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Saturday, April 30, 2011

zomg i has bangs

finally took some time out to fix a hair appointment with Steph at Salon Vim, my hair has been growing so thick and unmanageable, and the black roots were really ugly! :( my hair just looked very shapeless and my fringe was very heavy and messy especially due to the humid and hot weather lately, really hated it! :(
i finally plucked up the courage to cut my fringe into straight bangs again after years,
because every time i tried it previously, it just either looked very weird, or if not i'd look extremely juvenile like a 12 year old -__-

BUT this time round, i'm loving it!!! heehee. glad Steph & Gary persuaded me into the bangs because i love how it looks! i don't look so mature and boring now, and the new hair color is so gorgeous! <3 i love Salon Vim! now i'm wondering if i should keep the bangs for the next few months and maintain it, or just let it grow out naturally! what do you all think?
isn't the hair color lovely! i hope it doesnt fade too soon. love love love it!
JY and I because we attended a Biotherm event together right after my hair appointment! more about the event in the next entry!
and because of the dandruff and oily scalp issues i was experiencing, Steph got me these products: Loreal Professional's medicated shampoo and conditioner along with one of their best selling hair masks! just started using them, hopefully the gross dandruff and oily scalp will be gone in a jiffy! can't stand how my scalp and hair get so greasy and limp especially in the current humid weather ):

you know how some hair styles only look good when you leave the hair salon, and looks absolutely crap the next day after washing your hair yourself? just to show you all how my hair looked this morning, i didn't bother to style the ends and just did a quick blow dry but it still looks great!
paired with my geeky spectacles, i hope i look 18 instead of 28 now! knn people always think i same age as YZ :(((

once again, THANK YOU Steph and thank you Salon Vim for being my hair savior! ♥♥♥
i love you all very muchly. even though John couldn't stop smirking after seeing my new hair style.

i highly recommend Salon Vim really, every time i've been there, they've always done a fantastic job with my hair! sigh i feel so spoilt by them, i know my hair will never get used to the regular neighbourhood salon cut again (HAHAHA ok i exaggerate) if you'd like to book an appointment with Salon Vim, remember to quote my name YINA, and you get a 10% discount off all hair services :)

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

"Like" their Facebook page too because they hold promotions and contests regularly on FB and you don't wanna miss them! :)

i look incapable of swearing or cursing or anything vile in general. i feel like i had a personality transplant instead of a haircut with this cutesy fringe! LOL. but i likeee :D :D :D maybe people will stop flaming me now that i look so harmless :S just kidding.

and it's yet another long weekend ahead!!!! not that it makes any difference to me. need to go to the office on Sunday and Monday to work work work! i'm a workaholic! but that's only because i love my work! hopefully the rest of you all lovely people have a restful weekend. especially as most should have received the extra moolah $_$ shopping time! go down to FirstDay at Plaza Singapura if you're free because we stocked in lots of awesome items this week, including some self-manufactured pieces that's yet to be launched online and other shop exclusive items! ♥

oh also, i've uploaded the entire episode 8 of K歌2击队 so you can watch it on YouTube! link to Part 1 below! this is the epic episode that i cried on. my mascara ran somemore. super unglam.

off to beddy, long choir rehearsal tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


preview for Series 55!
the highly awaited manufactured skirt is finally here! :D been getting many questions about it on formspring and all, glad to finally be launching it in tomorrow's collection! :)))

say hello to the Cabriole Tulip Skirt in 4 colors, Classic Black, Almond Khaki, Duke Blue & Olive Green! also comes in three sizes S, M & L :) i take a size M, measurements are pretty similar to our previous manufactured bottoms :) it also has elastic bands at the sides, so there's abit of stretch and allowance!

spot the Geometric Printed Romper as well in the preview, this is the romper that i wore in an earlier entry! it's super comfy and i heart it! there's also a simple but very easy-to-wear bohemian tie-sash shirtdress in Nude & Black!

