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Thursday, November 10, 2011

say YAY to a happier smile!

today, i went for my first visit to the orthodontist, as recommended by Eils baby and SM, who both visit the same orthodontist! can't believe it, 老娘我明年就25岁了,现在才要绑牙!

actually, i've considered getting braces done previously, but cos i was a scaredy cat, i thought that OKAY WHAT my teeth are not that crooked and my smile is still quite acceptable so AIYA don't do la!!! but now... the more i thought about it, why shouldn't i have perfectly straight teeth when i can achieve it with braces? also, more and more of my friends around me were getting braces too at my age, so i decided that 要美就是现在了!!!

(also partially cos i want my face to be smaller/sharper so that i look better too HAHAHAHAHA)

it was actually just a consultation session, and i woke up all bright and early for my 9am appointment at the clinic. very exciting leh! and after Dr Cheng asked me to open my mouth, close my mouth, bite, don't bite, open again, close again, for many times, he said.

"HMMM. i think we need to extract four teeth. do you want to do extraction or shall we try non-extraction?"

i am so bimbo. while weighing the pros and cons in my head, i was thinking.. "OMG later extraction very pain how? but good! i can jian fei!!! but later want to do extraction need to wait longer than can put braces... how ah? extraction still need to pay more money! hmm....."

after which Dr Cheng said, "Actually, let's try without extraction first, i shall attempt to be heroic and do it without extraction. i think it's possible."

HAHAHAHA. make me think so much for nothing. so i was like, OKAY! let's do it without extraction first, (也好, save me some pain and money). and he asked me if i needed to go back and think about it first, but i was like come on let's just do it!!! so there and then, we did the moulds, took X-rays, and put in the separators in between my molars already!!! can't believe i'm so brave. just go for consultation straight away say do already.

JENGJENGJENGJENG. now i have four rubber thingies in my mouth. it's supposed to feel uncomfortable/achey, but so far, i don't really find it very painful yet. LOL. gosh, there goes my plan to jian fei with braces! 

a lot of my friends told me, "Your teeth look fine what! Why do you want to do braces!!!"
OMG. hahahahha. show you a picture of my crooked teeth!!!
my bottom teeth are damn crooked. and you can't see it here, but my top row of teeth ain't that straight either, the sides dent inwards instead of curving in a nice arc -_-

my next appointment is next Wednesday, and i *think* i will be getting those braces on then. the real question is.


Metal: can put cute colored rubber bands and is slightly faster than ceramic, BUT it's super conspicuous! BUT it's a good 700 dollars cheaper-ish!

Ceramic: almost invisible, BUT it's quite abit more expensive and may take longer than metal....

how how how how!!!
i can't decide if it's really important to me to spend the next 1.5 years of my life with metal on my teeth or not!!! :( :( :( will i look stupid in pictures? will i be able to smile properly?? but i think my friends with braces on all look fine!!

decisions decisions.

helpppp anyone??? 1.5 years is a long time! ._. 

regardless, i am REALLY REALLY EXCITED to see how i'd look with a perfectly straight set of teeth!!! omgggg. this is almost like doing plastic surgery. HAHA. CAN'T WAITTTTT!!!!!!! googled some videos on youtube, and it's like how super amazing the way the teeth are straightened into position with the braces! like the whole jaw shape can change kind!

cool shit!!!


i hope my jaw becomes smaller after the braces. and maybe my witch chin will not be so protruding as well cos i have a bit of an under bite.

ahhhhhhh *_*

ok but anyway, i still have a ton of entries to update with pre-braces! :P so you won't be seeing the caged-up-teeth-with-metal me so soon yet. but wish me best of luck!!!!


  1. Hello, i had metal ones myself and I must say it's a great investment. It didnt look that bad, i was 20 in uni when i got them. You will still look cute with braces la! :D

  2. hello yina! are you doing your braces at dr alfred cheng? i did mine 2 years ago when i was 24 and he's really good, and it's speedy as well compared to other orthodonist. I remembered the first time they used the separators it didn't feel painful on 1st day but you'll start to feel it from day 3 onwards, so bear with it! My recommendation is to go with metal (conventional type) because honestly since you're already going to wear braces it doesn't matter if people see the metal wires and brackets! dr cheng mentioned that metal is faster than ceramics and i can vouch for this cos i took only 1 year 2 months for my braces.. and lastly, do extract your 4 teeth, the process speeds up much faster cos i did extraction while my sister didn't and hers took about 6 months longer than me. hope this helps!

  3. hey i have been trying to lose weight could u roughly tell me whats your diet plan like the food u ate and what u did to lose weight? and how long did u took. Thank you so much

  4. Why not try invisalign?

  5. @Anonymous hey babe, it took me about half a year! i exercised 5 days a week for about 3 months straight! i ate normally, but watched my intake and did not eat junk food, fried food or fattening stuff like curry and etc. maybe some day i'll blog a more in-depth post about it!

  6. :) Very brave of you! I have crooked teeth but looking for a dentist who is reasonably priced! Can you share the charges?

  7. Where are you going for yothe orthodontist? I'm considering braces too but am SO afraid of extractions! ):

  8. hey yina,
    despite having pretty okay teeth, i decided to get braces to close the random gaps between my teeth and i ended up having them on for about 6 years all through my teens due to a mix of late wisdom teeth removal, laziness (on my part) to use rubber bands and my dentist's decision to extract a couple more teeth toward the end of my treatment. all in all, my experience was still a memorable one cuz i developed close friendships with my dentist and his assistants (: anyway, as long as you're sure about your decision, im sure it'll be worth it. and since you'd be putting it on mainly for your lower set, im sure the 1.5 years will fly by(: who knows, you might even be able to take it off sooner if your teeth move fast!

    ps. ive had my braces off for close to 2years now and still appreciate a pretty set of teeth. that said, i guess what matters most is following through and being happy with whatever decision you eventually make. all the best! (:


  9. Hi yina,

    Mayb u can put Ceramic on upper row of teeth and lower part do metal instead.
    So tat is nt so obvious on the teeth.. I tink for 1.5 year is veri fast..
    My braces is take mi 3 years to complete..

