anyone interested?

snippet of my outfit: eyelets with gold accents! love!

all pink and pretty at the L'Occitane event! spot the notebook with a very personalized cover that has my name printed on it! ❤ thanks L'Occitane! :D had an awesome time at the event!

stole a flower in my hair and the puce pink blazer is an old piece from Megagamie! i KNEW i was right to keep the puce pink, wahaha! now pastels are so in, i can wear until 够本! :P

and last photo of the day, we are maybe happier doing grocery shopping in a supermart for our favorite snacks together and there's no need for any fancy pancy dates?

off for supper/late dinner with the boy now! will be back to answer form spring questions and all that. need to edit photos for tomorrow's launch too! :( BUSY!!! next week should be a happy week for everyone, what with two Public Holidays!!! shioks!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Of Ice-cream & other cravings

someone please explain to me this sudden mad craving for ice cream D:
i'm usually a very froyo person so i'm blaming it on PMS! damn you PMS! i've been snacking insanely on the most unhealthy things ever, and i'm sure it's absolutely terrible for me. must stop... soon.

i haven't actually been doing much this week, in fact i think the most exciting thing i've done today was to buy a new printer for the office! :D :D :D got a Canon printer from Challenger at $139, yay! we've been running downstairs to LRH's office to "borrow" their printer for a good while, lol. oh and we have a new temporary guy minion which is awesome!!! we need all the muscle we can get!

as i was saying, i bought a printer because we've been printing out labels for sticking on envelopes instead of manually handwriting! am hoping that this will reduce any chances of error and also be more efficient in the long run. we've just started doing the new "system" this week, so everyone's still adjusting to it.

i'm in the "let's just not dress-up" mood this week, which is also equivalent to very few photos!
a recap of what i've been doing since my last blog update, in words:

Sunday: photoshoot for TVD! we went to the Botanic Gardens and nearly died from the heat :( it was so humid cos it was gonna rain!!! thankfully we finished the shoot before it started raining! photoshoots are always so tiring!
Monday: super busy editing photos and mad rush, preparing for launch at night!
Tuesday: replying emails, packing, and stocking in new stuff at Kissjane!
Wednesday: the same as Tuesday, editing photos for the new launch, some of which i've uploaded on Facebook already! also bought my new printer, hehe.

i've also been having some "together" time with my awesome boyfriend, and it mostly involves eating. LOL. nothing fancy, we've been enjoying home-cooked meals together (cooked by my mummy who's the most amazing cook!!) or eating BCM at his family's stall and also satisfying my junk food cravings :S

cajoled YZ into bringing me out for ice cream at Udders last night, cos i heard about the new Maple Walnut flavor and i am insane about anything nutty + mapley together. so sinful, we ordered 2 scoops, demolished them promptly and went home with another 2 pints which we opened straight away!!!
i love my boyfriend for being my constant companion. when i detox, he detoxes with me. when i binge on junk food, he binges with me too. teehee. thank you BB 

so today i've already ate my way through the Maple Walnut pint that we bought back, and there's only 1/3 left now. *guilty* hahahaha. other than eating my way though a huge bag of chips too! gosh. time to get a hold on my junk food cravings! :(


moving on, one of my mostest favorite manufactured piece of 2012 so far just arrived and i am crazily excited and mad pleased with it!!! ^____^ all the other girls kept at least one piece for themselves! yessss it's the ultra gorgeous denim bralet that we tweaked from Topshop's original design, and it turned out sooo pretty! i am keeping the two prints for myself, since i already have the original Topshop piece.
the floral printed version! paired with the Pleated Paperbag Skirt in Purple. super love! the fit is perfect.
a close up of the pretty prints. also has a row of faux pearl finish buttons in the middle, which makes it look really classy!

can't wait to launch the next collection already! :D 


and some highlights of the last couple weeks instagram-ed!
favorite yoguru and how fat Baby looks like in the morning
superduper yummy BCM from YZ's family's stall ^^ i had meesua, so good!! a gorgeous sunset i chanced upon on Sunday after shoot, it made my day better instantly!
new shoes, super love! jelly wedges and tribal loafers. check out my cutie pie QQ looking all happy and excited! she's such a dear!

follow me on instagram @yinagoh cos i update quite frequently! :D

life's simple pleasures are keeping me feeling very blessed and happy ^_^ eating, working, spending time with the bf, reading in my spare time. just a little too lazy, haha! i think i will do a blogpost next on some of the recent products I've been using in my daily skincare routine! :) 

til my next post, hope everyone's having a good week so far! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunday Times!

