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Thursday, January 27, 2011


we got through the auditions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the 1st recording (for our episide of the show) is gonna be on the 12 feb! won't be aired til march though i think. went for the briefing yesterday and the gist of the show was explained to the contestants and etc.

don't know how much information i'm allowed to divulge cos we signed some press release form for the show. but's basically a duet competition that will be aired over 12 episodes or something. with prizes to be won!

not a talent show or star search like that.
the show name is called K歌2击队!

there are 20 teams and each episode there will be teams eliminated.

i shall not reveal our group name yet (very lame name but it's cute!!!!) so wait for the show to be aired ok!!! mwahahaha.
diet diet diet diet diet. i have erm about 2 weeks. to lose abit of weight D: so that i don't look humongously blown up on screen T.T

anyway i wore this for the audition, kimono drape chiffon tunic over a black pettidress! hide my flabby arms. mwahaha.

i'm living on a diet of soup and veggies/meat with no carbs.
but then again yesterday i had like these super addictive seaweed crackers that Joyce bought and it's sooo yummy i almost stuffed half the container into my mouth! :( bad bad bad. my target is to lose 4kg T.T but i'm leaving for Korea in less than a week and i imagine i will be stuffing my face over there with food and carbs because it's soooo cold there. *dies*

and YZ & I are gonna need lots of practice for the competition now!
so will post up videos as and when! :D btw i think i will also have tickets for the show (first recording on 12/2), so if theres any blog readers who wants to come for the recording, drop a comment with your email or something okay! thank you so much for the support. hearts you all very wery much.

and and i permed my hair yesterday at Salon Vim!!!

:D :D :D

it's a soft perm, so it's very very subtle and the curls look very natural!
will take pictures and blog about that soon!!

just a shout out for Gipsy Scarlet,
get 5% discount off all apparel if you enter the discount code GSYINA,

here's a review of their Carrie Dress as inspired from Sex & the City,
in black! :)

it's made of comfy viscose material and very flattering on the figure!
great piece to accessorise with. i layered my HoH necklaces over it! :)

also available in white, pink and grey!

Alyssandra dress, also available in other colors

maybe fuschia would be better suited for the upcoming CNY? :)

head down to Gipsy Scarlet to shop now, and remember to quote GSYINA to get the 5% discount!

rushing now to prepare items for customers meet up tonight,
and there are still alot of unanswered emails :(

will get to them by tonight, Gina and I are trying to clear them all! ;(


Tuesday, January 25, 2011



*pops champagne*


so since i'm all done, i know you all STILL need shopping outlets right!!! hahahaha.
i've got some damn long overdue reviews to do! SO GO AND SHOP TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT!!!

firstly introducing a brand new blogshop, Always, Lilea!

brought to you by the very awesome peeps behind momoteapots!!!

i especially love looking at well designed shops so the 1st impression is there already! looove the logo. simple and sweet!

about Always, Lilea:
they specialise in chic and classic-designed ladies' wear that are perfect for work as well as caters to the non-working crowd by having a wide array of apparel - you'd be sure to find something that catches your fancy and suits you from the variety of clothes that can get you from school to weekends out and romantic dates, work to after-work drinks and glamorous parties. All at incredibly wallet-friendly prices!!!! :D

they're starting off with a big bang with their first manufactured piece as well,
and it's a super classic piece that's gonna be damn suitable for the working ladies!

it's a Warehouse-inspired dress that has a tailored and structured fit, with awesome workmanship and quality material! very very very good.
i can vouch for the material and workmanship because AL sent me a piece too! woohoo. will be reviewing it soon! ^___^

also check out their 1st three collections by clicking on the images below:

it's easy to be a member at AL (you get entitled to special prices and promotions!!!)
all you need to do is to spend $20 and also join their mailing list!


quote YINA123 to enjoy $2 PER ITEM from Collections 1, 2 & 3!!!!
that's a damn good deal. and you can thank me for saving money for you :D :D :D
So what are you waiting for!!!!
join their mailing list today and start shopping with them!
do go check out their blog for sneak peaks into their lives and upcoming collections and "like" their Facebook page to receive first-hand updates about them as well!