lastly, the Lace Insert Embroidery Tunic is being launched in two new colors! :) i've already shown the Kelly Green piece in the post below, the other color is Persian Blue! am totally loving these 2 new colors! :D probably not backordering this piece anymore so don't miss it kay :)
all these to be launched in tomorrow night's collection!
can't wait :))) there are many more gorgeous apparel in store for y'all! hohohoho. i love clothes hehehe. spreading the love!
launch will be at 8.30PM Thursday night! :)


i feel like dying because my internet is down and i'm using the extremely slow and inconvenient iphone internet tethering to stay online! :((( was unable to reply emails thus, wanted to launch tonight but i think 算了, 没办法! :( because i need to clear the 29511942 emails first! :( *spam sad smiley faces*

so. just to keep the bored readers entertained (i'm assuming there are actually still some readers left and they havent all migrated else where ;(... here's the song we performed live on radio last week, 珊瑚海 by jay chou & lara.

i need to do so many things, i don't know where to start!

oh and GUESS WHAT! the results for Face of Salon Vim 2011 is out!!!!
AND MY DARLING MODEL CLARA WON!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO SO HAPPY FOR HER!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D YAYY!!!!! next time she will have even more chio and gorgeous hair! my other friend Evonne was one of the 3 finalists too! too bad they didnt have more than one winner! :((
(yes, that's the Lace Insert Tunic in a new color. hehe)

woohoo!!!! congratulations!!!!
i love her write-up btw, definitely +++ points for effort!

Name: Clara
Age: 22+
Occupation: Undergraduate
Style: Comfort Casual and Playful
Reason for participating: We’ve all done it. We change our hairstyles for many reasons- out of boredom, as a confident booster, keeping up with fashion trends or for some, after a heart-wrenching breakup. So, why did I sign up for this? Been naturally endowed with heavy, thick, frizzy and stiff locks, my attempts in getting them dyed, straightened and curled at various salons over the years did not pay off. This entire process is not only costly and unproductive (note: I hate wasting money), but it has resulted in damaged and dry hair. Salon Vim came into the picture through my blogger friend’s recommendation and I became even more intrigued after browsing through pictures of remarkable makeovers, gorgeous hairstyles and healthy hair textures spotted by their customers. With this, I have decided to let my adventurous side take the lead and I trust that I will be in good hands. =)

watch the results video here! and you can look at all the contest submissions on Salon Vim's facebook page too!

speaking of which, i really need to go for a haircut! :(
wanted to go today hai. see how see how.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

想YY on Y.E.S 9.33FM!

想YY made its debut radio appearance last night, on Y.E.S 9.33FM!

if you follow my twitter, or facebook, you might have caught my tweets/statuses about our airtime, which was Friday night 9-9.30PM! us, together with Erick & Bernard of 小老板 spent some time together with Ivy 艾薇 and chatted a little about ourselves and about K歌2击队 :D there was also a segment of live music and we sang a short duet with the help of Erick's accompaniment! it was rather unrehearsed so i felt it wasn't very good on my part, but what's more important is that we enjoyed ourselves tremendously :)

it's not my first time on live radio, but it's been some time already! anyway, i always hate hearing the sound of myself talking so i actually quite abhor the idea of going on radio :( i hate hearing my lisp because it's so obvious! sucks to be me. God gave me a love for singing and a speech disability to go along with it. but regardless of my own personal dislike of my voice, it was still a FUN experience! :DDD Ivy the DJ is really chatty and cute, and 小老板 sang a wonderful song!

so, picture spam time!
side tangent: new DSLR that sissy and i are sharing, so this is my first time bringing it out! still not adept at using it -.-

my boy & i!

say hello to Bernard & Erick, they're two very talented fabulous singers & musicians! extremely nice as well! :)

while waiting for our airtime to begin..

that's Peifen & Ivy of Y.E.S.9.33!

self-shot! :P

Erick brought his portable keyboard along for the live segment! he's really amazing with it.

Ivy's extremely cute :D

YZ. his face very sharp now hor?

the session was over in no time at all, minus-ing off some commercial breaks and songs. haha! it felt like it only lasted 10 minutes! actually i do think it's fun to be on radio. i just dislike my own voice and sound! boohoo. never mind.

小老板 & 想YY!!

these two guys are really super duper helpful. ever since our first episode together, they've been extremely nice and friendly!
major respeck for their musical talents as well.

they're very funny and humorous too! lol.

took a picture together with Ivy too! thank you for hosting us on your show!