some photos from last week to share!
this is me on Sunday morning, all made-up to attend my first wedding fair. but not because YZ and I are getting married anytime soon (he hasn't even proposed yet hahaha) but because i was there with Sparkle Music, to showcase and sing for prospective brides and grooms, who wish to engage live band services for their big night, to hear! ^-^
Sparkle Live Music is a really popular live music services company that's started by Kewei and her sister Kexin! i've known Kewei for a few years already, but this is the first time that i'm actually working together with her! so it is my utmost honor and pleasure!
my first wedding fair, and it's all the way at Crowne Plaza Hotel, at Changi Airport T3. the ballroom is really chio!!! can consider holding my wedding dinner there already. reasonable price too. bwahaha. but i don't know when i'm getting married.

i feel very lucky though, to be given the opportunity to take part in the wedding fair as a part of Sparkle Music and sing! :D actually, my life-long ambition is to be a singer... but no, not a super star or a famous pop singer! you will laugh at me maybe, HAHA. i just want to be a back-up vocalist!!! preferably 张惠妹's back-up vocalist. Kewei used to sing back-up for Amei! who is my mega 偶像, i am so in love with her voice. super envious. but i don't think i'd ever get the chance to! be a back-up vocalist for Amei, that is.

nonetheless, i am extremely happy to have any opportunity to sing, really! i'm not picky :D so i feel very blessed already! i really want to learn and improve when it comes to singing/performing, so i'm grateful for every chance i get to work with amazing talented singers and musicians.

i honestly think that i am a very fortunate person. i have a family unit that's intact, my parents love us even though they are either very overbearing or naggy, i have a strong relationship with a sweet boyfriend who treats me super well, i have many angels surrounding me and giving me support and love all the time, and i am actually doing things that i like to do, earning an income from running the blogshop, blogging, and singing. enjoying what i love to do the most, and not slogging my life away at a 9-to-5 job.

sometimes i also wonder to myself, why am i so blessed? must have accumulated a lot of good karma in my past life! HAHAHA. i don't know why also. but i do know that i have to treasure what i have! ^-^

no photos from the wedding fair except those from oneeyeclick photography's photo booth! SO FUN! love all the props and the cool bling backdrop!! the photos are all printed in miniature sized strips for you to keep too!

myself with Kewei, Alfred, who was my partner on vocals and Fatt, who accompanied with his guitar and foot drums! tagged from oneeyeclick's Facebook page! :D photo booth is such a fun idea. i ought to have one at my wedding too!

ended at 4 ish and went to meet my boy for some tau huey at my favorite snack haunt near office, which is Rochor Beancurd!
YZ has been very onz about keeping fit of late. i sometimes think he's vainer than me! :X not necessarily a bad thing.....
lovely flaky delicious and moist Portuguese egg tarts with smooth silky bean curd and very refreshing grass jelly! our pre-dinner snack. ate damn a lot that day!!

followed by circus gathering/dinner at Shen Een's house! :D feasting til we were all gorged silly on food, and we ended off the night with KTV at Teoheng. yay!

this whole "circus" name came from when 7 of us travelled together during choir trip extension in Poland, lol. i don't know why we ended up being called the "Travelling Circus" probably because there were so many of us and it was such a diverse group! anyway the name stuck :D
Woon the chef expertly handling our Indomee! *slurps*
CP brand drumlets contributed by Angela :D
Indomee is the MOST delicious thing ever that can be cooked in 3 minutes, i swear.
ordered delivery from Domino's too!!! my favorite pizza delivery of the moment. they are so efficient and you can even track exactly which stage your order is at!
two pizzas, onion rings, cinnamon bread, and the best thing from Domino's ever...
Chocolate Lava Cake that is incredibly sinful and yummy! looks can be deceiving. it is really good for its price!
YZ helped us take this shot :D thank you for an awesome time, everyone!


lastly, some behind-the-scenes shots of a photoshoot done for a Hada Labo magazine feature last Friday! gosh, i am not meant to be seen on-screen. i feel magnified and blown up and ugly-fied x 1000 times! i hope they photoshop massively. it was an interesting and fun experience though!

color theme for the shoot was white and pastels! very angelic and pure and clean looking hahaha but i feel so self-conscious in white!
LOL this shot damn cliche!
with my twinnie, Fidelis! even our boyfriends think we look alike. isn't that scary?!
the four bloggers, Fidelis, Linda, Holly Jean and myself with Elfaine from TSS!
and a parting shot with Andy Lee, the celebrity makeup artist who taught us lots of skincare tips!

okay, it's getting pretty late, so end of this boring entry! off to beddy bed! :D it's another packed weekend ahead and i have tons and tons of things to do!!! g'night!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Salon Vim S/S12: Snipped off my locks!

can i just say that i'm superly in love with the latest look that Salon Vim has done for me? 

everyone knows that i've been trying to grow my hair long forever, so for the past year of visits to Salon Vim, i've had a perm, different hair styles like bangs, side swept fringe, all kinds of colors/highlights done, but i never dared to snip off anything more than three inches!

