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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lancôme Visionnaire + Lancôme Beauty Institute!

i'm always excited to try out new skin care products, and this particular product made me really really excited: Lancôme's Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector!

could be just really good marketing, but i've heard SO many good things about it, that i was really looking forward to seeing how this product would work for me! i mean, just look at the statistics shown in the video below, it already sounds like a miracle product!

apparently, it's named LR 2412 because it took the Lancôme scientists 2412 attempts to get it right!

LR 2412 is so revolutionary, because it's said to be able to self-propel through the layers of epidermis to set off a series of micro-transformations to the tissue, which allows for a radical effect to take place!

but the burning question is, did Visionnaire work for me? and your answer is below.. i decided to just show two pictures, one before and after, of about 1 month of using the product! (i actually started using it before the 9th November, i just can't find the pictures i took then! -_-)

please pardon my terrible dark eye rings and my constellation of moles/freckles, cos i didn't have a smidgen of makeup on at all in both pictures! with zero editing as well.

t tried to maintain consistency by keeping a similar angle and lighting for both pictures. i must say, i'm really impressed with the difference! you can see how i was having a small breakout in the "before" picture, and had angry spots, blemishes and redness on my nose and cheeks. after a period of 20 days, the blemishes have indeed faded, and my skin looks clearer and brighter, overall! my skin texture is slightly improved, which is especially obvious on the cheek. of course, it could be that my skin healed on its own, but i'd like to believe that Visionnaire played a significant role in it.

i've read reviews about how some people find the scent too overpowering, but i don't feel so at all, i love the fragrance of the serum, and it's so easily absorbed into the skin, it feels like it melts right in! one pump is sufficient for my entire face, and feels just right. It doesn't leave any greasy feeling after application, and in fact i feel like my skin is instantly rejuvenated!

i must say that i haven't really seen any effects in regards to reducing wrinkles and minimizing pores, but probably also because i don't have that much trouble with wrinkles or large pores to begin with. the most obvious effect after usage for me would be better skin texture, lightened pigmentation (not for my moles and freckles though) and more radiant skin.

Lancôme Visionnaire Serum is retailing at SGD135 for a 30ml bottle, available at all Lancôme counters island wide! :)


because the Visionnaire Serum is so groundbreaking, Lancôme Beauty Institute has even launched a special Skin Corrector Treatment, that focuses on using the super effective LR 2412 molecule used in generous amounts, and coupled with other techniques such as shiatsu, iontophoresis, and a fusion massage!

and the results? your skin will be visibly transformed and radiant, with finer and brighter skin texture; wrinkles are erased, pores are tightened, complexion irregularities are visibly reduced, for recreating truly beautiful skin!

Jazlyn kindly invited me to try the Skin Correct Treatment, and i went down to the Lancôme Beauty Institute at Marina Bay Sands for a session of rejuvenation and pampering!

i was served a cup of rose tea, whilst the therapist prepared the room for me!

and here's the entrance to the little cocoon like space where the treatment will be carried out.
the room is lit with mood lighting, which is set to different colors/modes depending on the treatment that you're doing! soooo cooooool. it's super cozy, and once you lie down on the treatment bed, you feel all fuzzy and comfortable already.
the therapy suite even comes with an attached shower and bathroom, which is really exceptionally posh!

all ready for treatment, wrapped in the provided robe.

there's even a hair brush and contact lens case/solution provided, which is so thoughtful!

after getting changed and ready, all i had to do was to press a button on the wall (photo above!) to indicate to the therapist that i was ready, and my Skin Correct Treatment began! i found out something interesting as well, for every different kind of treatment that is created at the Lancôme Beauty Institute, a piece of music is specially commissioned and composed for it, so everything you're experiencing during your treatment is all tailor made to best suit the treatment for maximum results! which is realllyyyy cool.

obviously, i wasn't able to take pictures of myself having the treatment done, but it was really so shiok, i fell asleep in the middle of it! LOL. yes, that's my idea of a good facial treatment session, to be so completely relaxing that i can fall asleep! (which is pretty hard for me, when it comes to facials and all that).

however, here's a brief outline of what the Skin Correct Treatment comprises of:

- Preparing the skin. 
To tighten pores deep down, zone by zone, but also to fully release tension in the face, the traditional steam method is replaced by a relaxing cleansing ritual, inspired by Japanese “Oshibori” (hot towels). These dance over the skin following a very precise choreography, alternating rocking movements and delicate stroking with pressure applied to the shiatsu points. 

