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Friday, September 23, 2011

wine & curly wurliness

so i took a leap of faith (in my hair dresser Stephanie) and finally permed my hair yesterday at Salon Vim! it's called a texturizing curl for your information. the word perm is out of fashion already! :P

gonna blog a proper post about it with my painfully long (painful for my butt anyway) 4 hour process at the hair salon next, when i have more time!! D: but here's a little sneak preview to show off the curls.. i actually got Steph to cut bangs for me, but curls + bangs just seem a bit too dolly for me, so side swept fringe it is!! loooove the very distinct vibe and look, it's so very different from tame hair. hahaha.
my latest eye of the day: Freshlook color blends monthlies, in grey! my favorite colored contacts, very comfy for me. grey eyes seem to pop too much on me though! might prefer the hazel color which is more natural.
outfit: slouchy pockets blouse from TVD in wine, and wrap skirt from MGG! i'm wearing an S for the skirt! love the combination :)

you know who else needs a visit to the hair salon.
QQ is so super mad scruffy!! she totally needs to go to the groomer, can't even see her eyes already!
hello cutie pie
peeking at me out of the corner of her eye. she's so darling.


some instagram-ed pictures at the hair salon. i'm not used to the new updated instagram at all! some of the filter colors seem less flattering somehow. and it crashes when i'm taking pictures! shouldn't have upgraded yet. anyone knows why the pictures aren't showing up in my camera roll??

anyway, just follow me on twitter and instagram (@yinagoh) cos i always tweet/instragram lots of random stuff when i'm not blogging haha.

my chiobu hair stylist Stephanie!
attached to a strange sci-fi looking machine...
this is like marilyn monroe hair! hahaha.
perpetual barbie doll look now D:

thank you for the words of encouragement and love, everyone!!!
y'all are all so awesome. i am very very very blessed.



  1. I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM WITH MY INSTAGRAM! and i also regretted upgrading grr. anyway, i googled it and fixed the problem. just go to your settings and turn the auto save off and on again. and the next time you wanna take a photo, it'll auto-save! to save the previous photos, you've to copy paste the url into safari and click-hold the photo till the option to save it appears. hope this helps!!

    ps. i LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR!!

  2. hi, is the wrap skirt avail on MGG already or not yet released? thanks!

  3. @Nicole woa thanks babe! <3 problem solved!! :D :D :D

  4. hi dear, is stephanie a director or stylist at salon vim? looking to get a haircut at salon vim but is reluctant to pay a hefty sum for a director's cut. :S


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