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Thursday, September 22, 2011

injustice rankles

don't usually blog about negative things regarding TVD, but i'm feeling pretty angsty now, and i just had to get it off my chest :/

i've been managing the blogshop for over a year now,
and there's always been good and bad times, it's not like everyone thinks, that it's such a breeze to run TVD and it got established so quickly and all that.

i guess maybe it's just too much for me + one helper to handle, so sometimes we might be slow in replying to emails, or accidentally send out registered articles via normal mail, or send items in the wrong size etc.

no matter what it is, we usually try our best to resolve all issues, and to keep the customer happy. so it really really rankles me when customers complain about poor CS or bad attitude or what not.

no invoice sent = item is all pending/sold. this is quite standard blogshop protocol, and i don't think it reflects on a shop's CS at all?

2011-09-21 09:41 pm (local) (from (link) Select
em. i commented yesterday on the highwaist shorts but you didn;t even email me to tell me whether its pending or whatever? at least have the courtesy can? ok seriously. you guys should improve on your customer service attitude as there are a lot of complaints going around regarding your shop. you still want your customers than kindly improve!
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what do you mean by a lot of complaints going around regarding my shop, and if i still want my customers, then kindly improve? i have no idea who left this comment, but i'm sure it's a brand new customer who has never shopped with us before.

why so judgmental? and so rude.

yes i know there are bound to be complaints here and there, with some unhappy customers/transactions, but my conscience is very clear that we do our best to resolve any issues at hand and deal with every customer honestly and we definitely don't cheat our customers of their hard-earned money or do anything unethical. customers are not stupid. if we are really so highly complained about, and with such terrible CS and attitude, we would have closed down by now and be boycotted by the online shopping universe. so please, read what you see on forums/websites with a discerning mind!

i think only other blogshop owners would empathize with me. sigh :(
i really, really, put a lot of heart and soul into TVD, ever since i started running it full time. same as so many other blogshop owners i know, we work our asses off cos we enjoy the process so much, we love manufacturing apparel, we love fashion, we love happy customers.

i know we have a lot to improve on, especially in terms of efficiency and email replies. cos we get so many emails a day, we can't even get around to replying all of them within 24 hours, especially when there are other jobs to be done, like packing/mailing out orders, stocking-in at our retail rack, photo shoots, discussing samples and etc. it's really draining at times.




just hope that customers will give us the grace to learn and improve, and to better cope with the growing customer base.

we're working at it!

of course, i am eternally grateful to all the really nice customers as well, those that send us emails to tell us how much they love our apparel, those who are always super patient and super understanding even when we screw up.. the nasty customers don't realize it, that being nicer would probably get you better results than being nasty, hahaha. i love you all TVD fans! always making my day whenever i'm feeling demoralized or down.

just remember, a smile begets a smile :) what comes around, goes around.

i believe in karma...

new washes for candy empire shorts! guess i have to rename it now, to denim empire! heh. comes in washed black & washed blue now! :)
either the fit is slightly smaller, or i'm fatter. size M is really tight on me! :( tassel embroidery top is also an upcoming piece! love it super much!

the shorts are not gonna be launched yet, no photoshoots planned this week! so earliest will be next next collection. just a sneak preview for the disappointed girls who missed the extras from BO, now you have two new classic washes to look forward to! :D

okays. end of rant. promise we'll get back on track tomorrow, i'll bring my darling macbook air along with me to the hair salon to reply each and every single email if possible!


  1. hello yina,

    I think you guys are great, when i told u my normal mail didnt arrive, u wanted to send me any piece!(: not many bs owners do that, and that gesture was really nice!
    Been dealing alot w tvd and i think u guys are awesome(:


  2. Hey! Jiayou :) Don't need to feel bad if you feel that you didn't do wrong and your conscience is clear :)

  3. Hey babe! Jia you! Its part and parcel of whatever you are doing! Your conscience is clear and only that matters! Hang in there and looking out for nice clothes from you! Do feel better xx

    Su :)

  4. jiayou babe! you're doing very well :)


  5. jiayou darling nana <3 you have our backs for ya!

    xoxo, Noi :)

  6. I'm a blogshop owner and I really feel you! Thanks for speaking the woes i have out and I really feel that I'm not alone! TVD is doing well so jiayou! Don't give up and persevere! (:

  7. @cookiecourier shermaine, you're too sweet! i am really heartened to hear your words, cos appreciation comes by so rare now! glad to know that we're appreciated when we go the extra mile <3 thank you SO much!

  8. @Anonymous i will definitely jiayou!!! thank youuuuu!!

  9. @Anonymous thank you babe!! haha, i know! but just needed to get it off my chest and rant a bit. thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment!! <3

  10. @Su definitely feeling better with so many kind and encouraging words coming in!! hehe we have lots of pretty clothes coming in, so keep a look out!

  11. @virnice thank you!! we're trying real hard to do our best! <3 appreciate your encouragement so much!

  12. @noi thanks noi noi!! XOXO love y'all! <3

  13. @Anonymous i'm sure you understand how i'm feeling!! oh well, we just gotta persevere on like you say! ;D jia you jia you jia you!!!

  14. Jia You!!! :) Some people are just nasty because they don't understand what goes into running a business. I'm glad that such comments don't get you down, and instead makes you strive for better CS! In the end these people are just haters and you emerge better and hence the winner <3

    I love the stuff you have coming out. Just that i don't have the chance to buy, mainly because I know I'd never be able to fit. But i love looking at VD anyway =)


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