- The heart of the treatment. 
An innovative formula coupled with an innovative treatment technique: iontophoresis, which uses a weak electrical charge to optimise the penetration of active ingredients into skin. Following a generous application of the Visionnaire serum, the face is covered with a iontopheretic mask to boost absorption of the LR 2412 molecule. Skin tingles deliciously all over and already feels reactivated, as if being fully transformed... 

- A 34-minute skin “re-creating” massage for a spectacular result. 
Every Lancôme treatment includes a “Fusion massage”: a unique combination of Eastern and Western massage techniques for maximum effects on the face. The Skin Corrector Treatment Fusion Massage penetrates deeply for an ultra-toning and revitalising effect, targeting all the facial muscles and skin layers, to stimulate the face’s microcirculation and boost the absorption of the active ingredients. The massage is performed first on one half of the face and then on the other so that the client can clearly feel, after the first half, that her skin is changing.

i believe the entire treatment took about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and i fully enjoyed every second of it, because it was so relaxing! the therapist was excellent, and at the end of the session, i was feeling thoroughly revitalized and relaxed!

and here's my radiant, glowing skin right after treatment. no makeup on again, but i immediately felt the difference, much brighter and more radiant skin, and somehow my skin looked visibly lifted and firm immediately! soooo goooood.

here's the range of products that were used during the Skin Corrector Treatment.

i was also served a different tea after treatment (different kinds of teas are served again depending on what treatment you went for, once again i love how thoughtful Lancôme is to tailor every detail to the specifics!) and the therapist also explained a little on the products she used on me earlier! you can also choose to get your makeup re-done at the Lancome makeup counter, but i didn't find it necessary.

and at the end of my treatment, i even had a complimentary hair touch up at the neighboring hair salon,  SALON 360, which will definitely be appreciated by the ladies who don't wanna walk out of Lancôme Beauty Institute looking like they just crawled out of bed. heh. got really nice curls done, and left a happy girl! :D

Lancôme Beauty Institute Skin Corrector Treatment is available at $290 for 90 minutes.

Lancôme Beauty Institute (2 locations)
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #B2-40,
Canal Level 
Tel: 6688 7666

Goodwood Park Hotel Service Apartments, 
22 Scotts Road, Singapore (228221). 
Tel: 6737 6778.

if you're one for indulgent sessions and pampering, the Skin Corrector Treatment will definitely be up your alley! bring your mom or your girlfriend for a surprise treat, they'd be sure to enjoy this luxurious session and treatment, and of course leave with glowing skin and fabulous hair! i would love to bring my mom down to MBS some day, and spend some quality time shopping together or having a meal, followed by a session at the Lancôme Beauty Institute. it would be really great to de-stress and just take some time off your hectic schedule!

once again, thank you Lancôme, and Jazlyn, for allowing me the opportunity to try such a fabulous product and treatment! my skin has never felt so loved before!


ok, since i've shown so many pictures of my makeup less face, i figure i ought to make up for it (pun intended! HAHA) with some rather nicer looking pictures of myself. LOL.

my skin looks so glowy and nice! :D love how it looks!

got this necklace from Topshop, it's so dainty and cool at the same time, i love it ;)

Pretty as a Cupcake Romper in Wine and the London Bridge Blazer in Cream.

ok i REALLY love how awesome my skin looks. woooo.

anyways, i'm off for my 2-night cruise at the moment (SO EGGCITING i haven't been on a cruise for like what, 4 years!!!) so see you when i'm back on Friday afternoon! don't go away ah!!! ;D

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ice-cream Making Workshop at Tom's Palette + K-Palette Limited Edition Eyeliner!

i must admit it: i'm a horrible cook! the only thing i can cook without messing the kitchen up is instant noodles. hahahaha. but i'm pretty damn good at cooking instant noodles okay! it's an art. anyway, i had the chance to attend an ice cream making workshop at Tom's Palette together with Fel, and i jumped at the opportunity!!! who doesn't love ice cream??? and i didn't know that making ice cream could be so simple, even a noob like me can do it!

