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Monday, October 31, 2011

the travelogues: Manila, Philippines, Day 1!

i was whisked off for a short 3D2N vacation to Manila, Philippines last last week, and it was like how fabulous can!!! it was my virgin trip to the Philippines, and it was definitely an unforgettable experience for me! (^-^)b

this trip was an all expenses paid trip through NuffnangStar Cruises, thank you so much for making this possible! ♥ i was incredibly excited when i first got wind of the news a few weeks before the actual date, but details were only confirmed a couple days before we took off, so packing for the trip was quite rushed and i had to bring my work along with me on the trip (>O<)

i stayed up almost the entire night to try to frantically finish whatever i could do, clearing emails and all.. thank goodness it was a short trip so it was easier to pack for the trip! mad stressful.
YZ came along with me on the trip! our puffy eyed morning faces OTW to the airport. sleepy but super excited!

still rushing work at the airport before our flight! zzz.

met Chris from Star Cruises, who was in charge of taking care of us during the trip and yay!!! all ready to check in luggage :D there were a total of four of us Singaporeans, Chris, myself, YZ & a writer from SPH!

our plane! we took a 4 hour flight via Cebu Pacific Air to get to Manila!

we were assigned the seats with the best leg room, lol. the escape exit aisle! wooo. four hours went by real quick and before we knew it, we reached our destination already!

airport shot! we were welcomed by Archie, from Resort Worlds Manila!

that's Archie talking to us on the very short trip to Resorts World Manila, which is just right across from Ninoy Aquino Internation Airport! super convenient!

by the way, if you were as suaku as me, i didn't know that there was a Resorts World in Manila as well!  we were checked into Maxims Tower, which is part of RWM's integrated tourist hub, combining lodging brands, restaurants, gaming facilities, entertainment spots and a luxury mall in one grand destination!

we were mad hungry, so while our rooms were being prepared, we had lunch at The Terrace, which is Maxim Tower's dining club lounge!

food never tasted so good, serious! D: might have been a combination of hunger and the aftermath of a plane ride, but it was an excellent meal, the food was so so so goooood! check out my super huge and juicy steak! gosh. i couldn't finish it by myself, luckily i had YZ to share it with me!

our personalized butler even served us two glasses of "welcome tea" upon helping us settle into our room! fwaah. how's that for great service!

i wish i had a bathroom like this!

happy happy with the ginormously luxe suite!

oh, and lots of mirrors in the room, too! hehe.

there's this really cool touch screen gadget where you can use to call your butler, room service, or information!

and when we stupidly called to inquire if they had a universal adaptor, the room service politely told us that all the power outlets in the hotel are already universal. LOL #stupiditymax but it's damn cool!!! i've never seen a universal power outlet in any of the hotels i've stayed in previously before! oh apparently the LCD TV screen can also be used to connect to the internet with a wireless keyboard provided, but i didn't try it cos i brought my macbook air along with me on the trip! super cool right!

i was totally impressed with our suite, but it's no wonder, cos Maxims Tower is a 6 star standard, all-suite luxury hotel and the entire hotel only consists of 172 suites!!! every single suite is assigned a personal butler some more! mad posh and luxurious!!!

we had a spa session arranged for us, so after we got our luggage and what-nots all put nicely in our rooms, we headed downstairs to M Spa for some R&R!

that's me and SB, the writer from SPH, after we came out from the steam bath! woa, damn steam until my complexion was super rosy and nice! we were served a pot of tea in the relaxation room while waiting for our massage to be ready!

wish i had a complexion like this everyday! LOL.
there's a variety of massages available, and i chose the Absolute Deep Pressure Massage!

super super super super super shiok please. i'm pretty sure i fell asleep halfway through the massage! really needed one from all the facing computer and lugging stocks everyday. it was heavenly! ahhhh. definitely one of the best massages i've ever had.

after spa session, we were brought around for a familiarization tour of RWM, and one of the staff showed us around Maxims' amazing suites! gonna showcase some of the extremely lavish suites available at Maxims, starting with the Signature Suite!

the signature suite kind of looks like ours, but even bigger! its name says it all, it is the signature suite of Maxims and is very very spacious and luxe in its decor and furnishings!

