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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wendy & Mark's Wedding Lunch + Soda-pop Cap Lip Smackers!

woohoo!!! i'm damn efficient max for a change today and decided to blog about Wendy's wedding lunch we attended earlier just today... cos after i got back home, i didn't have anything to do and i figured i might as well!!! :X 

usually, the longer i take to edit pictures/blog about something, the chances of it actually seeing the light of day gets lesser and lesser. couldn't let that happen to Wendy's big day, so ta-daaaaahhh!! shall blog about it now! ahaha.

starting with my face of the day! just opened a brand new bottle of foundation to try and it's so nice! light-weight and really brightens up the complexion. plus it doesn't have that heavy skin-cannot-breathe feel some liquid foundations have.
chio right!!! :X super simple makeup with a good foundation base works wonders. also wearing FreshKon's enlarging eye contact lens in brown! really natural.
the foundation is Lancome's Teint Miracle! love it. blends in perfectly into my skin tone and suddenly i have flawless skin :D this is my 2nd liquid foundation (first one is MAC) and i like it so much better!
picking up QQ to camwhore but this dog just refuses to look at the camera! i swear she does it on purpose. TSK. but still so cute! hehehe. 

Fel came over to my place first cos Joyce was gonna give us a lift to the wedding lunch! while waiting, we camwhore lor. what else. hahaha. and played with my doggies! anyway, i have a new Doberman pup, called Coco (named by Clara/dblchin!!! LOL) and she's only 3 months old and still super destructive! she chewed Fel's shoe until the ribbon drop out!!! =_____= my sister's shoe also got chewed! 

meet Coco! she's already quite big and she's gonna get bigger! she's damn manja though! keeps on trying to get our attention and she's whining at night cos she's all alone by herself.
me with Fel! both pretty pretty all ready to go attend the wedding lunch.
i was experimenting new hair styles on QQ too. HAHAHA. i braided her hair back... so cute right!!!! got messy real quick though but so cute lah! she looks like a boho doggie.
so adorable :D
cutie pie!
and my pighuahua! her new name. cos she's a whole new breed of her own. pig X chihuahua.
she's so fat she's too lazy to even jump up on the sofa now liao! hai. 

anyways, we arrived just in the nick of time for the wedding luncheon cos Joyce's GPS brought us to the wrong place OMG. brand Holux. i remember so that next time you can avoid that brand when buying GPS. LOL. we took two big detours and ended up in this ulu road instead!!! but luckily still got iPhone GPS to save the day :D so we reached Sheraton Towers just in time!!!

our table full of pretty girls! :D

Joyce, myself and Nancy!

Deborah, Huijing and Felicia!

Karen, Noi and two of Wendy's schoolmates... whole table all girls but we still managed to finish almost all the food!!! (mostly thanks to me)

anyway, it was a short and sweet wedding lunch, i like! first march-in of the blissful couple... yay!!! our dear Bunzi so pretty today!

mei mei and her gown was gorgeous! :D

and guess who's our MC for the afternoon hahahaha CJM! :D she was so nervous lor. but don't worry dear, you did okay lah!!!

cake-cutting ceremony! ^_^

like i mentioned, it was really a short and sweet affair, so there were no long lengthy speeches, no yam seng and all that! just the march-in, cake-cutting and champagne pouring! which i think is already enough cos when it drags out so long, the guests get bored also!

but now, we can enjoy our food instead :D the food at Sheraton is really good!!!


the couple also decided to do away with sharks fin, so we had abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw and dried scallop soup instead! actually, i like to eat shark fins one. but also good la. save the sharks!

favorite dish! deep fried scallop in a mini yam ring!!! i had... one and a HALF. cos i made Joyce share another half with me :X so yummy!!!

steamed sea bass :D i also like steamed fish a lot so yay to more!

roast chicken with crispy garlic!

yangzhou fried rice... too full by the time we got to this dish and only finished half my portion D: well, it's good to eat less carbs anyway!

and we ended off with mango sago woohoo another of my favorites!

only realized afterwards i didn't take pictures of one dish which is the abalone with spinach. cos the banquet waitresses all serve the food so fast i forgot to take pictures! all our food was served into individual portions after they presented the entire dish at the table! hmm. means you cannot eat more without looking like a glut or be a fussy eater cos it will show on your plate! but aiya, all friends so it's ok.