Fel came over to my place first, then we cabbed down to Shaw Leisure Gallery, where Tom's Palette is located! i've heard of Tom's Palette and their homemade ice cream quite a few times, but never had the chance to try their ice cream, so i was really excited to be there for the workshop!

so we had a demonstration by the experienced staff on how we should go about making our ice cream, before we jumped right in and started making our own, we all had work stations and ingredients all prepared for us already! and courtesy of Tom's Palette, i'll be sharing the recipe for making easy home made Horlicks ice cream that you can even try yourself at home... read on!!!

so proud of ourselves, with our home made Horlicks ice cream that tasted really really really good!!!!!! YAY!!!! actually, the ice cream recipe that we followed is like the easiest recipe ever la. most of the flavors found at Tom's Palette are much more complicated than that, LOL. so you must go down to Tom's Palette to try their unique and really damn yummy flavors!!! and that's me with Elfaine, the lady behind The Sample Store, who got this workshop organized for us. thanks Elfaine!!!! ^____^

i ended up buying a pint of the Salted Egg Yolk flavor together with Granny's Favorite! which is cookie dough with chocolate ice cream if i remember correctly. the two of them make such an awesome combination! i know Salted Egg Yolk ice cream sounds kinda weird, but it's REALLY nice!!!

Tom's Palette has been featured in so many publications before!

Fel and I are happy campers! after the ice cream making workshop, we went for a food tasting lunch at Oversea Restaurant at Shaw Leisure Gallery again (i LOVE that place!!!) but i'll post that up in a separate entry soon! too many pictures. hahah. ice cream followed by the best lunch ever. what a perfect Saturday!


Tom’s Palette
100 Beach Road #01-25 Shaw Leisure Gallery S(189702) 
Tel: 6296 5239 or 9070 7701

 Operating hours: 
Mon-Thurs 12-9.30pm 
Fri-Sat 12-10pm 
 Sunday 1-7pm 
(closed on the last Sunday of the month) 

part of my outfit, H&M printed skirt, and stockings from Risque! i love them, they are adorable! thanks Ling! think they're not up for sale on the site yet, but should be soon! :P
Fel and i enjoying our Horlicks ice cream! 
and i told you the recipe is so simple you can even do it yourself at home.. i tried it again at home, and it was a success!!!!!! YZ was so amazed with me hahahahahahaha

multiplied the ingredients x 3 so that i could make a bigger portion instead :D and i tried it with Milo powder.. just as yummy!!

some tips to take note of when trying the recipe at home:

*try to use full cream milk and not low fat milk cos it will affect the consistency/creaminess of the final product!

*it's whipping cream, not whipped cream, so don't buy the wrong one! whipping cream is a thick cream in a carton form!

*when heating the milk, just allow it to steam lightly, and then stir in the Horlicks powder!
*let the mixture cool down for about half an hour before freezing it, cos you don't wanna spoil your freezer by putting hot stuff in it!

*leave the whisk in the mixture when setting it to freeze! so that you can use the whisk to churn the ice cream more easily afterwards :D it took my mixture at home about 3 hours to really freeze into a nice creamy consistency! do check in every hour and give it a churn to keep the ice cream softer!

*the ice cream will keep for about 3 months without any preservatives, so you don't have to worry about it spoiling fast!

HAPPY ICE CREAM MAKING, leave a comment if you have any questions or inquiries about the recipe/steps!


and other than Tom's Palette, guess what. my favorite K-Palette eyeliner now comes in this super super chio BRIGHT PINK packaging that's limited edition, especially for Christmas!!!

the pink packaging is specially designed by a Japanese model, Shiho Takechi, and it even comes with a Bonus Music CD containing K- Palette’s image song “Beautiful Girl”, sung by Japanese band, Thmlues! so cute, only the Japanese would come up with something like this!
this is Shiho Takechi, she's so pretty and doll like!!

and you can watch the promotion video for K-Palette X Shiho Takechi here!

now i won't have any trouble locating my eyeliner inside my makeup pouch anymore. it's so bright and pink i can spot it immediately!

my look with K-Palette Super Black Eyeliner, this is really my holy grail eyeliner that's so easy to apply, and even easier to cleanse off! love it so much!

K-Palette limited edition Super Black Eyeliner (Waterproof) in Pink exclusively available at Sasa, retailing at SGD20.90!


randomly, i just bought (yet) another lens for my Olympus E-P3, and it's the 45mm 1.8 prime lens, which is pretty darn good for taking portraits... it's mid telephoto though so i'm not sure how much i'd use it.. but for the price ($430 from Alan Photo) it's definitely a good buy!

and my test subject.. always my fat chihuahua cos she just lies there..... and does nothing! she's the perfect test subject! hahahaha. awesome depth of feel and bokeh from the lens.

she is SO fat but SO cute. i know you love her too.

