pretty as cupcakes!

i’m so sorry! 🙁 i wanted to put this entry up last night but i was so tired i decided to do it this morning instead.. so here it is!! 😀 😀 😀

i had to rush for an event last night that i did not realise was last night, so that left me with a pile of undone things and i need to rush everything nao nao nao! D:

so anyway, back to the topic! our photoshoot last Sunday!

gosh, never had such a long & tiring photoshoot yet, but because we managed to get Susu’s help (the customers who’ve been following TVD since early days might remember her cos she used to help us shoot back when we were still doing outdoor shoot at my house lol) so i could “slack off” on being the photographer, which is really awesome because it’s very tiring to have to direct the shoot and shoot personally! which is also how i managed to guest model for a couple of pictures, teehee.

i woke up at 6AM just to prepare for the 8AM shoot, had to go down to office to grab the outfits, shoes, accessories and all that before making my way down to photoshoot location.. but as usual, most of the other girls were late lol. Susu was the earliest to arrive followed by Cherri, so we got a headstart without Woon & Farah! thank God it didn’t rain because the weather forecast (when i checked the day before) was supposed to be rainy weather for like the next 5 days or something!

by the way, if you’re wondering where we changed? we did all the changing in the car :S hahahaha. my car looked like a tornado hit the backseat by the end of the day!! good thing the windows are so reflective you can’t really see what’s happening inside (unless you’re really near!)

Su loves getting into strange angles & poses to get her shots, but as long as they look great i’m not complaining… :S

Cher & I! a lot of people have been commenting that we look alike. hmmm! not really la, she’s prettier, cuter, taller and skinnier!

the back of the romper is fully covered and comes with a concealed back zip. don’t worry about going to the toilet cos it’s fairly easy to zip up and down! 🙂

we spotted a lazy fat cat lounging around! it was more than happy to be scratched behind the ears and taken pictures of haha.

and Woon arrived a while after, she’s supposed to be the analog photographer for the shoot! i love how her film shots always turn out so interesting.. but we had a minor set back 🙁 shot an entire roll of film and then realized that the film wasn’t loaded properly so all the pictures didn’t come out at all… 🙁 that’s the problem with film sometimes! 🙁

Cher & I posing together. i made her wear flats while i wore heels.. cos we were the same height after i put on the heels!!! -.- darn.. she’s about 8cm taller than me i think?

loving how Cher looks in the wine piece, she kept wine for herself btw!

the photographer….

the model.

those sun flowers are fake by the way! :S

i figured since there were 3 of us, we’d get Woon into the fun and made her wear one of the rompers so that we could take some group pictures!! 😀 😀 😀

walking along the streets of haji looking for our next spot to shoot at. and that’s Farah, TVD’s helper!

found a lovely spot with blue BG and red chairs.. perfect for shooting the black romper!

and a close up of the patent bow belt 😀 it’s damn cute right! though you can choose not to use the belt if you find it too cute.

we managed to get inside a cupcake shop! hurhur. that’s the Rainbow Stripes Cardigan i was wearing in the previous entry! i really luuurve the colors and especially the buttons!

check em out.. rainbow striped wooden buttons!! mad cute or what??

and we ended off the shoot with the yummy cupcakes from My Fat Lady!

here’s three of us…

and attempted a fail jump shot. WHY AM I SO BAD AT JUMP SHOTS ;_;


we took like 4 hours just to shoot 1 romper. cannot believe it right. HAHAH. so slow!!! but it’s okay cos we had lots of fun!!! followed by lunch at a Turkish restaurant cos they were all famished by then!

the shoot wouldn’t have been possible without all these lovely girls! Susu our photographer, Cher the model, Woon who was so spontaneous and jumped right in to guest model and Farah who was busy taking care of all our stuff and snapping candids on the go!!!

our prettaaaay cupcakes

look how dedicated em photographers are!! hahaha. they were practically sticking their faces against the pavement to get their shots!

us three!

and i wore the romper out for an event last night! coral pink this time 😀

for a better gauge, everyone already knows that Cher is 171cm, UK6-8 right? Woon is 168cm, UK6-8 and they both are wearing size S. i’m 163cm and UK8-10, i’m wearing size M but there’s still allowance on me! Cher kept Wine, Woon kept Robin Blue & i kept like every other color (except Robin Blue) bwahaha.

my take on the colors: black is the mostest classic, and timeless/ageless for the ladies who are worried about looking too cute/young! wine is gorgeous, but can look too mature on some girls. robin blue will definitely suit the students and teenagers, while coral pink can look extremely classy and not too cutesy if you carry it off well! i actually love all 4 colors so it’s hard for me to choose one specific color that i like la.

i mentioned i had a little surprise.. hehehe.

it’s a video of footage we took during the shoot last Sunday!! and i think it’s damn adorable!!! credits to Woon for editing the footage and making this awesome little trailer. hope you girls will like it!!!! please “Like” it on Facebook if you do okay? 😀 😀 😀


launch tonight.. is 9PM okay? seems like some girls won’t be able to make it for too early a launch! so i guess it’d be 9PM! will send out the mailer in a bit! i still have to verify payments from yesterday cos i wasn’t able to do it last night!! sorweeee. will try to clear as many emails as possible!


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