but moving on to the really VVIP suites, there are only three Royal Villas available at Maxims, and they are going for 2500 USD a night... D:

Maxims Tower Royal Villa offers over 500 square meters of personal leisure space, with a magnificent pool, impressive patio, and an elegant kitchen and dining room for you to hold your intimate dinners. Adding to its enticing indulgences, each Maxims Tower Royal Villa has its own massage room, offering a relaxing respite to hotel guests.

the villas face the hotel's infinity pool, so this is the view when you step out at night.
so gorgeous!!!!

and here's the pinnacle of luxury at Maxims, the Presidential Suite known as The Mansion! it's 3000USD a night and it is ginormous!!

This 600 square-meter suite is a veritable urban oasis with two pavilions, its own lush garden and a private swimming pool. Only the choicest amenities ensure utmost comfort in its two spacious bedrooms with individual bathrooms, and the master bathroom with its own jacuzzi. The Maxims Tower Presidential Suite is the ultimate luxurious escape, with its private massage room, visual room, bar and other top-of-the-line features that will surely make your stay a one-of-a-kind experience.

how's that for luxury living! :O

we were also brought around to other parts of RWM, including the Newport Shopping Mall, Cinema & Performing Arts Theatre and the casino, which are all connected together to form a huge integrated resort! it's a tourism hub all on its own!

so after the tour, we were given some time to freshen up, and then it was time for dinner, at one of RWM's restaurants! we had a welcome dinner hosted by RWM & Cebu Pacific Air, at Passion Chinese Cuisine, one of the many restaurants available in RWM.

all dressed up and made up for dinner!

YZ & I :D

the food is prepared by Hongkong chefs, so you can expect it to be 100& authentic chinese cuisine! there was so many dishes, we couldn't finish them D:

together with Chris & SB! Singaporean power!

during the dinner, we had a short presentation by Resorts World Manila on Grand Fiesta Manila (i'll share more on that in an upcoming post) as well as an introduction by Cebu Pacific Air! Cebu Pacific Air even brought along their super cute looking mascot! it looks more like a dolphin or a whale than an air plane, if you ask me. lol. there were some quizzes and games, and i won myself a mini mascot plushie too!!! :P

and here's a short fact sheet on Cebu Pacific Air!

Twitter: @CebuPacificAir

other than the Singaporeans, there were also guests and media from other countries, including Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia & Hongkong!

full length shot of YZ & I outside Passion restaurant. the entire RWM is very posh looking and nice!

we retired back to our hotel room afterwards to rest and get a good night's sleep for the next day of sight-seeing and activities ahead! :D

my lovely dress

and ending off with a camwhore picture of me. HAHAHA.
will be updating again soon with day 2's pictures and activities! we went sight-seeing and shopping in Manila, followed by a musical and clubbing at night! so happening right, woohoooo :D

you can visit Resort Worlds Manila's website here, and Star Cruises's website here!

til the next update!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Prime Time Fall Fashion at Avalon!

so i'm almost three weeks late to blog about this event, but hey, better late than never, right? :S i was invited to attend Robinson's and mioTV's Prime Time Fall Fashion at Avalon, my first time stepping into the spanking new club that's supposed to be pretty in-the-scene at the moment! exciting much!

i'm not one for clubbing though, so i guess i can't quite appreciate just how awesome Avalon was. the highlight of the night for me was really the very cool fashion show which showcased a series of apparel from brands carried by Robinson's, to fit into the themes and styles of four major TV series that mioTV is currently broadcasting, and it was really a treat to just look at the gorgeous models (both female and male, slurpss) and admire the stylishly put together outfits!

also, met many beautiful people and it was great to catch up with some bloggers whom i haven't seen in ages! one of the great things about events is meeting new people and also renewing old acquaintances. it was awesome to see familiar faces around! 
wore a simple body con dress with mesh cape detail! easy to accessorize with a chunky gold necklace and a nice clutch to glam it up a little :)
before the event started, we all got to take pictures against the event backdrop, haha. and check out those hot bods Kiehl's engaged for the night. all eight pecs please!! if you're wondering how come i got to take pictures with hot bods when YZ was around, he was actually the photographer :X and he encouraged me to go and take pictures with them!!!!!! see how happy Wen is. grinning from ear to ear!! and this is so mad coincidental, that hot bod in the middle is EILS BABY'S COUSIN OMG. like small world much!!!!!
so we went inside Avalon and scouted out a good seat while waiting for the show to start! the view from inside Avalon is really fantastic, though Avalon is smaller than i expected it would be! after some waiting, the event finally commenced, with the emcee introducing us to the happy collaboration between mioTV and Robinson's, and explaining all about Prime Time Fall Fashion.

