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Sunday, November 6, 2011

love stories

i've been reading through some of the entries submitted for the Trésor Midnight Rose's give-away, and some of the stories shared by readers are really really very sweet and touching!!! ^-^ i guess there is hope for human mankind, especially for the male species, after all! :P 

i was telling YZ about the give-away, and some of the entries, and we started discussing about what each other's sweetest moments from the other party was. YZ said that his most vivid memory was of the first birthday of his that i spent together with him, for which i spent a month or two in advance to prepare a "room makeover" for him, bought curtains/new bedsheets/couple pillow cases and hid it in his storeroom (he didn't even have curtains OMG), then i tricked him into going to IKEA with me on his birthday, to buy curtain rods and nice chairs, and after which when we went back to his place, i changed his bedsheets, put up the curtains, arranged the new couple pillows nicely and all while he was in the shower and gave him a huge surprise when he came back into his room!!! :P as for me, what YZ did for me this birthday came to mind, and i thought i'd share it as well.. with YZ's permission of course :P

for my 24th birthday this year, YZ actually planned a slew of birthday surprises, but they almost all failed :X he actually planned a surprise USS date, but he ended up having to go for a viewing, he planned to get me a macbook air, but i found out that he was gonna get me one in advance cos he was so suspicious about it. HAHA.

but anyway.. the only thing he managed to surprise me with, was a 2 pages long love letter ♥ my birthday and our anniversary is only 3 days apart! i remember the first birthday he celebrated for me was only a few weeks after we got to know each other, when he found out it was my birthday, he ran around looking for a cake, and finally managed to find one from coffee bean, and then planned with my friends to appear out of nowhere to surprise me with a slice of cake with a candle on it. i still remember the flavor, it was a mango cheesecake! which was quite fail, cos i actually don't like cheese. hahaha. but anyway, this year's birthday and anniversary was the forth one we've spent together ♥
YZ's handwriting is really ugly. hahahaa. but he still put in effort to draw a cliche arrow through hearts for me!
and here's his long two page long letter........
i know, YZ is so super duperly impossibly sweet right. i gotta admit, i almost teared while reading his sweet letter too :) LOL. but i think the part about God creating him short, fat, bald-headed, hot tempered and simple looking is very funny. honestly, BB, you're not that bad la! you're funny, charismatic, sincere, and good looking, to me :P though i can't discount you on the hot tempered bit!

don't worry, we are not perfect, and have our fights and quarrels, just like every other couple... :S but i stand by this saying, "Never let the sun go down on your anger", try your best to talk things through and be patient and forgiving with your partners, regardless of who is at fault. though YZ would probably laugh at me, cos as you might have read above, he thinks i'm damn egoistic and stubborn when it comes to giving in after a fight! :P but oh well, we manage... somehow :) 

hope that sharing this little entry will spur on more readers to share their own love stories!

go on down to the blog entry below to enter the Lacôme Trésor Midnight Rose give-away, and to share your special story with me! or, you could just leave a comment on this entry if you have any thoughts and comments you want to share :)


  1. @Tambourine HAHAHA. you know YZ la! he wears his heart on his sleeve... :P not that i'm complaining!

  2. awwww he's really sweet :)
    and btw, i think yr bf is above average in looks so pls tell him not to be silly! hahahaaha

    my bf's really hot-tempered too and it gets really difficult at times. but i shall use yr love story as a motivation to not give up and to give in more cause i tend to be very stubborn like you too yina! hahahaha. guess our bfs are alike and we both are too!

    all the best with YZ and hope you both get married soon too :> have always thought you'll look very compatible tgt :)

  3. hahaha! if i look at your bf's looks right, i wouldn't have imagined he is so mushy one! i thought he's very macho one! hahahahaa! but he's sweet to write u the letter! every girl wants one such letter i swear! :D lucky you! lucky him! :)

  4. wished my bf was like YZ! *envious much!!!*

  5. I got goosebumps reading the love letter <3 so sweet =))

  6. @bhav thanks dear, yes he's really sweet! :) :) :) haha oh man, i totalllyyy feel you!! it's so difficult when one party is hot tempered and the other party is stubborn :/ luckily for me, after YZ cools down and feels that he was in the wrong, he will take the initiative to apologize, which is something many guys wouldn't do! so it kind of appeases my stubborn side heehee.

    thank you for the well wishes, haha! not sure when we're getting married yet tho :P hope you and your boyfriend will have a blissful relationship as well!!!

  7. @applestory haha you can't judge him by his looks, he's very very mushy one! like a girl!! in fact i'm like the guy in the relationship and he's the girl :P but that's good, cos we balance each other out! yesss i'm lucky and he is too!

    you and mr wong are very sweet as well!! ^_^

  8. @Shirlin i'm sure your boy is sweet in his own ways! :) just that he may express it differently :P so don't be envious!! :) :) :)

  9. @booron hehe YZ is a very sweet guy! he's always very sweet. until he finds me unappreciative. oops! anyway, i'm sure you and your hubby to be will be very blissful as well!! :)

  10. How sweet can this couple be?
    babe, you are a lucky girl!! ^^

  11. @So-Celine haha you and shamus are super sweet too please!!!! :P :P :P

  12. @Carol Yeo hehe, thanks carol! i definitely appreciate him a lot!! :) :) :)


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