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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dolly Wink: Brow-session Continues!

yea, it's more about brows again! i told you, i'm brow-sessed already. but if you've already read my "guide to DIY brow shaping" post here, this one here is a little more specifically a review of Dolly Wink's brow products: the eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencil and eyebrow mascara!

Dolly Wink is a very popular makeup line in Japan produced by a top gyaru icon/model Tsubasa Masuwaka, and thus the Dolly Wink line-up is very gyaru influenced, with a huge selection of eye makeup products including falsies (one of my favorite brand of falsies at the moment!), lots of eye products and also eyebrow products! 

if you've clicked on the Wiki link above to read more about gyarus (actually you can probably tell from the Dolly Wink packaging already) you'd know that heavily bleached/colored hair is almost an essential way of life for the gyaru, and so Dolly Wink's brow products are really extremely useful for those of us with colored hair, most specifically the Eyebrow Mascara! it's my first time trying eyebrow mascara, and i really really LOVE what it does! it instantly lightens my brow color and defines my brows, giving it a well-groomed shape and almost 3D "pop" effect! 

anyway, as my hair color is like a medium brown, i got all my Dolly Wink brow products in Shade 2! Shade 1 is really light, while Shade 3 is more for those with dark brown or even black hair (for which you can probably skip the mascara part!)

if you've read my previous brow entry, then the above is basically similar steps but with different products, and the addition of the eyebrow mascara! it really makes a difference, as you can tell in the photo above! i love how the mascara tints my brows a natural looking brown that looks super nice!

i know i look a little strange above, because i didn't have any eye make up on! so here's my final look!
TADAHH! my complete made-up look with my new hair wig extension from Shobi that can be purchased at Watsons' Shibuya Gals Corner! it's only a clip-on!! but it looks ALMOST like my real hair! COOL OR WHAT? now i can have long hair anytime i want! in fact, YZ couldn't even tell i had a wig on, hahaha :X he didn't even realize my hair magically became longer, in fact! men....

a quick summary of my thoughts on these products!


Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder (Shade 02): i like it that it has two shades that allows you to customize your color so that it's not too dark/light! the mini brush that's provided in the palette has got rather stiff bristles though and i prefer a softer brush so it's easier to apply/blend, so i'd probably use this with my own brush. 

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil (Shade 02): very easy to draw, the dual ends (comb and pencil) are super convenient and because the color is light enough, it doesn't come across as heavy/harsh! so you can actually just use this alone without the powder for those who find it a hassle to use so many products. the comb helps to soften the look so it blends in better! i definitely need to use the brow mascara with this product though because on its own, the brown shade of the pencil is lighter than my natural brow color.

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara (Shade 03): definitely my new Holy Grail for eyebrows! i've never thought of using brow mascaras before, but i love how it tints my brows such a natural shade to complement my hair, and if you have dark eyebrows, this will really help soften the look! as you can tell from the swatch above, it has a very slight shimmer to it that really makes the brows pop. it does take a bit of practice to get the product evenly coated on the brow hairs though! LOVE!


and for those who are asking me which i'd prefer: K-Palette 2 Way Brow Liner that i shared previously, or these Dolly Wink products, i think it'd depend on what kind of look you're going for! like i mentioned, i really like the Dolly Wink products cos of how it's able to lighten my brows to the desired shade i want in order to match my hair! makes me feel more put together and groomed somehow. but on days that i'm feeing lazy and i just want a bit of brow definition, i'd probably just stick to K-Palette since it's faster and gives a very barely-there no-makeup on kind of look.


anyway, both brands are available at Watsons so you can check them out! i can't remember the exact prices at the moment but they are definitely affordable. i am really loving Japanese drugstore brands more and more! started out with Majolica Marjoca, and now i am discovering all these other brands as well! i also love Dolly Wink's falsies and eyeliner which i'm using currently, and also recently started using Heroine Make, another brand that's available at Watsons Shibuya Gals Corner. my new mascara HG is Heroine Make! and i did a shoot together for Heroine Make's CLEO feature together with Evonne, and it was super fun! :D probably post up behind-the-scenes photos soon!