in fact, i haven't cut my hair short for the past 4 years, and i thought that it was time to go for a change this visit... even wanted to cut a short bob, but i KNOW i will confirm regret it in a few months time when i get tired of the bob and it growing at a snail's pace. so despite how much i wanted a drastic change, i kind of chickened out in the end, HAHA. forget all that shit about no guts no glory, la. i want the glory, but i ain't got no guts!

so i just decided to leave my hair in the trusty hair of Stephanie, my super hairstylist...


a good 6" off my hair, which took care of most of the curls from the previous perm! i LOVE the darker hair color and hidden highlights at the sides of my hair! such a refreshing change from my previous long curls which were starting to look very dry and heavy. YAY!!!!!! SUPER LOVE IT! 

booked my appointment at Salon Vim with Eils baybeh who also wanted to get her hair done :D
and that's my awesomeballz hairstylist Stephanie who always always always makes me look and feel like a million bucks! 
John picking a hair color for Eils!
for Salon Vim's Spring/Summer 2012 collection, there's a few key color techniques showcased, and i decided on this "hair band" color/highlight technique, which will have my hair colored in a dark base, with two strips of hidden highlights at the sides of my head! (you can see it quite obviously in the first picture because i changed my hair part to show off those highlights!)
but first, pre-color treatment for my hair! Inner Link, by Loreal Professional!
and on goes the dye.. you can see how my hair looks very yellowish already with my dark roots showing! so ugly! D: Steph chose a dark brown,  Majirel by Loreal Professionel for my base color, and used Loreal Professionnel's newest DIA LIGHT special treatment color to give me ashy blond highlights and keep my locks soft and silky!

at this point of time, i usually end up falling asleep. haha! need to wait for the color to set in, before washing it off and following up with a 3-step hair treatment!
the three products used for the 3-step hair treatment. specially customized to lock in my hair color as well as to help repair the damaged hair! the Fiberceutic Filling Serum helps to strengthen the hair, followed by Powderdose Color, which will balance the pH level of the hair after the coloring process! Last but not least, the Fiberceutic Hair Mask that helps to nourish my hair as well!
all wrapped up in order for my hair to be most effectively steamed while doing treatment :D 
and after the end of a good 5 hours session..... Eils and I with super duper chio hair!!! yay!! i cannot stand it, her eyes are damn big. my eyes look like ._. next to Eils!
i now have gorgeous healthy looking hair that feels uber soft and nourished!!! how it looks like with my usual parting: the highlighted streaks are hidden underneath and peek out at the ends! damn coooool!
also got some products to bring home so that i can keep my hair in good condition. The Sensi Balance Shampoo that will help keep my scalp healthy and the Absolut Repair Serum for glossy locks!

i have honestly never walked out from Salon Vim without being absolutely satisfied and pleased with my hair! so in love with it!!! definitely one of my favorite looks so far. everyone has complimented me on the amazing new hair and even YZ loves it! :D

remember that you can quote my name YINA for 10% off all hair services at Salon Vim! :)


313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

check out Salon Vim's facebook page too, for the latest promos and services available! :)

Salon Vim's currently running a promotion on Serie Nature!

1. - Firstly fans will have to like Salon Vim Facebook Fan Page
 - "Like" and "Share" our EDM - Screenshot your profile 
 - Comment on our album "Series Nature" stating " I WANT THE FREE HAIR TREATMENT SALON VIM!" 

 Every friday starting from 13th April - 11th May 2012, we will be choosing a lucky winner and will be entiled to a Series Nature pampering treatment down at Salon Vim. 

2. With every purchase of 2 series nature products, they will be entiled to 20% discount of all full prices hair services, be it on the day itself or on the next visit, and Loreal Professional will be giving away mini potted plants, while stocks last.

Serie Nature is awesome because it's a range of products that does not contain sulfate, paraben or silicon, so it's not just eco-friendly, but it's natural and extremely healthy for your hair! I've tried the Serie Nature shampoo and my hair always feels super soft after using it, without that plasticky smooth feeling you get from shampoos and conditioners that rely on silicon to give you smooth hair. do try it for yourself!


and sharing more good buys that i've spent on lately! :D since i was at Somerset 313 for my hair appointment, i dropped by F21 and H&M to shop! so super crowded i didn't manage to shop much actuallyyy. but i fed my love for more lace/crochet and florals. wahahaha.

lovely denim floral shorts from F21 that has purple flowers on a grey base! and yellow crochet flats from H&M! 

they look awesome together, so i wore them out the very next day :P

paired with a simple nude colored top and my burgundy Satchel! 

just a simple outfit for casual days. yay! love all the florals and lace. i hope they don't go out of trend too soon!
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