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Friday, October 26, 2012

Event: Marigold HL Yoga Singapore 2012!

Did you know: People typically lose bone as they age, despite consuming the recommended intake of calcium necessary to maintain optimal bone health. An estimated 10 million Americans—8 million women and 2 million men—have osteoporosis. Another 34 million have low bone mass, placing them at increased risk for osteoporosis. (Source)
I'm all about keeping fit and being healthy, and was delighted to participate in Marigold HL Yoga Singapore 2012, which was held last weekend! 

Marigold HL Yoga Singapore 2012 is proudly presented by MARIGOLD HL Milk in support of Osteoporosis Society (Singapore) aimed at promoting a healthier, balanced lifestyle and stronger bones amongst Singaporeans!

Rachell and I arrived all chirpy and bright-eyed at Fort Canning Park at 7.30am, all ready to spend our morning pursuing a good cause!
Look at the colorful mats that greeted us! Yes, one of the highlights of the event: an hour long yoga session with FIVE HUNRED participants led by famous Yoga Master Yograttan Dev Kapil! I was really excited for it, how cool to see so many Singaporeans all come together for one mass work-out like this? :DDD

By the way, although I have been practicing Pilates for a year already, I am totally new to Yoga and was really interested to do Yoga because I have researched alot on Yoga, and it is an extremely healthy activity! One of the greatest health benefits is actually due to Yoga's weight bearing poses, which help to stimulate the bones to retain calcium and produce more bone mass, thus increasing bone density and improving bone health!

But first... some yummy food to charge up so that we're all ready for the session!!
A good breakfast is extremely important to start the day right and provide our body with energy! ^-^
Delicious brekkie!
Every participant of the yoga session gets a complimentary yoga mat.. Loving the bright pink version with the Marigold HL Yoga Singapore 2012 logo printed on it!
The event was hosted by the fabulous Jean Danker, as well as other deejays from YES 93.3 and Love 97.2 as well! Yay, managed to get a picture with Jean who was very friendly and obliging! ^-^
Thankfully, we had "VIP seating", which was right at the front of the arena! look at the sea of red behind us... :D
The hosts on stage, before the yoga session started! We also had a short Wellness Bone Health Talk, by the President of the Osteoporosis Society (Singapore)!

Did you know that unlike the usual misconception that Osteoporosis is a women's disease, men can suffer from it too, although at a later age? Women get it earlier because of menopause when there is a rapid loss of bone mass and excessive bone loss causes bone to become fragile and more likely to fracture. So regardless of whether you're male or female, it is still extremely important to take care of your bones!
(I confess, I do not usually put on so much make-up for exercise. HAHAHA. But ahhh, we had to do a short interview for Mediacorp so yupppp :X Had to doll up a little!)
Look at the huge turn-out of participants all waiting for the yoga session to begin! :DDDD All of us got a yoga mat together with our participant pack!
Finally, we were introduced to to the Yoga Master Yograttan Dev Kapil and his assistant instructors!!


Because all the ladies assisting Master Dev Kapil were all middle-aged ladies who looked at least 40 years or older, and they were all SO SO SO SO FIT that they all put me to shame!!! :( Even their arms also more toned than mine wtf :(

Got these two pictures from Marigold HL Milk SG's Facebook page! :D Doesn't it look super spectacular and cool to see so many people all doing Yoga at the same time?

OOKKAAAYYY. Extremely #fail (me) while everyone is doing something with their right hand, I am like doing it with my left hand. FAILMAX ;__; 

Here's more shots of Yograttan Dev Kapil and his very fit and toned assistant instructors.

And also some pictures of Rachell and I doing Yoga. Please don't laugh at me. I look very very funny. Nothing at all like the suave and cool instructors :(

At the end of the one hour, I was seriously exhausted! Yoga may look easy, but some of the poses can be really tough especially if you're flexibility-challenged like me. But it felt really good to exercise with so many other people, and I honestly had loads of fun! Can't wait for next year's Marigold HL Yoga Singapore 2013 already!

After the yoga session, our Yoga Master performed a Yoga dance and it was incredible! Even better than breakdance omg. His flexibility and strength were nothing short of astounding!!


The ultimate post-workout food... Marigold HL Milk!

Rachell and I attempting the famous Tree Pose... with our Marigold HL Milk!

After the yoga session, we headed over to the games and food booths!

PS. Spot the cow!

Cotton Candy Floss for you?

Or Popcorn? :D 

There's even Muah Chee too! (which was really popular and had the longest queue!)

We decided to try our luck at all the carnival game booths, hehe!

Lol... Do not underestimate the difficulty of some of these games! :( They look easy, but we flunked quite a few of them :(

But we did manage to win some of these adorable LED necklaces, which I gave to YZ's nephew and niece, who were fascinated with them!

We also attempted our hand at these Marigold HL themed games, there was a ball balancing game which required lots of dexterity and skill, and also a jigsaw puzzle game that tested our quick thinking!
JUST SOME OF THE ITEMS THAT WE WON.. :D :D :D Super happy hehe! We got our hands on some really useful items, like tumblrs, milk glasses and containers!!! Sounding damn auntie I know, but I was so happy to bring these back home! :D
All the prizes that I won.. :D I persuaded the games master to let me have a second try at the ball balancing game and I screamed so loud when I actually managed to drop the ball into the highest score hole!!! Impressed a lot of kids and aunties behind me, hahaha. And won myself a goodie bag filled with HL themed items!
SUPER hilarious! There was a bucking bronco ride, and Rachell and I just had to try it.. Gosh, it is much harder than it looked :( My leggings were soooo slippery I couldn't get a good grip with my legs and I was holding on for dear life with my arms until I got thrown off :( But it was seriously good fun!!