i know this isn't strictly a beauty blog, so i hope you girls aren't too bored when i blog about beauty/products! but then again, all of us girls want to look good don't we :P 

speaking of photoshoots, look who's in Hada Labo's newspaper feature last night! HAHAHA it's me and my twinnie Fidelis in the middle! i tried to trick Xavier (YZ's 2 years old nephew) by asking him which one was me but he didn't want to reply :X didn't have enough makeup on lor i feel! my eyes are tiny!!! :(

i went for a food tasting session at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan at Vivocity yesterday and can't wait to share about all the droolsome food!!! i should just start a food blog or something. i love eating so much!!! anyway, this was my outfit: both top and bottom upcoming on TheVelvetDolls! ^^ more photos soon!

been running for over a week now and still keeping the momentum! Nike Plus app is awesome! i'm also back on MyFitnessPal app hehe my two best friends to becoming healthier and slimmer! 

so today I almost didn't want to roll out of bed cos I slept really late, but i still managed it in the end! my secret tip on how to win half the battle: get dressed for your jog before you sleep, and lay out your socks/running shoes! bwahaha. so when you hear your freaking 6am alarm in the morning and you're in a dilemma, you'd be like "arghhh fuck it la I'm already dressed for it liao!" and then you drag yourself out of bed. #truestory 

and if you're not feeling so motivated, just take it easier. so today was a relaxed slow half jog/walk for me but nevertheless beats sleeping in late!!

gonna be June tomorrow already! WTF so fast :( i don't know where all the time flies! :( 
thankfully, it's been a good year so far and i'm hoping that the rest of the year brings more blessings my way! i do feel that i've been rather caught up with work and my own happenings and have been neglecting quite a few friendships though :( thankfully, those people that do matter are the people who understand you best ❤ 

i'm also very thankful for my boyfriend, who is the sweetest person to me ever and he always treats me so darn well, sending me home at 3am even when he's dead tired, kipping over at my place where he has to sleep on the sofa outside my room in crazy humid weather, and having to tolerate my insanely busy schedule that's always filled with work, appointments, events, photoshoots, rehearsals... he even gives me wakeup calls at 6am so that i can get up to jog LOL. i really appreciate him so much :)

thankful for you readers for sticking around to visit my space every so often too! i'm always glad to get positive comments from readers. be it a product that i've reviewed that worked for you, or something i shared that you learnt something from, or even words of encouragement from you girls, makes me feel motivated to blog regularly :)

thankful for my pixies and staff who are ever so helpful and work very hard to hold the fort when i'm not around in office, it's hard to trust others with your own "baby", but i have a team that i super trust to get the job done! 

thankful for everything that's going well :D

have a great Thursday too!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kitty Mania! Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss X Hambuglar

it's embarrassing to admit, i used to be a super Hello Kitty maniac when i was young! :P i still remember on my 12th birthday, i told everyone, my family, friends and relatives to get me Hello Kitty presents, and i received ALOT of pink Kitty stuff that year!! wahaha. kind of grew out of it, but i couldn't resist the Macdonalds X Hello Kitty plushies, especially when the Hamburglar one is sooooooo cuuuuuteeeeeeee! *squeals* so yea, i succumbed to my Kitty craze and actually got my Hamburglar Kitty! XD Grimace (the current one this week) aint as cute, but now i think i gotta collect 'em all (might as well right?) to get a full set! Grimace ends tomorrow so i must get my Macdonalds by today/tomorrow!

and what else is cuter than Hello Kitty cosmetics! i received these three cute lip glosses a couple weeks ago, and i can imagine Kitty fans going gaga over them! these Hello Kitty Diamond Glosses are made in Italy, and come in 7 fruit scented colors with lovely little glittery bits in them.
i received three flavors, Strawberry Fields, Pink Paradise and Lemon Incest! (?! weird name)
i would probably buy the gloss for it's Hello Kitty packaging and cute colors alone, but the lip gloss itself isn't bad at all, it's just a shiny, clear gloss with very light shimmer in it that applies on easily with the roller-ball dispenser! the staying power is so-so, but i do like the glossy lip effect it gives, and it isn't sticky at all! :)
pucker up with a Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss! :D Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss comes in 7 flavors: Strawberry Fields, Pink Paradise, Blueberry Nights, Orange Mecanique, Lemon Incest, Pink Paradise, Big Apple, Eau de Coco. Available at Watsons, they retail at S$12.90 each!