OKAY. this entry is getting way too long. update again real soon! i'm so excited cos i'm going on Spongbob at Sea with Star Cruises tomorrow night LOL YAYYY WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA??? SPONGBOB SQUUUUARE PANTS!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D :D

do go and try the ice cream recipe and tell me how you fared with it!!! have fuuuunnnn!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

the travelogues: Manila, Philippines, Day 2

i is back to blog about Manila, day 2!
took me damn bloody long, cos we did sooooooooooo many things on Day 2, it was like 2 days squeezed into one. I KID YOU NOT. mega massive picture intensive entry ahead, so i hope you make it through all the way to the end!

read part 1 here!

everyone knows what's one of the best parts of a 6 star hotel. what, you mean you dunno! the best part is.... BUFFET BREAKFAST OMFG.
we were back at The Terrace for our breakfast, and what a spread! everything from hot and piping bacon rashes to wantan noodles to crumbly flaky buttery croissants to quiche pie. so shiok-tisfying!!! 
YZ and i with our fully laden plates. oh oh oh i nearly forgot about the eggs station. you want scrambled egg sunny side up omelette whatever it is you want it you got it. I LOVE EGGS ♥ 
our sleepy eyed breakfast companions Chris and SB! 
i like this shot cos it looks artistic. that's how we look like, having breakfast. how elegant! i think it's the carpet that's nice -.-

after breakfast, we were all ready to head out on our tour of Intramuros, the historic centre and oldest district of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. and we got to sit on a Jeepney!
Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II and are known for their flamboyant decoration and crowded seating. They have become a ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture. The word jeepney is a portmanteau of "jeep" and "Jitney".

our tour guide was explaining to us about how fees are collected in a jeepney. it's really amazing! cos the passengers are sitting side by side on the two rows of a jeepney, the last person passes his money to the person sitting next to him, then the person will pass on the money together with his money, so on and so forth, until it reaches the jeepny driver, who will then magically calculate the change, and pass it back to the first passenger who will then pass it back down. WTF.

which is also why the Jeepney is such a iconic representation of the Filipinos, who are very close knit as a community and also have trust in one another's mutual honesty. not so sure if this system would work in Singapore :S

we arrived at our first destination: Fort Santiago!
Fort Santiago is a defense fortress built for Spanish conquistador, Miguel López de Legazpi. The fort is part of the structures of the walled city of Intramuros, in Manila, Philippines. José Rizal, the Philippines' national hero, was imprisoned in the fort before his execution in 1896. the site features, embedded onto the ground in bronze, his final footsteps representing the walk from his cell to the location of the actual execution.

the exterior of the fort.

ME! the sun was swelteringly baking hot that day. i swear i wanted to die. but still ngeh ngeh wear my cardigan cos i didn't wanna get tanned by the sun!!! HAHAHA.

i really love our tour guide, cos he's super informative and interesting!
i didn't know that the Philippines had such a rich history and culture! did you know that they've been ruled under the Spanish, the Dutch, the British and the Americans? D:

and we were brought to see the shrine of Jose Rizal, who's the national hero and patriot of the Philippines! he wrote many books calling for revolution, and was ultimately sentenced to death for his "crimes", which led to an uproar and eventually, the independence of the Philippines as a nation.

do read the Wiki link above, if you're interested to find out more! i don't wanna bore you all to tears, but i found it very interesting.

this was Jose Rizal's death cell, where he spent his last days while waiting for his sentence...

his poem, inscribed on a piece of paper which he hid inside an oil lamp and smuggled out to his family.

random camwhore shot to break the monotony. hahahahahaha
together with SB!

and these are the last foot steps of Jose Rizal as he walked towards his execution.

hahaha YZ and i being silly with the tourist photo stations!

anyway, it was so so so so so hot, that SB and i bought pretty straw hats from the street vendors! they can be quite pushy, but i figured i'd be happier with a hat to at least shield myself from some of those nasty sun rays, so we gave in la. they're pretty, aren't they!

after our tour of Fort Santiago, we went on to the oldest standing church in Manila: San Augustine Church! it's been standing since 1607!!!