Happy shopping at Always, Lilea!!! :D


also have a few reviews to put up!
zomgz. all the new year dresses/tops are so awesome!

starting with Challures' self manufactured piece:
Grecian Slant Drape Dress in Sea Green (Size M!)

it's really a beauty and the material is abso comfy and feels really good!

veryyy unique design and colour! :D i like the drape skirt veryy much!
check out the other three colors available as well here!

and Herwalkincloset's especially manufactured for CNY's cheongsam top and dress!!

the dress is a really classic looking oriental piece that wont look out of place for CNY or dinners! it isnt over done like some cheongsams are, but it has a lovely cut and is made of extremely stretchy and comfortable material! :D :D :D i'm wearing size M, in navy! :D

i can't decide if i like the dress or the top more, but really the top is super gorgeous too with it's pretty lace design and the cutting that flaunts off showers nicely! love that it can be paired with different bottoms for different looks, i paired it with megagamie's upcoming highwaist shorts :) the top is in ash grey, size M! :)

Ps. I haven't replied alot of advert inquiries lately cos I haven't had time to log into
my email acct! :( will resume replying em asap but most prob won't take up any new adverts til after cny :( sorry!!


guess what peeps.
i have been SUPER GOOD today in my diet plans.
i am going to keep it up until erm. i lose weight. i promise this time it is for real!!!!!
must encourage me okay!!!!

:D :D :D

and also,
all the comments for the duet vid i posted up were all so encouraging and sweet!!!
^______^ thank youuuuu.
so touched and happy.
audition results will be out tomorrow (they will call you if you get in la. if you dont get no phone call then its bye bye to you)
and i will share the news okay!!!

my new motto is: hungry is better than fat.
hungry is better than fat.
hungry is better than fat.
hungry is better than fat.
hungry is better than fat.
hungry is better than fat.
hungry is better than fat.
hungry is better than fat.
hungry is better than fat.
hungry is better than fat.
hungry is better than fat.
hungry is better than fat.

i really like this app called Cameratan on the iphone! you can add all sorts of color filters to your pictures. naaaais. it's a paid app though!!

I'M VERY EXCITED! :) :) :)


Monday, January 24, 2011


baaahhh it's 430am and i just cleared *most* of the emails (left 10 emails. boohoohoo)
and i figured i better put up the preview for next launch first if not im gonna need to mad rush tomorrow instead!

this is probably the last launch before we take a 2.5 week hiatus cos Gina and I will be far far away in Korealand come the 3rd of Feb! and i dont wanna have customers trying to contact us in vain for those 6 days we're away, so an early launch will allow us to clear all outstanding transactions before we have to pack up and fly! can't wait can't wait!

dont worry cos we'll be back real soon with many many many more pretty manufactured itemsssss. mwahahaha. i LOVE the post cny designs. they're all gorgeous and wearable casual tops/blouses and etc! wo hen xi huan!

but back to this collection first,
finally launching this mad pretty corset top that i first wore quite a few months back in this blog post! (psst. you'd be happy to know the skirt is also currently in the midst of manufacturing and will come in 4 awesome basic colors too :D)

the corset top comes in 2 sizes S and M (S fits big UK6 to UK8 best and M fits big UK8-10) and four colors, White with black details, Pink with black details, Rose with cream details and Lavender with cream details!

by the way, the designs on it are not prints! they are pieces of cut out fabric painstakingly sewn onto the top, and has that nice embossed feel to it :D it's an F21 inspired top and the workmanship is as good (better actually!) as the original piece!!

there's also gonna be very very chio color exclusive topshop-inspired jewel dress, the original is retailing at 89.90 omg (information courtesy of Joyce, topshop directory hahaha) and the workmanship and detailing on it is superbbbb!

comes with a sash in matching fabric/color. but i forgot to shoot it with the sash. *face palm*
it's sooo pretty right! :) i wore it out last week already, can't help but to keep a piece teehee.

both items in this launch are rather pricey though :( which can't be helped due to the intricate handcrafted workmanship! :( but i believe that good quality apparel is worth the money, and you would be paying so much more for these pieces at retail shops/brick&mortar shops! so they're worth it :) plus backorders are not guaranteed for these 2 pieces as well.

keep an eye out for the launch on TVD, tomorrow at 8.30PM!



joined an audition
for a new show on mediacorp! D:

wish us luckkkk

still very crappy leh. zomgzzzzz. demoralised.

and omg!
my eye bags/ dark circles are very bad!