and here's my outfit for yesterday, i am absolutely loving all the latest shipments of stocks arriving for TVD and i am dressing up in glee everyday! :D :D :D
Knit Chiffon Throwover in Nude X Wonderland Floral Shorts in Pink (size L) X Cambridge Satchel in Yellow 14"
pastels and florals are all BFF this season and i can't help matching them all together haha! but added a dash of color with my happy yellow Satchel! yay!!! the throw over is super comfy, i have been wearing it out for 2 days in a row :X (i hope it's not just me who has this habit of re-wearing clothes that aren't dirty/smelly)
and i can't rave enough about the shorts too, the prints are mad gorgeous and it has this really subtle embossed florals on it! talk about detailing! i was inspired by my original pair from Zara, but that one was really thin and flimsy feeling for such a hefty price (69.90 i think??) and so i had an inner lining added to this shorts to make it feel more luxe, and also prevent any sheerness! which totally worked because it is not sheer at all :D
so in love with the three prints! ^^ i kept pink, but the white and black are just as gorgeous. available tonight on TheVelvetDolls, along with the start of our GSS promotions that will be on-going for the entire month! keep a lookout on TVD's Facebook page today for more updates! :D


i have been SUPER disciplined and hope i will continue to be for the next 5 weeks at least, been waking up early to run as frequently as i can, and it's really quite a challenge to drag myself out of bed at 6.30AM and put on those running shoes! why so early, because i just don't want to get a tan hahahaha :X so yea, no choice! i am usually too knackered by night time to even have the energy to head out for a run, thus morning jogs are my only solution left.

i actually HATE running with a vengeance, but from experience, it is the best way to keep fit and lose weight. nothing is quite as effective as daily runs, coupled with a healthy diet!

my aim is to run at least 4 days a week, and for 45 minutes a day! distance is secondary, but yesterday i managed to clock up 6KM which is a huge feat for me, and i am so so happy about it! managed to wake up earlier than usual, so i thought i'd just take a slow relaxed pace to jog and i ran for an entire hour and covered 6KM! ^___^ my usual distance is only about 3-4KM, which is already a task for me, so i feel super accomplished!

i guess i shall aim for 7-8KM next and eventually 10. woohoo! then can go for 10km marathon liao!
but one of the rewards of waking up early to run, i get to see some really beautiful sunrises! :) JIAYOU JIAYOU! :D

here's some instagrammed love from this week!
ALDO sale! got this pair because the prints are familiar :P plus they were on sale! SO pretty, love them!
also been trying out new brow products lately and i can't wait to share about them cos they make my brows look so good!! i am too obsessed with eyebrows. 
lastly, my cutie pie QQ has finally conquered her fear of going down the staircase and now she is a tiny terror and giving us all heart attacks because she even ran out of the house the other day when the gate was left open and we found her at a neighbor's house!!! she is so small, her whole head can squeeze under our front gate! OMG. keeping a close eye on her from now on!!

i'm off to work now, gonna blog about my new brow products next!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vanity Trove + Switch with Ground Zero!

TGIF!!! :D :D :D

i promised to blog more regularly, but only managed to squeeze out a blog entry today! actually, i really have a lot of stuff i wanna blog about! i even typed out this list of content that i want to blog! it's okay, i'll slowly blog about them one by one ^^

today's blog entry is somewhat outdated, but i received my April Trove from Vanity Trove and haven't gotten a chance to share it yet! this whole beauty box subscription idea is SO ingenious! i've heard of a few other websites with similar concepts, but by far, Vanity Trove's products and branding are definitely the most appealing to me!

it's quite simple, you just need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $25, and every month, a box consisting of various handpicked skincare, makeup, body, fragrances and hair products will arrive at your doorstep! it's SO fun to come home to a "present", and even more fun to unwrap and open your box to check out what surprises lie in store for you!
everything's prettily packed into a nice little box, and there's even a newsletter which doles out beauty tips each month!
i really love the products sent in my April Trove! they are all products i find very interesting, while some brands are fresh and new to me! i had to try some of the products immediately upon opening my box, and i really fell in love with some of them! the Braphy LED Lip Plumper is really awesome, it really makes my lips look poutier! and i've already tried K-Palette's Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer and i thought that it was quite good, so it was nice to get another full-sized product in my Trove! :D
the star product for me, however, is the hair product enclosed within my April Trove, which is Style Aromatheraphy Moroccan Argan Hair Moisturizer! remember i said i had an amazing hair product to share about? YES!! it's this super miraculous hair moisturizer! it's a leave-in product, and i apply it on my semi-wet or dry hair, before blow drying my hair and it makes the shape turn out so nicely!! i love it!!!

so happy to discover this product, i'm definitely going to get the full-sized product from stores when mine runs out! 