Wendy and Mark pouring the champagne! her gown looks like a waterfall, the train is so pretty!

and our table photo :D all so pretty!

took photos with all my girls too, dunno when is the next time we're meeting again!!! hopefully soon :D

Nancy who flew off to Taiwan already! so shiok!!! have a super awesome trip okay CJM! see you when you're back! and i need to teach you how to draw eyeliner. LOL

with Joyce! :D thanks for fetching us back and fro today!!! despite our little adventure with your GPS. bwahaha.

with Fel! :D

Miss Huijing our busy busy teacher! come out and meet us soon alright!

with Noi Noi! who was looking so pretty in HWC's cheongsam dress but this Eils damn epic-drama-lost-her-phone-supposed-to-turn-up-in-the-end-didn't-come. TSK.

with Karen, who did up the candy table for today's wedding lunch! erm, didn't manage to take any pictures of that at all cos we were late already :X

another group photo!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! our dearest Wendy!! you look so stunning and gorgeous today and we're all so happy for you!!! YAY!!! first in the clique to get married. i wonder who's next :X wishing you a marriage full of love and happiness!!!! if Mark bullies you, better tell us! we will gao dim him for you :X

didn't get a chance to take a nice OTD shot but here's my instagrammed outfit!

gorgeous toga dress from Topshop that i bought almost a year ago and haven't gotten the chance to wear it yet. it's so pretty! nice shade of pale green, pastels are so back in fashion this season so you oughta go dig out all your pastel clothes too! :D i love the ruffles and asymmetrical hem! matched it with my gladiator heels from GUESS and a studded sling bag so it doesn't look so dressy/girly! had the intention of manufacturing a similar piece for TVD but i think the workmanship would be waaay too costly. yay/nay?


moving on, i received this strange brown package in the mail last week and i was wondering what it was.....
it says "The Good Old Days" in front and has my name on it??? i was like ???!!!! SHEN ME LAI DE??!!

then i opened it up and i went like HUH? hahahahaha. so cute! it's filled with old school toys that some of you must have played with during your childhood, unless you are too young :X in which case you don't belong in my era!!!

amidst all the old school toys... do you spot some objects camouflaging? :D yes!!! those soft drink bottle caps....

they are actually Lip Smacker Soda-pop Cap lip balms! ^_^

these lip balms are in a super handy size that you can pop into your bag with ease! comes packaged like a soda pop bottle cap, and in three familiar flavors, Fanta Orange, Coca-Cola and Sprite!!! :D so awesome!

they smell just like their respective flavors, and leave my lips looking soft and kissable! (>ω<*)ノノ

Soda-pop Cap Lip Smackers are now available exclusively at Watsons for $6.90 each! get a dose of some old school nostalgia with one of these in your bag, always ready for soft, moisturized lips on-the-go!


so YZ has been away for the past one week already, and there's still a week before he's back!! we've been keeping in touch via Skype and Whatsapp though, thank goodness for technology :D

Skyping intercontinentally... hehehe. so corny but after not seeing him for so many days getting to see him on Skype puts a smile on my face! ^_^

apparently, he's having a ball of a time over in South Africia and he sent me some pictures of the scenery, which is breathtakingly beautiful! super clear blue skies and gorgeous shores.

and this silly boy surprises me with some really sweet gestures like this every now and then... seeing this picture put another smile on my face too ^_^

counting down til Saturday when he comes back! :D good thing i have lots of activities to keep me busy til Saturday rolls around,

for instance, tomorrow is Nuffnang's 5th anniversary birthday bash dinner at Swisshotel!!! OMG. i haven't figured out what to wear and i need to book a last minute hair appointment at Salon Vim! but still, so excited about it cos i think it's gonna be a blast!!! plus, get to catch up with all the Nuffies and bloggers too! heehee absolutely cannot wait!


lastly, another shout-out for Imagine Music!

the last vocal workshop was a huge success, and there will be another workshop open for registration, this coming Friday, 2nd March, at 7.30PM!! once again, it's a totally free-of-charge vocal workshop, so if you missed it the last time, do sign up for this coming Friday's workshop!

