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Thursday, October 20, 2011

reporting live from Manila!

hello from far far away!!!

i'm now lying on my incredibly comfy bed in my luxe like dunno what hotel suite at Maxim's Tower, in Manila, Philippines!!! yes.. i was spirited away to Manila for a 3D2N short getaway, and maaan.. am i enjoying myself over here!!! a little sad that we're flying back so soon, tomorrow night at 8PM! :( been having a fantastic time so far, and i wish we had a couple more days here! ok, granted, it's not that far, but it's still a good 4 hours plane ride away from Singapore!

i'm actually here in Manila for a marketing/media event and campaign, and our Filipino hosts here have been nothing short of generous so far! we're staying in probably the best hotel in Manila, 6-star standard Maxim's, and have been so pampered and well taken care of in the last 2 days, i feel absolutely spoilt and privileged! i've also met lots of new people, including the host team from the Philippines, and other guests/media from Taiwan, Malaysia, HongKong & Korea! not to mention my fellow Singaporeans whom i've made fast friends with over the past 2 days!

anyways, some of the iPhone-ed pictures i wanna share, of course i'll blog about the entire trip in detail when i'm back!!!

sitting at Budget Terminal's McD trying to get work done, we had a morning flight and i spent the entire day before rushing to clear emails and do up the post in time for last Tuesday's launch! phew.. thankfully, managed to get most of the work done in the nick of time, and saved by the hotel's WIFI too!
yay! aboard Cebu Pacific Airline!
and my very own personal bodyguard and butler who came along with me :D :D :D
came into sight of land shortly after, thankfully the flight is only 4 hours long! cos we were starving...
and our unforgettable first meal in Manila, at Maxim's Hotel, zomg... this is honestly one of the best steak i. have. ever. eaten. with horse radish/mustard grain sauce and it is huuuuugeeeeee.
take a look at the mad posh suite we are staying in! this is one superb hotel man... will share more in detail soon!
we got to do massage and spa, shiokest two hours of my life! inside the steam bath with SB, one of the other Singaporeans, haha. looks so ghoul-like right!
all dressed up for a welcome dinner on the first night.
with a huge spread prepared for us!
with my handsome BF :P
love the lace and mandarin collar details, it's not very clear in the picture i know!
breakfast day 2, we love international buffets with eggs done sunny side up, complete with runny (or rather ran) egg yolk!
with SB. she's a travel writer with TODAY!
colorful me
beautifully painted ceiling of St Augustin Church
one of the oldest song books in Manila, and it's made from cow hide which explains why it's survived the years
OMG super in love with our new matchy rainbow shoes we got from a craft fair!!! they only cost 650 pesos which is 20 sing or less can you believe it! D:
got a straw hat from a street vendor too cos the weather was sooooooooooo sunny today! *dies*
we watched a local production of The Sound of Music, and the singing was amazing!
outfit for dinner/musical! can't resist wearing the new rainbow wedges and they are so comfy!

i'm sure you can tell i'm having a blast over here!!! heeee. i'll be back really soon, so i'll update again when i'm back! til then, i'll tweet and instagram whenever i get a connection! :D super tired from today's activity packed schedule which started at 730am!gonna go and sleep now.



  1. love your wedges!! where is craft fair? which part of manila?

  2. so lucky!! I love how your hair is looking :)

  3. may i know where u got the fuchsia dress with the lace and mandarin collar from? it's lovely!! =)

  4. hi! would love to know where did you get your yellow cardigan from the first picture!

  5. @Anonymous i got it from an exhibition/fair at SMX Centre (if i remember right!!) i'll definitely share more info when i blog abt manila real soon!!

  6. @Hannah thank you Hannah!! :D :D :D hehe, i had time to blow dry my hair every morning so it looks nicer! wish i was so hardworking back here in singapore. haha!

  7. @Anonymous it is an upcoming piece on TVD! :))) hehe. one of our designs for CNY!

  8. @Anonymous hi! the knit cardi is an upcoming item on TVD as well! :D you should be seeing it some time next month!

  9. Hi babe, may I know where you got the blue dress you wore in your last picture? So lovely!

  10. @Caryn hi dear, it's an upcoming piece on thevelvetdolls :)))


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