for only $25 a month, i'm loving it! i LOVE the surprise factor, and the products that comes in each trove are indeed well worth the $25! so fun! :D


and i finally have a chance to edit and upload the photos from my gig at Switch with Ground Zero three weeks ago!!!! oh gosh.. it was such an incredible experience for me, mostly because of all my MAD SUPPORTIVE friends!!! i can't emphasize how happy and grateful i felt because so many lovely people took the effort to come down to watch and listen, or even if they couldn't make it down, sent their love via Twitter/Whatsapp/Instagram and what not!

you don't need to be a super star, to feel like one :')

well to be honest, it was my first full English gig, and singing in English is something that i can do, but is not quite my forte. i'm more well-versed in singing Mandarin songs, and added to that, i had to choose my songs from a limited song list due to time constraints, and did not have any rehearsals with the band at all, so i was really quite nervous about screwing up real bad!

in the end, it went okay, but i wouldn't say i did a fantastic job because some of the songs probably didn't really suit me (there were a lot of songs from male artistes) and i was still adjusting to the acoustics of singing with the live band. nonetheless, i had so much fun! especially with Ground Zero being incredibly awesome. Alex, the male vocalist was really great to sing with, and the live band atmosphere was superb!

i look exceedingly retarded when i'm singing though. HAHAHA. so i have only picked those shots in which i don't look quite so bad in! :S

vocalist: Alex, guitarist: Ben, drummer: Alfe, bassist: Mervyn, keyboardist, Celeste!

and the first of my audience that i need to thank is of course YZ ^^ who stayed the entire night and was almost as tired i was by the time it ended! thank you bb! 

sissy Lina also came down, and helped to take all the photos above for me! :D teehee, though i only managed to pick a few acceptable shots out of all the ugly ones :X but i guess i can't blame you for that haha

my favorite Poh sisters, always there to be my cheerleaders!!!! ❤ THANK YOU. (lots of unspoken gratitude) of course, Collin too! :D

the Reenie gang who all had to come down too, hehehe. THANK YOU peeps!!!

the later it got, the merrier! Simin and Yingdan came down too, followed by Eils, Farah and Ella! yay! thank you so much, girls!!! MUACKS. love you all nong time!

and the group of people who are always more than excited to come down support! my awesome pals from the SYC!!! the "kids", Ben, Charlene, Zhengwei, Gloria, Kennard, Zhengyang, Siewlin, Zhirei, Kelvin, Germ and Jiarong as well as my dear Aini (miss you babe!!!), Songern, and Delin all came down! i hope you guys had fun!!

thank you Ella and Farah! :D :D

and my Eils! hehehehe.

so there is this song dedication system, where you can SMS to dedicate songs and all that. and look at what kind of messages came through instead!! =___=

CONFIRM i know is Germ do one. hahahaha. OEI.....

but got lagi better message here...

A PROPOSAL?!!!! guess i don't have to even tell you who is the culprit behind this message...

=_= and some people thought it was a "real" proposal!!! no la, he say say only :X hahahaha. i guess my dear Mr Peh needed a public avenue to express his love and support for me :X okay, go and grab your puke bag now.

BUT HE'S GOT COMPETITION!!! so who is this mysterious person. hahahahaha. ok la bluff one. this was from one of my SYC kids! thanks for creating some drama and hype, hahaha.

with Simin, who came down with her boyfriend! thank you babe!

and two girls that i haven't seen for the longest time popped by to listen and support too, JY and Jozie! :D :D :D so happy to see you two girls! thank you so much for coming down!

us and the two awkward boyfriends Josh and Roy at the back haha! thank you all for coming, i really appreciate it!!!

even dear HJ came down for awhile! :D LOVE LOVE.

can't miss out on these fantastic peeps from Nuffnang!! my dearest manager, Gabby, and with Jayne, Chris and Huixian who all came down to cheer me on too!! i am so touched!! 

with Nadia who also came down with her fiancé! :D :D thank you Nad!!! hope you had fun!

and the girls who made it down for the last set! Hat, Hil and Woon! so glad you girls came down too!

somehow didn't get to take pictures with everybody.. so sad! :((( Evonne came down with Yang and her friends too, and i didn't get a pic with her on my camera :(
at least we got one on her iPhone! :D :D :D thankew for coming down and for being so supportive, babe!!! 

and thank you Ground Zero! it was really a fabulous experience for me!


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