Friday, January 21, 2011

somebody slap me

i need to go on a diet.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


just a little preview for S44.... :)

the vibrant prints are really perfect for CNY!
when we asked our supplier to source for prints, they came back with this beautiful watercolor painting-esque print and we were sold!
it's mad gorgeous!

definitely a piece the elders will approve of :P i would totally wear this on the 1st day of CNY, except that i'd be all wrapped up in Korea! ): sad sad. didnt do any shopping for CNY this year since i won't be around.

it's inspired from Lipsy and we love the tulip wrap skirt cos it's super flattering!
straps are detachable if you wish to wear it as a tube dress :)

we made it in three sizes as well, S M & L! :)
Clara wears an S and i wear an M. L would fit UK10-12 ladies! :)

the bust portion comes with boning which helps to structure the dress and give it shape!

i love the ruches/drapes at the waist and skirt too, super slimming effect! :D

and a close up of the pretty prints/fabric! it's made from a silk polyester blend and comes with inner satin lining,
feels absolutely luxe and expensive!


still trying to rush out the launch.
but if possible we'll launch tonight (Wednesday) at 9PM so that the parcels can be mailed out in before the weekend! :) i'm still clearing a backlog of emails though. jiaaayouuuuu to myself


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i'm up SUPER early at 6am. ok it's rare when you sleep at 1am ok.
i fell right asleep after i got home after i spent the entire day doing stock inventory and stocking-in, and packing parcels.
can you believe it, i started the parcel packing at 3PM and ending at almost 10PM???

so the Monday parcels didnt make it to the PO! :( gonna mail them out super early today.

and and and. all the worried customers have been emailing about the Porter Shorts BO, which is why i'm up so early,
so that i can fasterly consolidate the BO and throw the excel sheet to Gina to verify and send out the mass email! it actually takes time to consolidate all the orders properly so that nothing gets mixed up or lost, so gimme some time plsssssss! wo yao si diao le.

gonna be a packed day today too, with a photoshoot later at 2PM!
4 new TVD label designs arrived yesterday on Monday and they are so mad chio pleaseeee! all the other girls as usual started "shopping" already and kept all sorts of stuff for themselves. geezzzz. shopaholics anonymous!

there's gonna be at least 2 more launches before CNY,
jiayou jiayou jiayou to everybardi! :) then we can all have a HUAT break for CNY! :D

did this little lookbook preview for the next manufactured dress, inspired from! ;)
oriental bloom tulip wrap dress.
I LOVE THE PRINTS MANY MANY! as well as the cutting and fabric.
Clara looks super good in it!!!

very very excited for all the new items :D
we love clothes!

and BTW, my diet is so so so so fail.

i realise it's hard to diet when you're catching up with friends and chilling and etc.


melt in your mouth chashu and egg. omgggggggggggggggg

pan fried gyoza too. so gooood!

and... we ended it off with. fav dessert ever.

gelare ice cream with waffle.
use the DBS indulge app coupon to get free waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream!!!!!

and i'm going for LBK tonight! and crabs on Thursday night!
my tummy is so huge i look 3 months preggers already ):

i'm going back to consolidate the BO now!
dont shoot me okay! i'll send out a mass email once the consolidation is done! and also attend to the 60 emails waiting for me. ahhhhhhhhh.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Coliseum, Roma, Italy

can be so funny sometimes.

happy to say,
i've persevered through the emails and have managed to clear most of them.
but i'm taking a break now because there's about 20 refunds to do for a cancelled backorder (damn you stupid supplier!!!!!) and i think i need a break before i get started on that.

and also the other backorder thats arriving tomorrow and i've yet to address the envelopes to get battle ready for the stocks tomorrow.

also, the new collection that's just launched, leaving about 2 pages of emails to verify/reply.

not to mention planning for the consecutive launches leading up to CNY, because there's only about two weeks to go, and about 14254 more designs to be launched, (ok, exaggerating. just about 3 more designs to go :D arent you glad!)

