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Friday, October 7, 2011

meet my furballz

hello! i'm trying to keep to my blogging regularly thing, even if it's a really short OTD post! :P

OTD today: chiffon embroidery blouse manufactured with love by HWC and TVD! together with my Eils baby. haha! anyway, i wore it with denim shorts and paired with a vintage Bonia clutch :) simple and nice!

we had a shoot together with our two models who are actually friends in real life!!! the two of them very goofy together lor, i have all kinds of strange pictures of them together hahahaha. here's the 4 colors available!

they are so cute together right! hahaha. the workmanship for the top is fantastic, fully lined (except for sleeves) so it's non-sheer! feels so comfortable on the skin and perfect for the girls who's been asking for sleeved tops :D the embroidery is super neat and intricate too! gonna be up in the next collection with the Grecian Slant Drape Toga!


cos i put up some pictures of my two hammies on instagram the other day, there was a reader who asked me to blog more about these two furballz!! so here you go, meet Bazhang and Hakau!

gave them food names cos i think they are so round and cute and edible looking. LOL.
Bazhang is small and grey with scruffy looking fur! he reminds me of the rat in Ratatouille!
he looks battered and scarred, look at those holes in his ear! :( cos last time when we put all the hammies together they kept on fighting. poor Bazhang!

Bazhang loves to stuff food into his cheek pouches.

and this is Hakau, who's really white, round and fluffy! 
digging through the bedding and making them fly all over the place -.-


even QQ loves them too! i think she just wants to eat them up la. she's like "LOOK MOVING FOOD!!!"

i'm gonna blog about my Salon Vim session next :) probably over the weekend! too many things to do ): but TGIF! can't wait for the weekend! :D


  1. U can try using the  cat litter made of recycled paper (grey colored pellets) instead to prevent furballs from kicking the bedding ALL OVER the place. N it an last longer, absorb smell better n supposedly better for the hammies. :)

  2. ... the names of your hamsters make me wanna drool too, can't blame QQ. HAHA XDD

  3. @Joeyweini thanks babe! haha. i'll go and check it out :P those bedding seems less shiok leh, the hammies cannot burrow through them!

  4. @CHERRING LOL.... they really look very fat and edible, i can't blame QQ too! hahaha

  5. omg bazhang's eyes damn big! O_O

  6. @evonnz i think bazhang's eyes are bulging. hahahahaa


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