Aww who doesnt love balloons! ^-^
What better way to keep your bones strong and healthy, but with Marigold HL Milk!
MARIGOLD HL Milk is HIGH in calcium, and is also HIGH in protein level but LOW in lactose and fat! Coupled with weight-bearing exercises like Yoga which helps to increase bone density, drinking Marigold HL Milk daily is the best way to keep your bones healthy and strong! ^-^


Do check out Marigold HL Milk SG's Facebook page here and "LIKE" it, as well as read for more updates on the latest happenings! I will be back for Marigold HL Yoga Singapore 2013 next year... Can't wait! :D


Sœurs Clearance Sale: EXTENDED!

Sœurs is having a clearance sale, and it has been extended to the 28th of October! :D Drop by to check it out and remember to grab a friend along with you because the more you buy, the better the discounts! :D

Here are some of my favourite kicks, all from Sœurs and extremely extremely comfortable! Their shoes are of really good quality, I promise!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover + Give-away!

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what's the most important step of skincare for you?

for me, makeup removing is the number one most important step of my skincare every night, and no matter how tired i am, i never never fail to remove my makeup! 

it's so surprising to hear that there are girls who don't use a proper makeup remover at night before cleansing, or worse still, don't even bother to cleanse their face at night! 

have you heard about the horrifying incident of this Korean girl who wanted to look "perfect" all the time, and did not remove her makeup for TWO years? O_O and when she was finally persuaded by her mother and dermatologists to remove her makeup, a skin check revealed that her skin had aged to that of a 40-year old, which is twice her real age!

horror stories aside, i'm sure all of you already know the importance of makeup removal! when you do not remove your makeup, the dirt, oil, and make up accumulated in the day all gets clogged into your pores! this can lead to break outs and enlarged pores and blackheads and blemishes and just about every kind of skin problem known to mankind... you MUST MUST MUST remove your makeup every night!

now that you've got the importance of makeup removing drilled into your head, here's what i have to share! i got to try Biore's new Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover which features a brand new JELLY texture!
the Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover comes in an adorable baby pink shade of pump dispenser bottle... +points for being pink!

PS. did you know that Biore is the No.1 makeup remover brand in Japan and in Singapore?

How to use: 
Pump an appropriate amount (2-3 pumps) onto hands and spread evenly over face and eye area
Massage gently to dissolve makeup
Rinse thoroughly with water. (It is not necessary to remove cleansing liquid with cotton pad or tissue)
the pump styled dispenser is extremely convenient and easy to use! just 2-3 pumps for the entire face will do the trick. it's lightly fragranced with a pleasant fruity scent!
one of my pet peeves about makeup removers is that many of them never leave my face feeling clean after use and always leave behind traces of makeup, especially when it comes to the waterproof mascara and eyeliner i use! however, when i use more strength to remove my makeup, i feel like i'm permanently causing damage and creating fine lines around my delicate eye area! :(

the texture of Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is like a thick viscose gel, and it glides on skin to remove even waterproof makeup with ease! Biore Aqua Jelly Remover contains 1/3 moisturising essence as well, which helps to keep your skin smooth and moisturized after use! sounds too good to be true?!

i decided to put the Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover to the test: will it do its job as stated, and be able to remove even waterproof makeup with minimal stress and rubbing to our delicate skin?
here are some of the makeup products i use on a regular basis: lip gloss, lip stick, waterproof mascara, shimmer eye shadow and waterproof eyeliner!

i applied a couple pumps of the Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover onto my arm, and after about half a minute of gentle massaging, you can see the makeup has melted off entirely! (eeks, check out those little hairy looking things, those are the fibres coming out of the mascara that i applied!) the waterproof make up like the mascara and eyeliner took a little longer than the rest, but still came off easily.
rinse off with thoroughly with water, and deng deng deng!!! all the makeup has completely disappeared, and my skin is left feeling absolutely clean and moisturized, with no sticky or oily residue!

used the Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover on half my face so you can see the difference!
check it out: even the waterproof eyeliner and mascara has been completely removed! and my skin felt incredibly smooth and moisturized after use: thanks to the 1/3 mosturizing essence the Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover contains!
(another shot so you can get another look. mascara and eye makeup all gone!)

what i like best about the Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is that it feels so gentle on the skin, because the jelly texture glides on skin so easily and i can remove my makeup with less friction and tugging especially around my eye area. when it comes to removing waterproof makeup, it effectively removes all traces of my makeup while leaving my face feeling moisturized! two thumbs up!
Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover retails at major supermarkets, hypermarkets and western pharmacies, for $$24.90 (230ml bottle)!
and now, it's GIVE-AWAY time!!! :D

Biore is giving away TEN hampers, worth $100 each!!! :D and all you have to do, is to share why you love Biore to win!

click HERE now to take part!! :D good luck, and all the best!!


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