小老板 with Ivy!

想YY again ^-^V


also, thank you Evonne for helping us to record the episode down! :D
have listened to bits of it already. but i don't think i want to post it here because i really don't like how i sound when i talk. you know how it's different when you hear yourself on a recording and when you talk in person. i'm still able to accept how i sound like to my own ears in person, but not how i sound like on a recording which is silly, because that's how everyone else hears you as :( i really think i ought to see a speech pathologist. but it's like i've spent 23 years of my life like this already, and still managed to get along. sigh! :(((

last outfit picture.
it feels like Sunday today already but it isn't and i have rehearsal later in the afternoon!
randomly, i've been binge eating like crazy the past two weeks and i realllyyyy need to stop. my tummy looks about 5 months preggy. soup diet to the rescue.

going to crash now! have an awesome Easter weekend, y'all!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


preview up for S54! :D a manfactured piece that i'm lovin!
it's called the Tribal Craft Embroidered Tunic and comes in 5 colors,
Ocha Green, Mustard, Persian Blue, Nude Pink & White :)))

made of my favourite chiffon rayon, it's extremely comfy and the material doesnt require much ironing :)
comes with a sash so you can wear it with a sash or tucked into shorts. awesome top for casual days! model kept nude pink! i kept white :D

launch probably on Thursday night!
will update with timing again :)


our two performances from last night's episode of K歌2击队,
will upload the entire episode when i'm free! (maybe tomorrow night)

anyway, you get to see my mummy in the first video clip. lol! i think she's super 上镜! she's been waiting for this episode to air forever already because she's secretly very excited to see herself on TV. LOL! also spot YZ's brother & sister plus Gina. not to mention all the XYY supporters! :D

hope you all like the videos! :)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


hehe well not literally, but just a virtual tour around the office of our extremely chaotic move in today! -.-

we've been cleaning up the space for some time, because the previous tenant left it in really terrible condition, the carpet was so filthy and the entire place smelled of gross smoke and god-knows-what! so after the past couple weeks of going over the carpet with industry sized vacuum cleaners, painting the walls freshly, discussing with the contractors regarding the reno work, building of racks for our stocks, and shifting the studio set-up in, we're almost all good :D :D despite facing lots of obstacles today, we managed to get it up and running!

yeap, those red bags are all full of stocks -___-

even more! so scary.

had to lug all those stocks from the suppliers to the office.. omg, hard work! thank you darling R & C for all the help :D :D :D


studio setup in progress!
one of the problems we had was not having a 2-pin plug adapter to plug in the studio lights -_- and then we spent the better part of half an hour trying to assemble a very confusing clothes rack. and we didnt have a proper changing room. and no mirror, and the camera trigger was out of battery etc etc....

and we were terribly short on resources :( i had to use a pail as a makeshift stool! ;(
that's our first model, Cath, to grace the new office studio :D
(psst. if you like the dress, it's an upcoming manufactured piece on Megagamie and it's superb!)

here's some random shots around the office!

colorful stocks and a rainbow striped pasar malam bag. haha!

the super powerful Rainbow vacuum cleaner! saved our life with this. you wouldnt believe the amount of filth we sucked into this machine omg! the water in the filtration system inside turned this murky black color. gross maximum. poor ZY dedicated many hours to just cleaning the carpet... D:

fooling around with accessories and props

we now have a combined force of about 10000 pairs of shoes just for photoshoots.

lots of accessories too.....

check out the super colorful dresses/tops coming up in the next few launches :D :D :D i love all the colors and designs!

last but not least.. hello to Megagamie, TheVelvetDolls and LittleRedHeels!

we might hold a little tea party or office warming party once we're all settled in! possibly with clearance sales & pre-launch preview/sale of upcoming pieces and all that too :) can't wait! :) but right now, we need to go furniture shopping. lol. and do other boring stuff like setting up an internet connection and all that... hope the space will become really cozy and homely! :D


cheers to the best office partners in the world and to our work relationship and friendship!
we couldn't have realized this without any one less of you. let's work hard together!!!
© Yina Goes

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