  10. @Anonymous aww thanks for sharing and for the encouragement babe!! ahh.. i'm thinking if metal will be ok. haha! i'll decide when i go back for my 2nd appt next week!!

  11. @Sue yes babe i'm doing my braces at dr alfred cheng too!! yay, glad to hear good reviews from you!

    oh man, i am in two minds about metal / ceramic and whether i should extract my teeth! cos dr cheng said that he will try non extraction, and if necessary, we'll do the extraction at a later stage! :S should i just tell him i want to opt for extraction instead?

    i'm feeling the separators more today already, HAHA. yayyy good maybe it will curb my huge appetite! :S

    thank you so much for sharing the information, it's really helpful!!! <3

  12. @Anonymous hi dear! for dr cheng, metal is $3.8 and ceramic is $4.5, that's exclusive of GST and any thing else like extractions and etc! :) :) go for it, if you think you'd be happier with straighter teeth!! :D

  13. @fionnnn i know what you mean, extractions sound damn scary!! :( :( :( i'm seeing dr alfred cheng at mt. e medical centre! heard lots of good reviews about him so i would recommend him as well! :) :)

    still don't know if i should do extractions or not! :(

  14. Hi Yina!

    For the charges, when you say $3.8k, is that a lump sum, or do we pay that by instalments? also, is that based on how long you are having that? And is that for both top and bottom? I'm seriously contemplating! i'm 23 this year :)

    looking fwd to your reply babe. thank you so much in advance!!!

  15. Hi Yina, is the $3.8k inclusive of consultation and xray? Can you share the address here? :)

  16. @J hi dear, it's not a lump sum! i can't remember, but i paid $600 on my first visit, and i think for the next two visits i have to pay $600 as well, and then after that it's per visit to pay off the reminder? not sure exactly, i'll update you again when i visit next week!! :)

    $3.8 is for both top and bottom, exclusive of GST! :) i don't think it's based on how long you have your braces on for, it's probably like a fixed sum?

    and i'm 24 hehehe so you're not too late!!

  17. @Anonymous hi babe, consultation is freee! :) and the $3.8K is inclusive of X-rays and all that. not inclusive of GST though! and extractions, if you have to do any! :)

    it's dr alfred cheng at mount elizabeth medical centre! you can run a google search, should be easy to find! :)

  18. hey yina, i think you should go for ceramic top and metal bottom. because you'll be much happier not having so much metal showing every time you smilee! but your bottom teeth don't show when you smile anyway. i really dont think your jaw will be any different though.. so dont get your hopes too high. he'll only be moving your teeth so your chin is gg to stay the samee.. unless you're gg for surgery then your chin can be changed?? check with your ortho! (:

  19. hi yina! i did mine at dr alfred cheng too. actually he's very fast compared to a lot of other orthos and not too expensive considering that he's private. i did mine when i was 16 and i only had them on for a year or so (and my teeth really were quite crooked, esp the bottom set and i did the 4 extractions), but you have to be very diligent with the rubber bands. i did ceramic and of course it's still noticeable but less so than metal i guess. my favourite part abt dr cheng is that he's quite nice and friendly and that consultations to tighten the braces/shorten wires etc are very quick - usually 10 minutes BUT waiting time is very long. still it's not so bad if you don't have super tight timelines to adhere to, but just bear in mind when scheduling other things after an appointment! i must have read his calvin & hobbes comic book there from cover to cover ever single time i waited (usually abt half an hr). still, no regrets for sure.

  20. and btw the separators were sooo painful. the first day didn't really hurt but as someone else said in an earlier comment, they are really bad from the 2nd to 4th/5th day. it hurt even when my upper teeth accidentally hit my lower teeth.. i lost about half a kg cos i couldn't eat solids for 3 days and was surviving on porridge haha

  21. hi,

    may i know what program do you use to edit and decorate your posts? It's really pretty.

  22. Wow your post is so timely... My consultation with the orthodontist is this Thursday! I'm 34 and thinking of getting braces! *lol* SimpliClear braces are my top choice over ceramic ones, and Invisalign would be good but oh so expensive =(. However if I have to extract any teeth, I may not go ahead! Wish me luck! All the best in your teeth straightening adventure too! ;) (p/s: your chin is pretty!! suits you!!)

  23. @Anonymous thanks for the advice dear!! haha, the jaw shape may shift when the teeth are shifted ma, so it may shift out my top row of teeth and make my chin less obvious! hahaha :P anyway, dunno la. i just anyhow say one! :S

    i'll go and ask the ortho about whether i can do half ceramic/metal!!

  24. @Rachel hello rachel! thanks for sharing!! haha, noted about the long waiting time! i will keep myself entertained while waiting then :P and yes dr cheng is very friendly!! gosh, haven't decided whether to do ceramic or metal!!

  25. @Rachel and i think i am so not going to lose any weight from braces. LOL. i'm on my 3rd or 4th day of separators and i'm still eating normally, except i can't chew on tough meat or really hard stuff! geezz...

  26. @pearly hi pearly! good luck with your appointment on Thursday!! go for it ok, i'm sure we'll all feel happier and prettier with straighter teeth! :D :D :D teeth extraction does appear very daunting, i hope you won't need to do any extraction!! let's look forward to beautiful straight teeth together!! :P :P and thanks for the chin compliment. haha!


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