the fashion show started with everyone's favorite: Gossip Girl!!! this show has inspired countless outfits, i'm sure! loving the preppy chic look carried off so well by the models!
next up, Nikita, which is an action-packed series with lots of spies and under covers... explains all the dark shades and black outfits! hawttt.

woa.. check out the huge crowd all busy snapping away during the show! Nikita was followed by a showcase of styles seen on The Mentalist: a police investigation TV series with lots of hot looking male models strutting about in smart, professional suits... slurps. I LIKE.

last but not least, Revenge was displayed with an assortment of ethereal and floaty looking outfits that were absolutely gorgeous! Revenge is a thriller/mystery drama about.. a girl taking revenge. hahaha. i loved the whimsical and feminine styles seen here!

the eye candy ended too quick! :( all the models came out for a final curtain call, and that was it! i had a fantastic time admiring all the styles and outfits, and isn't it amazing to know that every single piece of apparel seen on the models during the showcase can be found in Robinson's boutiques, under the many labels carried by Robinson's? i wouldn't have had guessed if i didn't already know! fascinating, really.

got a last few pictures taken, with some of the gorgeous ladies present, such as Valerie, Bea, Vel, Nadia, Fidelis, Jacelyn and more! :D

YZ and i left the club pretty early, since both of us don't quite enjoy clubbing :S the music was really loud and i had to shout in order to converse over the loud music! oh well. i guess clubbing is only fun if you're high :X
so we went to have Mozza after the event. shiokness!! Mozza opens til like 1.30am!! super duper awesomeness. maybe i'll put up the pictures next time, but meanwhile you can read about how crazy good the pizza is at Mozza here!


phew, end of the event entry! i've been on some internet hiatus the last 5 days, too much Murakumi for me cos i was so absorbed into Norwegian Wood i didn't feel like doing anything else :S and i just ended up sleeping every time i got home!! -.- talk about lazy.

i'm still editing the million and one pictures of the Manila trip, but hopefully i'll be able to post the entries by next week! :D meanwhile, follow me on instagram (@yinagoh) cos i always post up really cute pictures of my pet dogs. hehehe.

this is how QQ looked like one morning...
followed by Baby the next day -_- they are both sooo nuaaaa!! but so damn cute AWWW.
made away with my super cui chipped nails and got a gelish manicure done, gelish is supposed to be really resistant and will last at least 2-3 weeks, so my pretty glittery nails are here to stay til then! love the bling max! can't stop admiring them pretty nails. woooohooo.
sneak preview for Manila blog entry! lounging by Maxim's awesomely chillax poolside. yes i looked pretty crazy in my rainbow cardigan + rainbow wedges, must be why i got so many stares over there. but i don't really care. happy colors = happy me! #skittlesambassador
to end off this entry, the first time i ever captured a lens flare on my iPhone that looked so pretty! #proudofmyself hahahaha. 

i wish i could sit down and write a whole long retrospective entry on how it's just another two months to 2012 and how crazily fast time flies, but i don't feel quite up to it now, so perhaps another time! meanwhile it will suffice for me to say that i'm officially panicking over how quickly i'm gonna turn 25 (next year).... and how my new year's resolution every year does not get met?! i'm really lousy at this making resolutions thing.... :(

regardless, i still think the most important in life is to stay happy, and don't sweat the small stuff! be a good person, and you'd find it easier on your conscience to stay happy. thank God for every little blessing and every single day. 

looking forward to the year-end buzzzzz and to lots of hard work and exciting plans ahead!!! i really need to sit down and plan properly, business ideas and photoshoots and launches and designs and all! can't wait can't wait!!! :)))))
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