i love visiting churches, and saw a great many in Europe, and the St Augustine Church in Manila kind of reminds me of the churches in Europe, but you can see how Manila's own culture and traditions have permeated even into the faith of Catholicism, so there are variations on how different saints are represented and etc.

apparently, St Augustine is the most popular church for weddings in Manila! i can understand why, cos it's really grand and gorgeous!

wtf this looks 3D but it's actually painted!

we had our lunch at a nearby restaurant, Barbaras! it's done up in traditional spanish style, and even had singers serenading us in all languages, including Spanish, Chinese, English and all that!

unfortunately, i was too stuffed from my hearty breakfast. LOL. so i just stuck to the fruits! Mangoes in the Philippines are sosososososososooooo goooooood!!!
we're happy to be out of the sun, LOL
together with the awesome guide (i think his name was Dustin) and Michelle, who's from Cebu Pacific and is super super sweet!!!

the part everyone was looking forward to, after lunch. LOL. YAY SHOPPING!!!! first, we went to SMX Convention Centre, where there was a craft and art exhibition fair going on!
check out the pretty christmas decorations! not everything was for sale though -_- some of them were only samples for pre-ordering and display! :( sad max.
two women garbed in traditional wear, weaving a complicated pattern on a carpet! 
and MY FAVOURITE. SHOES!!!! i really regret not buying more!! :( :(
hand woved totes, clutches as well!
did you spot YZ's new shoes?
yeap, this is where i got those mad pretty rainbow wedges!!! how i wish i bought more shoes. and they were so cheap!!! like... 20 sing dollars?? super comfy too! #emo why i never buy more shoes ;_;

we then went to a huge shopping mall, where i bought snacks back home for family and friends, remember to buy dried mango back!!!! it's soooo cheap and soooo good!!!!!!!
felt like home, guess what we spotted, Gong Cha and Timezone! hahahaha. cheaper there too :X we all had a cuppa each!

by then, it was about 4 ish, so we went back to our hotel room to freshen up for dinner and our evening activities!

omg look what i saw back at the spick and span hotel room. FRESH FRUITS, and pineapple that's already been cut up for you! *shakes head* six star hotel 就是不一样!

so we showered and changed and all that, and it was time for dinner already! i love how well fed i am, whenever i travel overseas, lol. it's like i haven't even got time to digest one meal, and it's time for the next meal already! we had dinner at Impressions, another one of the many restaurants in Resorts World Manila!

YZ and i with my "amuse boche" hahaha it's just a dollop of creamy something with roe but it tastes soooo good!

the main course was excellent!! marinated beef short ribs with meat that was so tender, it simply fell off the bone... almost didn't taste like beef! complete with this home made herbs pasta! yummy!

and our assorted berries tiramisu! almost didn't have time to wolf it down, cos we were running late for our next programme, which was The Sound of Music musical, at Newport Performing Arts Theatre!!

I LOVE MUSICALS! the singing was fantastic, didn't expect anything less cos i always think that all Filipinos are amazing singers, lol. look at Lea Salonga or even Charice! crazy good singers! anyway, i loved the adorable von Trapp children, especially the littlest one! they totally stole the show away cos they were so cute!

posing with a cut out of Kurt von Trapp, haha!
blending in with Maria and Captain von Trapp. bwahaha. Maria was really great too, i think it's really hard to sing, and act, and dance, all at the same time! mega respect!

oh yes, i immediately wore my new shoes. THEY ARE SO PRETTY!!!

and finally.. drawing to the end of the day: our last stop was at Republiq, the newest and hippest club in Manila!
didn't really spend very long in there la, cos we were all tired already! but we all had a drink, and enjoyed the atmosphere for abit. it was a damn happening club!

i'm not drinking coke ok that is coke with vodka!
the crowd streaming in as we were leaving... and a whole row of scary looking bouncers.

i think we went to the casino after that to try our luck (no photography allowed inside there, obviously) but i didn't win any money! had pretty sucky luck on my trip there la. and so when we went back up to our room to retire for the night, it was probably like 1 or 2am already gosh. such an activity packed day but it was so much fun!!!

to end off the entry with pictures of my outfit, the Ladder Back Flare Dress in Teal! super love the sexy back heehee.

only half a day more (day 3) before we headed back to Singapore! ;( so sad it ended so soon. Day 3 entry will be up when i finish editing those photos! hope you've enjoyed reading so far!
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