Date: 2nd March 2012 
Time: 7.30pm 
Venue: Imagine Music SG 
Blk 231 Bain Street #04-55 Bras Basah Complex, (S)180231

 Call 6337 0855 to REGISTER now! 
Only 30 seats are available!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More snippets of CNY + Spa Archipelago!

whoa, can't believe CNY is almost exactly 1 month ago already, cos it seems like yesterday we were all just feasting and celebrating away!! :( i still have pictures from CNY haha so i thought i'd put up more of them before they end up forgotten in the dusty recesses of my computer hard disk!

on CNY day three: i joined YZ's family for the day, we had planned on going to Resorts World Sentosa for the Malaysian Food Street (some new food attraction there) but when we got there, the queue was so insanely long, YZ's family decided to give it a miss, and we ended up traveling all the way to Changi, to Ramen Champion at T3 for lunch instead!
all we did at RWS was to take pictures :X YZ and i! he's wearing one of my favorite polo tees from and i'm wearing the new Luxe Floral Romper in Lavender (i wear a size M) that i'm absolutely in love with ^__^
another picture! i really like the collar/hem contrast for YZ's polo tee, and the fit is uber good too!
drove like 20-30 minutes from RWS to end up at Ramen Champion... which is a restaurant housing a few different stalls/brands/styles of ramen, and you order with a card (like Marche) and pay upon leaving the restaurant.
that cute beeper thing that beeps when your order is ready.
and here's my ramen! it looks delish, but in actual fact i'll only rate it about 6.5/10, the noodles were too soggy and the broth was so thick and salty it was hard to finish.. the saving grace was the egg and pork slices! dunno how all these japanese ramen places do their egg with that half boiled melty egg yolk thing.
loved the pork cos it was really tender and melts in the mouth! :D
prawn tempura that was decent. we ordered gyoza and it was terrible, especially by japanese standards. the dumpling skin was so thick and tough you couldn't even bite through it properly. soggy, too. yucks. didn't even bother to take a picture of it.
it isn't very expensive but not very cheap either, about 15 dollars for a bowl of ramen so with some side dishes, probably cost 25 per pax inclusive GST and all that. wouldn't go back again, there are so many places with much better ramen and japanese food in singapore!

in the evening, went 拜年-ing at the Poh family residence! :D
a shot of my full outfit, including my knit shrug that i got from Miss Selfridge :D YZ's doing strange things behind me =_=
YZ with cuz Edwin!
one table of happy people all ready to tuck into Auntie Poh's superb home-cooked dishes!
i can never get enough of her curry :D
so we spent the whole night gambling... what's new???

halfway through, we decided to change the game to "In-Between", i don't know if you've played it before but it's damn exciting and super gan cheong!!! basically everyone contributes the same amount into a pool of money, from which the players can either win/lose money from/to, and the game is really simple, each player is dealt two cards, after which you can call an amount from the money pool to bet: like you can bet $4, and if your 3rd card falls in between the 1st and 2nd card, you win $4 from the pool! so if your number falls outside of the 1st and 2nd card, you have to contribute $4.

however, if you suay suay happen to kena the SAME number of either your 1st or 2nd card, you have to pay up double to the pool! KNN..... i drew a 3 and a K, and the probability of winning was pretty high, so i decided i wouldn't be too greedy and said $50.

