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Thursday, September 29, 2011


i <3 this song,
tried recording a video with my new E-P3, the singing is very soft though cos the camera was closer to the speakers :S used the cross process art filter, together with my SLR magic toy lens! love the blurred background effect!

叮当 - 一半
ok.. the lyrics are wrong btw. and i came in too early on the 2nd verse.

hope y'all like!


  1. woooots your big fan is back because very long never see you. hahaha before i played the video, you had a very MV emo look, like a star lor!!! anyway i couldn't stop laughing at YZ's god prank call -.- hahahahahaha

    <3 ser

  2. @Ser HAHAHAHA. <3 <3 <3 love u many many! lol shit @ emo look. cannot help it. emo song = emo look!!

    and u should try the prank call on Matt.. hahaha. except change it to Allah or Guan Yin Ma or something. LOL :P

  3. omg! lovely voice yina. first time listening to u singing n u sang my fav song. i rly find this song v meaningful. n e way u looked whn u sang totally fits e song :)


  4. @roseateglasses awww thank you babe! glad you didn't think i murdered the song, i mixed up some of the lyrics and all haha! it's a beautiful song! :) glad you like my version :)))

  5. how much is the EP-3 camera???
    It's so clear. =) Love the effect!

  6. Love this song babe, lovely version by yourself:)

  7. i think i like your version more than Ding Dang's cuz your voice suits the song more! soft and gentle! i want to download your version!! :)


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