AND, stocking-in for the new space on Monday, which is yet another bit of a worry for me. (guess the other girls would know what i'm talking about. but don't wish to elaborate on it yet)

to be honest i've been feeling rather panicky and stressed as of late because everything seems to ne piling up and my mind is always a constant whir of to-dos and undone things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
driving me abit crazy i swear. which is also why i havent opened my personal inbox in about 10 million years because looking at emails is almost a phobia already. i'm so sorry, i think i'll probably get around to the personal emails over the weekend, or next week.


not that i'm complaining: never thought that i could be kept this busy and occupied, and happy and fulfilled, all at the same time.

still, i can't wait for CNY, and i can't wait for a break.

and i'm STILL not done with the rest of the Italy pictures.

one thing though.
love my boyfriend, and my friends :D
and every single nice person around me.
if you're one of them, thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.
i know i am blessed.

i wish i could be a better friend ):

this year,
i strive to be less (fat)
more (giving)
and the same (blessings upon me)


my psycho parents had some fight last night and i don't know what it was over but my crazy lao pei cut the phone cable and now all the other phones in the house are squeaking in sympathy, intermittently. like once every 2 seconds.

so mad annoying.

Thursday, January 13, 2011



wheee! :D back with Series 43 tonight, 9PM!

it's gonna be just a small collection,
with yet another TVD self-manufactured item: this sexy-back Pixie Flare Dress!
anyway, it's not really that sexy/low back at all cos you can wear a regular bra with it, it's just the unique design that makes it look sexier! :D

i really love the cutting because it brings in the waist and makes you look uberliciously good! my model kept a piece for herself too! i think they both look super fab in it!

comes in the following colors: Champagne, Poppy Red, Indigo, and Kelly Green! love the color palette. so cheery and colorful! :D
in 2 sizes S & M as well (i take a size M as usual and it fits me perfectly)

workmanship and material is fabulous as with all our manufactured pieces, hehe :D it's made of this polyester silk blend with a subtle sheen to it plus it comes with full inner lining and isnt sheer at all :)

restocks for the ZARA-inspired highwaisted jeggings are also gonna be launched tonight, so if you missed the 1st batch, here's your chance to get it again! i swear it's my favourite pair of highwaist jeggings. very very awesome.

enough raving about the dress... i'm going to send out mailers now!
also have quite alot of emails to reply to, will try to clear them by tonight's launch! :(

i need more time! :(


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

pudding app is awesome

omg it's 5am and i just got home! D:

the perks of being self-employed.

suppers are totally bad though, especially when i cannot resist eating/drinking such fattening stuff!
i wonder if a 2 week detox/diet will help at all ): it's only less than 3 weeks to CNY omg!

and speaking of CNY,
i've got a dress review here that's definitely gonna be one of your first picks for CNY!
the Luxe Embossed Hampton Dress by Challures!

i chose the piece in Magenta, and i think it's picture perfect for CNY, especially the color and subtle floral embossed prints on the fabric!

it has a flattering babydoll cut too :D

and a close up of the lovely fabric used!
this piece comes in three colors, Nude, Pink & Magenta and will be launched on Challures at 8PM Tuesday, which is tonight!

do check out the launch tonight! :D

been having much fun with the iphone apps though i'm still not used to using the camera apps and all ):
but it's handy for picture snapping when you're too lazy to bring out the camera!

ending off with random iphone pictures. hahaha.
oooh love the apps. so many cool color filters and stuff! they should make them for the PC.

random OTD!

me with one of our lurvely models! hehehe i love my models very much *hearts*

quad camera action! ahahaha

random happy rainbow carebear

good hair day!

me and the small sister. makeupless omg my terrible eye circles and eyebags!
we definitely have the same eye bags D:

fisheye mode lol! spastic.

yz too :S

very yummy dessert from Chomps! some strawberry mango ice thingy. yum yum.

Gina and myself

we were at a ge tai CNY dinner...

bought a dress from DAISO for QQ for only $2! lolzzzz. she looks damn cute in it! and we bought 2 sizes because we were worried that the smallest size wouldnt fit her, but QQ is really very skinny underneath all the fur and she could fit into the smallest size!! D: D: SO CUTE.

being her usual shaggy self. haha!

off to bed! all the parcels for S42 are being mailed out tomorrow! so excited for them to reach customers fasterly because i really hope the customers will like the shorts as much as we do! backorders are up too and we're keeping our fingers crossed that the factories/freighting services will be able to get the stocks over before CNY!!!! omgggggg. gancheongxxxx.

good night!!!!!

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