WADDAFUQ i kena the same number so i had to pay $100 to the pool!!! $(*@#*@(&#*$@$@!!!
sibei suay. of all the cards i could have kena-ed. and this happened like twice??? this game is seriously jinxed! but it's really very exciting hahahaa. thankfully, in the end i won back a little and YZ won some of my money too lol so at least i can make him treat me dinner with the money he won :X

on 人日, we went back too cos my 干妈干爹 Auntie and Uncle Poh invited us to lou hei together!!!
Auntie Poh and her painstakingly made lou hei. all handmade one!!!
adding the peanuts in...
there's abalone and bak kua in this lou hei! 好料!!!
HUAT AHHH!!!!!!!!! i swear it was the yummiest lou hei i've had this year!!! home made is still the best ^_^
and yet another spread of home cooked food! gosh... 不肥才怪! really!!
so much good food!
Auntie Poh says must eat 算盘子, 吃了才有钱算!!! i kiasu, eat two. let me have lots and lots of money to count please. lol
spent the afternoon there... changed to Grainy Film mode on my EP3 for fun. watching them play mahjong while we entertained ourselves too! singing KTV. ahahaha. sang all kinds of old school songs especially for Uncle and Auntie Poh. Theresa Teng la, and all the old Hokkien songs! with my half past six Hokkien. did you notice something funny hahaha Collin and YZ turned up in the exact same shirt, from once again!!! (PS. i am not advertising for MerryMen ok, all the items YZ got from MerryMen are all bought!)

can't believe after all the food i ate (lou hei, lunch, and various assorted CNY goodies while at the Poh residence) i still went for one last lou hei and dinner with my family at night! *faints* how to diet you tell me. no peektures from dinner cos my battery ran flat! but we went to a damn nice zhi char place at Toa Payoh, it's one of my family's favorite dinner places! shiokkkkkkkazoids.


anyway, for the past few collections, TVD has been giving out Spa Archipelago vouchers, and some of you customers who may have won yourself one of these vouchers might be interested to find out more about Spa Archipelago! i went down to Spa Archipelago to experience the treatment for myself, as i wouldn't want customers to experience a lousy spa treatment!

i went to the Spa Archipelago located at 61 Stamford Road, which is pretty near Cityhall.
it's a two-storey establishment within a building, and the place is done up really nice and posh! went upstairs, where most of the treatment rooms, and also the bathing/shower facilities are located, for my treatment.

very cozy interior that doesn't look clinical and scary like some facial places/spas do D:

my treatment room! unfortunately, wasn't able to take any pictures during my treatment ( i went for the facial one!) but as all facials go, i felt it was very relaxing and comfortable, except for the extraction bit :X i always enjoy going for facial treatments with all the head and shoulder massaging cos it helps to relieve all that extra tension and stress from our hectic lifestyles! the therapist attending to me was very attentive, and i had a very good experience!

my facial spa started with cleansing, (which i'm sure you know is the most important step of your skincare regime!) followed by a gentle seaweed peeling gel to exfoliate (essential for whitening purposes and for overall skin renewal), extraction, then a massage and mask! they use their own in-house specially formulated products which won't be too harsh on your skin, and even finish off with application of their special sunblock so your skin is still protected from harmful UV rays after the facial!

and after your treatment, you can even make use of the facilities within the spa to shower, or enjoy a soak in the bathtub! they even have a sauna room that's available for all customers to use!

nice big toilet facilities, with built-in blowdryers, i'm sure you know how convenient those are :D

one of the shower cubicles!

or if you prefer it.. there are bathrooms available! you can take a nice long bath and enjoy your soak after your complimentary treatment!

aaand the sauna room!
back downstairs after my treatment, and served a cup of nice, hot, tea ^_^

there are two complimentary treatments you can choose from, and the one that i did was the WHITENING EXFOLIANTÉ FACE SPA, but you can also choose the BODY CONTEUR SPA, both worth $160! both treatments will also entitle you to a complimentary bath!

Spa Archipelago
Stamford Court, 61 Stamford Road #01-08

Tel: 6333 0339

we're still giving away vouchers for the next couple of collections, so i really hope you customers actually do utilize the vouchers to enjoy and try out these two spa treatments! give yourselves a break from work/school and take some time out to indulge in a spa session to pamper yourself!!! take it as our way of saying THANK YOU for shopping with us at TVD ^_^

alright... enough typing already! i need to sleep so i can wake up early to get more work done! have a great week, everyone!
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